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Pentagon unsure how long repeal of gay ban will take

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Reader comments

  1. Jack Holroyde 21 Dec 2010, 12:03pm

    Simple. Just stop sacking people – and if someone doesn’t want to shower with a gay, he can go smelly.

    Can’t wait to hear the jokes about Gay officers giving straight GIs ‘disciplinaries’.

  2. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 12:14pm

    The longer this vile behaviour is allowed to continue the longer the vile bigots are winning.

    Stop making excuses and learn to respect those that are prepared to serve and protect their country.

  3. “Gay rights groups have asked for a moratorium on firings but this will not be implemented.”

    Why ever not?

    Could it be that the DADT repeal is nothing more than a PR move to shore up the massive numbers of gay people who have abandoned Obama thanks to his footdragging on every single one of the promises he made to the LGBT community before his election.

    “Pentagon officials must consider other aspects of repealing the law, such as whether gay troops’ partners will be treated in the same way as heterosexual servicemembers’ partners.”

    Ha- well DOMA is anothe one of the disgusting Apartheid laws in the US. This will be interesting.

    “Another consideration is what will happen if a straight soldier refuses to share sleeping or washing quarters with one who is gay.”

    Soldiers are expected to obey orders. If a soldier is instructed that he must share living quarters with a gay soldier, and he refuses then he needs to be court-martialled and receive a dishonourable discharge from the army.

    Let’s see how long Obama drags this one out.

    he needs to realise that if gay soldiers are still prevented from serving by the next election, then not a single LGBT person will vote for him.

  4. 17 yrs already and still this …

    “Pentagon officials must consider other aspects of repealing the law, such as whether black troops’ partners will be treated in the same way as white servicemembers’ partners.

    Another consideration is what will happen if a white soldier refuses to share sleeping or washing quarters with one who is black.”

  5. Mihangel apYrs 21 Dec 2010, 1:04pm

    they’ve willingly lost ~14,000, often specialist, people because they’re not straight. Why are they worried about losing bigots who are scared of sharing facilities with honest people?

  6. I recently learned that the Pentagon has to devise ways in which straight military people don’t have to shower with gays, meaning they have to build separate shower facilities, among other things. Odd how none of the other countries had to do anything of this sort. Sounds more like homophobia to me more than anything else. They’ll probably justify it by saying that since women don’t share showers, nor should gays. Typical, uptight American military brass, such wusses, and they call themselves “men”?

  7. Bill Perdue 21 Dec 2010, 4:29pm

    Repeal of the Democrats DADT is a very small step. In reality it means a few less dismissals because they’re no longer required by Bill Clinton’s law.

    It does not mean an end to all dismissals by the christer officer corps.
    It does not mean an end to all the harassment, discrimination and violence promoted by the christer officer corps.
    It does not mean that LGBT partnerships or families will be treated equally in terms of benefits because that’s illegal under the Democrats DOMA.
    It’s a step forward but not much of a step. Fundamentally repeal is based on the need for cannon fodder in the illegal wars from Palestine to Pakistan and because Democrats and a few Republicans want to tap into the 77% disapproval rate of DADT as insurance for next round of elections.
    GLBT folks should be even more adamant about opposing enlistment and murder of civilians by the US military.
    Don’t enlist.. Don’t murder civilians. Don’t help others murder civilians.
    Defend PFC Bradley Manning, an LGBT-antiwar hero.

  8. Hopefully it won’t take 2000 years to implement this legislation.

  9. There’s already a de facto moratorium on discharges that’s been in effect since October. The Pentagon is fairly constrained here in how long they can take on this, since the pending legal challenges to DADT won’t be withdrawn until repeal actually kicks in, and they’re abundantly aware of the possibility that the issue could still be forced at any moment by the courts if they’re seen to be dragging their feet.

    Here’s what the DoD’s Support Plan for Implementation has to say about sharing quarters:

    12. Will the Department of Defense build separate living or bathroom facilities for gay and straight Service members?

    No. Building separate facilities would create divisions within units and inappropriately isolate a portion of the force.

    13. Does a Service member have the legal right to refuse to share accommodations and/or facilities with a gay or lesbian Service member?

    No. Service members do not have a legal right to reject (or select) assignment with any other Service member within shared military accommodations and facilities. In addition, Service members do not have the legal right to refuse work or duty assignments based on a moral objection to another individual’s sexual orientation.

    If you want to know how this is going to play out, the Pentagon report is a better source of information than anonymous speculation on the internet.

  10. The WaPo has a nice piece on the reaction to the news by gay troops:

  11. JESUS CHRIST 25 Dec 2010, 11:09pm


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