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Updated: British couples launch legal challenge against marriage laws

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Reader comments


  2. Stonewall is busy organising a social group for MP’s called ParliOut.

    Actually I expect ParliOut to issue a statement condemning the Civil Partnership Apartheid in the UK.

    Or is ParliOut as pathetic and worthless as Stonewall?

  3. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 12:06pm

    Time to end this discrimination. Everyone is expected to pay taxes so treat everyone as equals.

    Here’s hoping they succeed.

    Stonewall = Who Cares! Support is a two way street.

  4. I’ve just asked Lynne Featherstone, as Minister for Equalities, whether she supports this challenge.

    My question to Lynne.

  5. David, I certainly hope ParliOut issues a statement regarding marriage and civil partnership equality. I wonder why there is so much silence in the three parties and as for StonewallUK, I suspect Summerskill only reversed his position to ward off a demonstration at their recent awards gig. I check the website daily, there isn’t one word mentioning marriage equality or anything in regard to his statement that he will campaign for it. One thing I do know, StonewallUK will NOT be campaigning for civil partnership equality for straights.

  6. I think you’re right, Robert. Bs’s position is clear whether he thinks it more opportune to palm us off with some cr*p or not.

    I wish the Equal Love campaign the best of luck.

  7. I just read that the challenge has been stalled till next month.

    Gay marriage ban challenge delayed

  8. David – if parliout does that then I wouldn’t be so biiter and twisted against it – I thought it was only going to a counselling serive for the inner clic of gay mps and their followers – if it’s intention is to also work for us from the inside and go against their party (lab and cons at least) policies then might begin to like ParliaOut…At the moment marriage equality is definitely NOT party policy for the cons and labour!!!

    One good thing about this challenge is Lord Lester involvement,,,one of the major chances of getting a private bill raised….

  9. Iris I think its up to all of us to bombard StonewallUK as well as our politicians to get off their lazy arses and do something about it. Hold them accountable, especially the Liberal Democrats. Clegg has been more than silent since his party adopted marriage equality as official party policy. Ed Miliband also needs to be prodded to get Labour to follow suit. Two parties supporting if officially would make it increasingly harder for Cameron to sit on the fence, but it is we who must not let any of them off the hook, 24/7, 365 days of every year. If it weren’t for Peter Tatchell, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, he’s the only activist worth his salt and could run rings around Summerskill with his eyes closed. He has more guts, courage and character than any of them. I strongly support the Equal Love campaign and if its successful hopefully, I’d love to see Cameron squirm and wriggle his way out of that one.

  10. Hold on – let’s stop and think. It’s a given that single issue campagns are more likely to be successful than multi issue.

    The campaign here was always for equal access to marriage for same sex couples.

    Now these (I assume) well meaning mixed sex couples have caused an unwelcome confusion. I fear that will help those against same sex marriage (the need for which is clear, I would hope) by muddying the waters since the need for different sex CPs must at best be moot.

    Different sex couples can have a non religeous marriage; they simply do not need a CP. I listened with some consternation on R4 on Monday to one of the proponents. I just did not follow the argument (nor did the presenter). It was along the lines of they do not want the “baggage” of (even a civil) marriage.

    Well, maybe – maybe there is a point for a tiny, tiny minority of people, I do not condemn them for that – but I do condemn them for damaging our chances of a clean simple campaign, and have a fear that at best this is well meaning but misguided and, at worst, self publicity.

    Peter Tatchell is in my view one of the living heroes of the UK. But (my view again), he is misguided in encouraging this confusion.

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