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Gay MP Chris Bryant accuses George Osborne of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Sums up the playground atmosphere of the House of Commons – compare the way business is done in European parliaments, where politicians debate without resorting to one childish jibe after the next.

  2. behind you!!!

  3. Frankly, Pantomime Dame describes him adequately …

    Just because the Chancellor thinks you’re a waste of space doesn’t mean he’s homophobic.

    Complain of proper homophobia all the time and with a loud voice, but don’t use it for political mudslinging. It demeans us all.

  4. Parliament is a farce.

  5. I agree with Ian. I can’t help but feel this is being used just to get one over on George Osborne.
    When there is real homphobia scream and shout but don’t demean real issues by shouting ‘homophobia’ at each and every little episode.

  6. Bryant suggested Osborne SHOULD behave like a munificent Prince Charming, re. reducing cuts. That was a charming seasonal thing to suggest. Bryant did NOT say that Osborne IS, generally, a Prince Charming.

    Osborne retorted with a reply that implied that Bryant IS, generally, “a pantomime dame”.

    Yes, that is homophobic. That demeans a man, known by all to be gay, as being similar in his general behaviour to a pantomime dame.

    Once again, in an unguarded moment, a Tory let slip his deep internal homophobia.

    And Tory MP Ed Vaizey is planning to meet the bosses of all UK ISPs to get them to exclude all pornographic sites. In other words, the Tories are planning to “clean up”, according to Tory ideas, what we in the UK can view on the Internet.

    PinkNews ought to be safe when ISP bosses choose which sites to exclude and which not, but who knows. What will your average ISP boss think when considering Gaydar and hundreds of other gay and lesbian sites?

  7. Would Osborne have called a straight Labour MP a pantomime dame? The answer is a resounding NO! If he’s not homophobic, then why insinuate Bryant is behaving like a “woman” ? Osborne is in denial and so are those who defend him. There’s many a true word spoken in jest!

  8. Its about time Osborne came out as being trans, she convinces nobody with this false hyper masculine posturing!

  9. “Once again, in an unguarded moment, a Tory let slip his deep internal homophobia”

    I agree. I can’t see any other reason for that specific comeback. It sounds to me like the common straight male assumption that all gay men are effeminate – with all the misogynistic insinuations that that carries.

  10. Is Chris Bryant suggesting that

    A) there is anything wrong with being a pantomime dame or

    B) pantomime dames are homosexual (what a stereotype to engender)

    I think if Chris Bryant wants to score pint against Osbourne he should do it on policy, last week Cameron called Milliband Basil Brush was that hand puppetphobic, Milliband called cameron and cleg a pantomime horse was that puck phobic.

    Get a grip the lot of them, Adrian T is right House of commons is a pantomime and there are a lot of Divas and Dames and not all homosexual ones.

  11. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 2:10pm

    Sorry I don’t think this is homophobic at all. More like another Labour idiot throwing stones and then crying victim when the other person throws one back.

    Typical Labour.

  12. hes so precious he should have been a florist

  13. Right on, most of these comments.

    Anyway, ‘Prince Charming’ is pretty near-the-knuckle. Remember, that role in pantomime is usually played by a woman.

  14. ANTONIO_COELHO 21 Dec 2010, 2:51pm

    I think Mr Bryant needs to put his toy’s back in his pram! The real issue is why did the labour party vote that bore Ed milliband as their leader. Everytime I hear his Nah Nah NAh-ing at David Cameron during PMQs I just want to stick a dummy in his mouth. How much longer must we put up with it?

  15. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 3:00pm


    The Labour Party didn’t, the Unions did. The Labour party members voted for David Milibland.

    This is AV at work.

  16. What to expect from the Tories and their supporters, but homophobia?
    Gay tories —> Duhhhh

  17. Oh yes he is homophobic, oh not he’s not….and who said Parliament wasn’t pantomime?

    Will red Ed get done for being equi-phobic by comparing Cameron and Clegg to ends of the pantomime horse?

    It is about time things people grew up, no wonder the country’s finances are in such a state. Could a Labour politician add up the anti-spam sum below here? What is 1 + 8? Tory cuts!

  18. I have sent the following email to the Treasury:
    George Osborne

    To carry on with the pantomime image:

    Everybody is entitled to be ugly, but George Osborne abuses the privilege. He would be excellent as one of the ugly sisters, and for that role he would not need makeup!

  19. To be honest I seriously doubt it was homophobia. George Osbourne is much more socially liberal than a lot of the Tory party and he clearly isn’t homophobic.

  20. When we have a chancellor using homophobic jibes in parliament (much to the delight of his aides and party), and a minister for work and pensions saying B&Bs should be able to ban gay couples from their premises, what chances have our gay student youth of shaking off homophobic bullying?
    Gay tories —> Duhhh !

  21. Think about examples of antisemitic, or racist jibes, and Osborne will surely consider using them one day. His supporters will be delighted by the public spectacle.

  22. Gay tories are in duhhhh-nial.

  23. Steve@GayWebHosting 21 Dec 2010, 4:14pm

    Much ado about nothing…methinks!

    George Osbourne is neither a ´Prince´ nor ´charming´, so it was clearly an insult. Don´t throw them out if you cannot stand to get some back..

    Lets save the cries of ´homophobic abuse´ for when it clearly IS homophobic abuse?

    Tends to demean it otherwise.

  24. What’s the difference between a “clear homophobic abuse” and a “homophobic jibe”? The difference is in the amount of duhh-nial coming from gay tories and laughs coming from tory supporters.

  25. Bryant’s hissy fit on this demeans us all.

  26. Beberts,

    I see far more hatespeech coming out of you against gay Tories than I ever see from Tories gay or straight against homosexuals. (and there are a lot more of them than you)

    Do the words hypocrisy, bigotry and irony have any meaning for you. Thank god you don’t have any power if you did I think we would really see how to discriminate against people.

  27. DaveG, please be free to expose any hate speech you can find in my comments. If you can find it.

  28. In the meantime, let’s remember the anti-gay and homophobic history of the present government, how it’s affecting our lives, and let’s expose the denial of gay people who support the homophobic Tory machine.

  29. @Jock S. Trap

    I voted for David Miliband. However, you clearly have no idea how our electoral college works. “Unions” didn’t vote for anyone – millions of ordinary working union members DID. Sort it out!

  30. Chris Bryant is a Common Purpose graduate and was the manager of its London office from 1994-1996. Do yourselves all a favour and research what this “charity” really stands for:

    There is an agenda behind everything any Common Purpose graduate says or does, as with 99 per cent of the rabble that make up British politics today, and it isn’t to serve the public.

  31. Glyn Hawke 21 Dec 2010, 6:22pm

    We can’t expect schools to try and combat homophobic language if we as adults aren’t vigilant to when and where it is used. Of course pantomime dame was used as a slur towards a gay man – trying to use humour as a way of silencing a (potentially) important point. Homophobia includes the small jibes as well as the more serious incidents. The small jibes create a atmosphere that, actually, it is still okay to ridicule somebody because of their sexuality. This then translates into the rest of society, schools etc etc and ends up with the more violent episodes that we see. Send clear messages, not confused ones.

  32. Glyn Hawke 21 Dec 2010, 6:24pm

    However, maybe Bryant shouldn’t have started the mud slinging with ‘Prince Charming’.

  33. Tom Stoppard 21 Dec 2010, 7:17pm

    The way this article is written, hints that Pink News didn’t think it was homophobic – look at the way only the word “homophobia” was put in distancing inverted quotes in the fifth paragraph, along with the negative-sounding word “demanded” being ascribed to Bryant.

    Personally, I think that Osbourne was using subtle homophobia. Even though there is nothing wrong with being a pantomime dame, many people view feminine men to be silly and weak. Osbourne should apologise.

  34. I think it was homophobic comment but you have to look quite hard to see it, it wouldn’t have automatically hit me in the face!

    I agree with most of the others, the whole of parliament is one big pantomine.I wish they’d get on with real issues!

  35. de Villiers 22 Dec 2010, 12:38am

    Insofar as homophobic is the adjective form of the noun homophobia and homophobia is defined as “an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people”, I consider the statement and the context in which is was made not to be homophobic.

  36. What a creepy cold “smile”. There is no expression or sign of life in his eyes. Totally without emotion. Brrr….

  37. Just imagine Osborne replying to a black MP: “At least I’m not wearing greasepaint in a minstrelsy”. Then imagine his peers having a laugh…

  38. This is the present situation. We have a government telling our schools to root out homophobic bullying, but it is clearly dictating, not leading by example …
    Gay tories —> Duhhhhh

  39. FAO Berberts,

    You seem to have an aversion to gay Tories, I believe you should have it seen to. What other options are you saying we should go for? Labour? I for one could never support a party that on its ideology promotes collectivism and the restriction of the individual.

    On the other hand I’m not a Tory…

  40. Chris Bryant thought he was being clever with the pantomine quips and Osbourne got the better of him – no Chris it’s not homophobia.

    Maybe he would like to remember that during the leadership Q&A for Pink News, Andy Burnham, David Miliband and Ed Balls all stated their continued support for banning gay men from donating blood – now what would that be called Chris?

  41. Chiinola, while Labour worked with us to advance our rights, the Tory party tried to block, kicking and screaming, every single one of them. Gay tories support the homophobic Tory machine. Minorities that support parties working against their interests are just too naive, to put it mildly…

  42. jonnielondon 22 Dec 2010, 5:40am

    Glyn Hawke has it perfectly correct. One of the important things we need to do is raise awareness about what homophobia is. Psychologists tell us that gaybashers can themselves be gay. Gay people can also be ignorant of the abuse hurled towards us; we must educate ourselves first!

  43. Prince Charming is a man played by a woman. The dame is a woman played by a man. Silly jibe, good riposte. Where’s the homophobia? Chris Bryant is an idiot.

  44. Chris had lost his sense of humour due to the sore head he had from the LGBT group launch party the night before. Actually, I am not sure Chris ever had a sense of humour in the first place

  45. Is he suggesting that all those who question the wisdom of such deep cuts are pantomime dames? No, he is not. He would not. The pantomime dame remark was a response to a gay man, one gay man: the gay man who was disagreeing with him at a particular moment. And with it came all the subtle and insidious political-status implications he hoped would invalidate a serious point made by a gay man. Wanting to reduce the cuts (said by gay man) = effeminate and trivial/man who likes to pretend to be a woman. Therefore, wanting to keep the cuts (my opinion) = real man/actual man.

    For those who wish to see the good in their colleagues that make light of the pinker side of life, by all means let them. But do so because you are fairly certain you know where it’s coming from. Do so because you are assured of your colleagues’ feelings of esteem for you and you trust them, trust their commitment to equality. Don’t allow the accumulative effect of underlying connotations that constitute terms like “pantomime dame” to weaken the power of your voice for when you wish it to be heard. Otherwise known as respect.

    1. Perhaps Bryant shouldn’t ask such patronising questions…

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