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Malaysian gay man gets death threats after support video

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Reader comments

  1. Reese Mitchell 21 Dec 2010, 5:07pm

    Muslims are such ignorant, bigoted FREAKS!

  2. Reese
    Many Muslims – not all. But Islam, in general, is one of our enemies as is evangelical Christianity.

  3. As usual, this vacuous rag rambles on for eight paragraphs about a video, yet fails to actually mention the link.

  4. It’s this, I think, Spanner:

    The only people “deriding their dignity” are religious people who use their religion as a vehicle to spread hate.

    1. indicate the video has been removed by the user! For his safety and well being perhaps a wise move! Unfortunately the courageous positive image/example he intended to be by conveying that gay Muslims can be proud, and have confidence to know there is much love and acceptance, to be them selves! has been lost due to the bigoted and uninformed acting out death threats and terror against people like him who dare to try to make the world a different and better place for others.

  5. Thanks Iris.
    Ever thought of going into journalism?
    No qualifications required, apparently. ;)

  6. Congratulations, Azwan Ismail !!

    More, more, more !!

  7. It’s so brave of you Azwan. I hope thing will change for gay men and women here. Many of my close friends are gay and I hate seeing them ostracized and treated any different from others. Big up.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 22 Dec 2010, 7:50am

    why the hell do these cults still get a free pass on behaving like savages?

    Take away the religions that believe
    a they’re the ones with the only answers

    b everybody should do as they say

    and people wouldn’t have a readymade ethos that allowed, empowered, and encouraged them to treat “others” violently

  9. I did actually, Spanner! : D Mainly spurred on by my intense nosiness!

    That video was so dignified, so thoughtful that I fail to see how it can be perceived as any kind of attack or insult. I really hope Azwan is OK.

  10. I’m going to draw a picture of Mohammed in response to the comments made by the Muslim cleric.

  11. john sharp 22 Dec 2010, 1:58pm

    stupid islam
    stupid muslims
    10 %of all the world is gay
    we are naturally gay no book =natural
    religious bigots are following a book=not natural
    i am gay and had many gay muslim lovers in all muslims countries
    stop bulling and look after the poor leave us gay alone

  12. Why don’t these muslim clerics ever address the fact that it is virtually impossible to be straight in muslim countries. Men start having sex with men during adolescence thanks to the fact that in these backward countries women are locked away until they are married.

    I estimate that the percentage of men who have had gay sex in muslim countries is far more than in non-muslim countries.

  13. The average muslim isn’t against gays. It’s more the extremists who dont appear to understand. There are Christians in this country who are just as prejudiced. I was in Malaysia recently and spent two nights in a hotel with a married muslim friend. His family know I’m gay and dont have a problem with it -at least on the surface. Maybe it becomes a problem if its a member of their own family. Of course, that happens here too.

  14. Muslims are great, gays are not!

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