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London men cleared of stab attack on ‘gay victim’

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Reader comments

  1. Right, so if you are accused of homophobic attacks in the future you say that you suspected the victim of making advances to young boys, perhaps someone who you don’t actually know told you?
    The standard defence used to be that the victim made “unwelcome advances”.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 21 Dec 2010, 8:30pm

    new twist to the “gay panic” defence: I was protecting children

  3. westcoastkid 21 Dec 2010, 8:36pm

    Wait… Something here isn’t making sense. First they say they attacked the man because they thought he was making advances toward young boys then they say they didn’t do it? Some one explain this, please. I’m confused here.

  4. westcoastkid – Quite. This account of the case is totally incoherent. And whence the burglary charges? Nothing in the rest of the article suggests that they broke into the victim’s home. And was no idenfication evidence involved?

  5. Dan Filson 10 Jan 2011, 9:06pm

    I have hunted for more coherent press reports, but they may all derive from the same stable. The trouble with jury cases over several days is that the press report the verdicts but not all that was put to the jury. I suspect a crime or two was committed here, but by whom, why and what is anybody’s guess. Though somebody may have some explaining to do if his defence was he was just out buying some cannabis.

  6. melissa rihenart 3 Mar 2011, 1:40pm

    the case is that there was 12 men arrested for this offence but only these four men was charged. the press can only report what they have heard in court hence all the mumbo jumbo …. i was invovled in this case and sat through it from start to finish and as time and evidence unfolded it came to show that all four of these men actualy had nothing to do with the attack! the press report is just another case of wrong information

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