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IVF treatments for lesbian couples double since 2007

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry I don’t believe in IVF for straight or gay woman.

  2. “Sorry I don’t believe in IVF for straight or gay woman.”

    I’m curious why this is a “belief” Andy? What’s to believe about it, do you not think this medical treatment is of benefit to any woman who has difficulty conceiving?

  3. The director of the Family Education Trust is a raving homophobe. Surely not the best person to be in that job!?!

  4. ‘The natural order’…Buzz-words used by god-botherers to give spurious legitimacy to any social arrangement they happen to favour.
    They are also far more concerned about how children arrive than how they are treated once they are here, as Norman Wells reveals.

  5. I agree with Andy Q.

  6. Went through IUI last year with our sperm donor who we met on The process took a while as they have to freeze the guys sperm for 6 months but you can be sure all the health tests etc… are done properly.

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