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German politician Volker Kauder: Gays have no right to children

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  1. In his right about that fact that there is no right to have a child but that applied to straight as well as gay couple. There should however be a right to adopt, which I suspect Mr Kauder is against for gay couples.

  2. martyn notman 20 Dec 2010, 3:58pm

    I dont think children “wish” to be raised in abusive heterosexual relationships, in poverty, in families that spend half there time fighting etc..but thats reality. Frankly if a gay person/couple can give them a better childhood they have as much right as anyone else to try.

  3. that should have read “he is right”… mmm #addledbrain

  4. Did we expect anything different when religion is involved……

  5. There is no right to have children.
    Also there is no right to adopt.

    However gay couples SHOULD have the right to equal treatment when being considered for adopting children.

    Volker Kauder is from Germany – I wonder would he make the claim that there is no right for Jews or Muslims to adopt children.

    He needs to be expelled from the coaltion. Granted the governent wiill fall.

    But in light of Germany’s history, having a fascist sympathiser in government is unsustainable.

  6. Many gay people already have children and they’re good parents. One’s ability to parent isn’t based on one’s sexuality.

    This is a pointless, ignorant thing to say. If children are suffering in ANY family, then we have ways to help or remedy that. What we shouldn’t do is pre-judge one’s parenting ability based on one’s sexuality. It makes as much sense as basing it on someone’s eye colour.

    No-one has the ‘right’ to children but LGBT people have just as much right as anybody else.

  7. Of course children want to be raised by gay parents. Ask any child of gay parents if s/he never wants to see mummy or daddy again and you will get your answer.

  8. “I don’t think children wish to be raised by homosexual couples.”

    Yeah they do. But they don’t want to be raised by bigots of any sexual orientation.

  9. Volker….. do they eat turkey for xmas in Germany? I’d watch me neck if I was you!

  10. He’s coming at it from the wrong angle!

    Children have every right to two loving parents. If those parents happen to be both of the same sex, so be it. It makes no difference.

    There are thousands of youngsters who need loving homes. Gays and lesbians are just as capable of providing them as straights. Not all gays and lesbians of course, just as not all straights should be allowed to adopt children in need.

  11. perhaps some people dont think christians should have a ‘right’ to children either. especially since so many christians committed child abuse and covered it up.

    but frankly what people think dosnt matter. its a right, whether you like it or not

  12. Children just want love.

    @ Simon. If homophobia is caused by religion, perhaps you could tell me why China is so homophobic?

  13. And not a word from Angelika Merkel who purports to be a practicing christian. Get rid of the christian democrats including Merkel and we’ll see attitudes change in Germany. Ditto bigot Sarkozy of France.

  14. “I don’t think children wish to be raised by homosexual couples.”

    How does he know? More and more research shows that children of same sex parents grow up well adjusted and have good childhoods and when it comes to adoption, the processes in place should catch unsuitable parents, be they straight or same sex parents.

    This is yet another Christian attack on LGBT people packaged as “protecting our children” and it’s time that the world saw these attacks as the bigotry they are.

  15. Judging by his comments in this article, “a child’s well-being should be more important than the desires of adults to become parents”, I get the feeling that Mr. Kauder thinks adoption consists of a [gay] couple who open a catalogue, say “I want that one” and two days later it is delivered by the courier/adoption service.

    If that is the case, then I worry for Germany if this is the kind of intelligence and naivety that is in their government.

    Also, “I don’t think children wish to be raised by homosexual couples.” Really?! A child that fusses over what its parents do in the bedroom is one strange child!

  16. Clearly, this politician never asked me my opinion of being raised by 2 dads.

  17. Der Fuhrer makes sense.

  18. Compared with a children’s home and no parents at all, I know which would raise children better. I know gay couples who would be 100% better raising adopted children than some heterosexuals raise their own. Prejudice dulls the mind, I think.

  19. Ditto what Jason said.

    Children’s rights do come first, and that means a right to a loving family, regardless of the number of moms and dads.

  20. I strongly suspect most children would prefer not to be raised by a bigoted d1ckhead too – I wonder if Herr Kauder’s children were given the choice.

  21. The German LSVD suggested Kauder an open and official dialogue with kids that were raised by homosexual parents.
    I’m sure he will kindly decline the offer..

    In Germany there are lots of people sharing his opinion tho, which disgusts me. They don’t agree to the clearest and most logical statements at all. But no worries, one day it’ll change…

  22. They really need to get rid of this guy, he’s an embarrassment. Comments like his make me ashamed of being German.
    What a bigot.

  23. But in many countries eg France you can adopt as a single gay person but I think not as a gay couple. In Germany it seems you can adopt your partner’s child but not any other child… sounds to me like this whole area is ripe for a legal challenge in Europe!!!!


    Afterall it seems Germany (and probably the rest of Europe) are only equalising their taxes with straights becuase of a court case, an European directive…

    …It’s funny how these relgious people, parties, bishop etc want to set laws yet still want to be outside the law when it gets set….

  24. Oh yuck. What I dislike about this is that he’s basing his claims on his own feelings, not fact, and we know the facts to prove definitively otherwise. Wanker. Ugly little toad too.

  25. Muppet. I do however agree with his point that having children is not a right, or indeed a clinical need.

  26. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 8:37am

    Being a bigot is hardly best for the well being of the child but it doesn’t stop them does it.

    The main difference with same-sex parents is they will give the best love to a child not the hatred of the likes of this man!

    Surely it has to be better for a child to grow with a well rounded, open-minded view of the world and all around them. Not the hell-bent going to hell attitude.

    Haven’t you noticed how this people always smear others with the very things they do themselves.

    for example:

    Homosexuals are not right for being parents. Hateful bigots are.

    The ‘homosexual agenda. They have to teach children and all those even if they don’t want to here it, even on the streets.

    How horrible the homosexual community is because we just won’t stand by and be discriminated against by them anymore.

    How homosexuals should have no equality whilst they can do what the hell they like.

    etc etc etc. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

  27. ecause the straights are doing such a good job, NOT

  28. “If homophobia is caused by religion, perhaps you could tell me why China is so homophobic?”

    Homophobia is not caused by religion. But it is undoubtedly aggravated by religion.

    China and Japan are homophobic but the homophobia in those countries is not as vicious and as rabid, as it is among the European and American god-botherers. China and Japan have a more consensus based society. Individualism is frowned upon. You are expected to assimilate and not rock the boat. This applies to everyone. Therefore there is no gay identity like in the west. Gay people are disadvantaged in those countries but Chinese and Japanese homophobia is nowhere near as virulent and hate-filled as the monotheistic relgions.

  29. haters cant say black or jew only the gays left

  30. A person said to me the other day:

    “It is funny that all bigots look alike!”

    So true – because he looks like and remind me of that closeted bigoted and anti-gay former US Republican Senator Larry Craig!!!!

    You know the one who got caught having sex with another man in an airport toilet in the US!!!!!!

    It would not surprise me one bit if he (just like Larry Craig) is a closeted homosexual!!!!

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