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Australian Catholics told to lobby MPs against gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I am a gay australian and I do indeed plan to speak to my local MP, these catholic groups have no right, and I think they are going to dig their own graves! I’ll try to do what I can!

  2. Apathy in the gay community could allow the bigots to win. I hope pro-equality Australians (both gay and straight) will lobby for change.

  3. what to expect from the Catholic Church? We all know their bigoted and hateful views on LGBT issues.
    Glad to say that most don’t give a damn and do not follow the Church’s teaching (or the Bible for that matter). Look at Portugal and Spain…traditionally Catholic countries but the vast majority of people are in favour of gay relationships and marriage!

  4. “from a life-giving and sexually complementary union to a personal, romantic relationship with no true communion or connection to procreation.”

    What a patronising and ill informed view the church has. And how dare they make a such a stupid comment on a monogamous relationship after we can all see what so many of their members did to so many innocent children…. I wonder if they “connected” with their victims, and how many rapes they committed against children could be called “natural orientation to life” as they put it.

    The naturalistic fallacy in use again by this lot in all its blazing glory.

    This organisation disgusts me with its hypocrisy and arrogance.

  5. they have so much to answer for…..even the repression of sexuality in heterosexual marriage…..when are they gonna be condemned by the UN as a hate group?

  6. We’re doing our bit , we’ve got an appointment to see our MP on the 19/1 and wrtitten to all the senators in our state – just hope everyone else is doing the same!!!

    I think the UK gay org would also do well to start advising people to write to their mps about marriage equality in the UK…

  7. Seems the Catholic Church can’t get over the fact that it no longer runs the world. This is no longer the Middle Ages when Catholic doctrine was pretty much civil doctrine as well.

  8. It’s curious, not only in Australia, that anti-gay factions zero in on sex when arguing about the rights of straight people to marry. When married people don’t have sex – should they ‘un-marry’? Why don’t they talk about the sex act between married people when talking about heterosexuals? Methinks they protesteth too much and it’s not about the children.

  9. At least they are admitting marriage has NOTHING to do with region..

    “Marriage between a man and a woman is not a religious construct….”

    So they admit it, it’s not a relgious issue,,, this current argument has a touch of desperation , totally baseless and nonsense arguments…at least their relgious argumentt they could blame god for their reasoning…

  10. I don’t get it. In one statement they say: “heterosexual couples who are married but infertile have a greater right marriage than homosexuals because “their lovemaking is designed to give life”.

    Yet they also state:
    “Allowing two men or two women to marry [would make] a romantic relationship with no true communion or connection to procreation.”

    What has procreation got to do with marriage? If they consider important, then a str8 couple who cannot, or choose not to have children are as impotent as a gay or lesbian couple, so by their yardstick should not be married either.

    These people really need to get their opinions straight before they start blathering. The Church, like the Bible, is full of contradictions, so they cannot give a straight answer to anything.

  11. “These people really need to get their opinions straight before they start blathering. The Church, like the Bible, is full of contradictions, so they cannot give a straight answer to anything.”

    For once I’m with Spanner on this. They can’t seem to string a coherent argument together. That what happens when you use an archaic book as your sole guide that sometimes sounds its written by a mad man.

  12. Will, the roman cult equate paedophilia with homosexuality. It weeds out perceived or those thought to be inclined to a gay orientation from the priesthood since the molestation scandal exploded on the world stage while ignoring the fact that there are many heterosexual paedophile priests and seminarians which the cult has not developed any criterion for weeding them out.

    I expect as much noise coming from the roman cult in the UK once the politicians start to debate the issue of marriage equality. That pathetic statement that infertile straight couples have more right to marry because their lovemaking is designed to give life is preposterous. An infertile couple cannot reproduce naturally and neither can a senior straight couple well beyond child bearing years in the case of the woman. Its nothing more than a feeble excuse to uphold the ban on gays marrying, nothing more than blatant homophobia and hatred of gay people, but of course, they’ll deny it. The cults don’t own civil marriage, they never have and they never will. The sooner they get that through their thick skulls, the better.

  13. natural order has no marriage as marriage is a construct of society, it used to include same-sex couples anyway

  14. If Gay Marriage is against the ‘natural order’ … I wonder how they would describe the sexual abuse of children and its systematic cover-up?
    When they remove the plank of wood in their own eye, then they may be in a better position to worry about the speck of dust in someone else’s eye!!!

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