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Ann Widdecombe criticises Nigel Evans’ ‘coming out’ and gay Parliament group

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Reader comments

  1. What a vile woman… although I suspect that is rather stating the obvious.

  2. David Hatton 19 Dec 2010, 11:50pm

    Shame people can be so backward at times. Great news on Dont Ask Dont Tell though; I wrote an article for it:

    i also wrote a review on pride fest this year:

  3. Oh my God! The terrifying subtext to her comment is that she may be a lesbian. Oh please NO! We don’t want her on our team!

  4. Predictable stock response from an old-school Catholic who daren’t look down in the shower in case she catches a glimpse of her nether regions.

  5. Hodge Podge 20 Dec 2010, 12:46am

    “I am not as strict about these things as Ann [Widdecombe] maybe.”

    WTF does that mean, “strict”?

    I will not get angry with the Widdecombe.

  6. So Willy Hague is otherwise engaged! Lmao! Widgey is so out of her tree, who takes her seriously?

  7. mrs-lets-christianity-rule-everything-she-says thinks that gay people shouldnt mention their sexuality?

    screw her and her wish for a dont ask dont tell in parliamnt.

  8. “….we’ve had gay everythings..” – well we haven’t had gay marriage…

    “MPs are supposed to be there to help other people ….”
    really? you could have fooled me…

    If she wasn’t so nutty I think I’d might be angry…

  9. Sounds like just anther homophobic female dog.

    Or is she hiding something. or just plain ignorant, one of those people whose education consists of reading one book over and over that was written in the dawn of human history where superstitions ruled the world.

  10. JackAlison 20 Dec 2010, 7:54am

    “Mr Evans also said that he regrets not initially supporting the equalisation of the age of consent and the abolition of Section 28, designed to stop the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools.”
    I think what is more alarming is the voting pattern of this lil ponce .He was happy 2 remain in the closet and conservatively side with homophobic policies until he was ‘smoked out’ out by anther politician and RIGHTFULLY so. Anne Widdecombe is who she is, this guy isn’t, he’s a homophobic lil mercenary who tried to have his cake and eat it, on the sly and then is outted b/c of his homophobic views. Makes me sick.

  11. if gay isn’t an issue then why is she homophobic?

  12. Jock S. Trap 20 Dec 2010, 8:18am

    What do you expect from the old ‘has-been’. She will never except it isn’t about ‘private lives’ its about being who people are.

    She’s not an MP anymore and has little influence expect for here little Daily Express column. I do also feel there is a tad bit of jealousy with her.

    Widders: do us all a favour, once and for all….Quit! You add nothing new, your boring, your soooo over! Get Over It!

  13. She said that being gay “is not an issue”

    Ironic statement coming from a woman who once said “Gay lifestyles do not have equal validity with heterosexual relationships”. Maybe its not an issue unless you dare to ask for any sort of equality under the law, or have you relationship acknowledged legally?

    This woman is an awful creature, she’s have us back in the theocracy dark ages with women tied to the oven and the bed, if she could. As Chester quite nicely said “if gay isn’t an issue then why is she homophobic?”

  14. So a woman who publicly declared that she was a virgin reckons that a man declaring he’s gay is telling us too many private details??

  15. Self-hating, asexual, chronic masturbator. with verbal diarrhoea …these images spring to mind when confronted with yet another anti gay rent-a -quote from La Widdicombe cultural attache to the Vatican here in the UK so the Pope doesn’t have to be.

    Nobody is interested to know that you are a viirgin Anne, keep your personal life to yourself.

  16. “encouraging your profession to go into everybody’s private lives.”

    Why is being gay necessarily any more about a person’s private life than being from a particular racial or religious group? And anyway Ann Widdecombe was happy to tell everyone about her conversion to Roman Catholicism a few years ago.

  17. I know this is not related to this story , or is it? IN the mail today there is a story on the govenment having an opt in option on porn on your pcs. 87 comments so far and nearly all against. How sad all those to faced tories , will now have to admit that they look at porn or go without. Its made my day. Id opt in , I have no probs letting people know that I look at legal porn , and enjoy it. The frustration it gonna cause to all those stiff upper lips. See Tories , be careful what you wish for!

  18. “The terrifying subtext to her comment is that she may be a lesbian. ”

    NO, Kate! Bluerggghh! What a thought! It hadn’t even entered my mind after reading the article till I saw your comment! Now I can’t get that awful image out of my mind!

    As for Ms W. It’s so easy to say that being gay isn’t an issue if it doesn’t affect you, isn’t it? I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me that gay people are “fussing about nothing”. With that statement comes the unspoken comment that we’re not worthy of the same consideration as other people, that we’re ‘not normal’.

    Yes, we might all laugh at Ann, but it worries me how many people have similar homophobic ideas but don’t express them.

  19. repressed monster

  20. Kate & Iris,
    a 63yr old virgin cannot realistically be described as being heterosexual, perhaps a latent heterosexual.
    We can only assume that she is neither lesbian nor straight but rather she is totally asexual (rather like the Pope).
    I imagine she would probably prefer to sit beside the fire of an evening reading a book while stroking her pussycat … awaiting yet another call from the “Dial-a-Widdicombe-silly quote” crew.

  21. This woman is quite ignorant! To declare that you are gay has nothing to do with one’s private life, it is the core of who a person is.

  22. Widdy is thoroughly chagrined because she spent years vocally opposing every measure of equality at a time when most lgbt politicians and other public figures were conveniently silent and unchallenging. She is also peeved because there are now so many out and pro-lgbt people on her own side. There was a certain historical inevitability about it; the right-wing libertarianism that took over the Tories under Thatcher is actually quite compatible with lgbt equality (inspite of Maggie’s own attitudes), whereas the old Conservatism was less economically savage but more socially repressive. The party is still working out these contradictions. Poor old Widdy. You just never saw how things might turn out, did you?

  23. stupid battle axe! IT IS AN ISSUE BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STILL BULLIED, PICKED ON AND HATED BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUALITY. That’s almost like people saying I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home as long as you don’ flaunt it in public. many friends have had that huled at them in the street when holding their partner’s hand, the same thing that heterosexuals can do in oublic without abuse. Get back to the dark ages Ann

  24. “She said that being gay “is not an issue” and that MPs should not disclose details of their private lives.”

    Wouldn’t a christian vote for a bill that was in line with their beliefs and morals, a muslim, a hindu or a sikh the same? So why is it that this moral arbitrator deems that gay people should keep quiet. Does she expect gay people to vote differently from other poiticians merely in order to remain in the closet?

    Miss Widdecombe also has frequently boasted of her religion, one example was the boycotting of British Airways after a member of staff was suspended for not hiding their cross necklace.

    As for politicians not exressing their personal opinions and public lifes, Miss Widdecombe goes on to say “We have had gay MPs since we’ve had MPs…we’ve had gay everythings. It is not an issue and what we are doing now is encouraging your profession to go into everybody’s private lives.” Well what bout the support groups for women and black MPs, obviously these facts of a person’s life cannot be hidden in the same way as homosexuality, however whay should we have a suport group for some and not others. Speaking of interest groups, in parliament they range from regional/country, a beer group, cricket, ITV, cheese and for someone such as Anne who spews forth so much bile, continence care.

    Miss Widdecombe is cearly trying to remain in the headlines and ride on the wave of media attention following her Strictly Come Dancing Fame. In doing so it is interesting to see that she appeared on The Graham Norton Show where she was all smiles and laughs, perhaps principles can be laid to one side should self promotion be on offer?

  25. Widdecombe is a bigot.

    However I do agree with her that ParliOut is an utterly irrelevant, and ridiculious group.

    It has no worthwhile function.

    It is not campaigning to end the civil partnership apartheid laws.

    it seems to serve no worthwhile purpose other than as a social club for gay politicians.

    You would think that MP’s would be too busy working on behalf of their constituencies than to be wasting their time on a Stonewall supported trivilaity like ParliOut.

    1. Don Harrison 11 Jul 2011, 11:41pm

      David you are right, but she us a poor biddy who belongs in the Clause 28 era.


    Oh really?

    ParliOut is a group working on behalf of MP’s – NOT the general public.

    They need to get over themselves.

    If they are too fragile to deal with life in politics then they are in the wrong profession.

  27. Even though this homophobic creature is retired she still has to peddle her homophobic bile.

    You are retired Ann, do this Country a favour, keep your retired beak shut !!

  28. Does anyone really give a toss what this old sprout thinks? She’ll be off this planet (some word argue she already is) in the next twenty years and good riddance.

  29. Tom Stoppard 20 Dec 2010, 1:21pm

    Not interested in what this woman says, thinks or does.

  30. Pietà Schofield 20 Dec 2010, 1:30pm

    Interesting opinion as to what the purpose of staff network is for. “…supposed to be there to help other people not to go whingeing on their own behalf” I would have said that was exactly the primary remit of a staff network, “to be there to help other people”.

  31. So no mention of MPs private lives, eh? That means we won’t get to hear about children, wives/husbands/partners, holidays or even opinions (all evidence of someone having a private life).

    For people like her, “private lilfe” means “homosexuality”. Straight people don’t have private lives for her; they have lives.

    Lest we forget in the post-Strictly glow that she is and always has been a nasty bigot…

  32. Ann Widdecombe says being gay is “not an issue” only because she can’t bear to think about it and she wants queers to keep their sexuality to themselves, while heteros flaunt their spouses, their love lives, and their children all the time.

    Widdecombe is indeed a Catholic bigot, a probably a very frustrated one too, for reasons I had better not go into here.

  33. Funny how it’s always the 80 year old Catholic virgins who publicly spout hate of gays…

  34. The Lizzie 12 20 Dec 2010, 1:48pm

    Arrogant Ann! Craig must be thrilled she didn’t make it to the finale of SCD. My issue here is with the media frenzy about Mr Evans (and, boy, is he milking it. No doubt Stonewall will give him an award). The media in Britain (gay & straight) ignore so many of us – out & proud – who have done great work on the ‘frontline’ of our communities for years and years. Stonewall ignores us and it often seems as if the ‘luvvies’ get all the attention: Sir Ian, Sir Elton, etc, and now a rugby player and some politicians.

  35. Why hasn’t Pink News dealt with Ed Vaizy’s plan to have ISPs block all porn sites?

    There is a fear that any wide-scale attempt to police pornographic content would soon be expanded to police other sites on the internet.

    But, more importantly,if we take this step it will not be very long beofre we end up with an internet that’s a guarded collection of approved sites that this Conservative-dominated government is happy for the public to see.

    The Nasty Party is back.

  36. Well quelle surprise ! All that being dragged around the dance-floor like a wallowing hippo must have stirred her addled brains again..

    She now resides in a cottage on Dartmoor, which surely means a new version of the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ legend. (H of t Widdecombevilles(?) Where’s Sherlock when you really need him??

  37. Paul 22, You’d be forgiven for thinking she was older but Anne Widdicombe was boirn in 1947 so she is 63yrs old anti-gay Catholic bigot not an 80yrs old one.

  38. Dear so-called “national treasure”, If MPs shouldn’t discuss their private lives, I come I (and the rest of the country) know you are a vrigin?!

  39. The woman couldn’t keep her gob shut about her religious belief when she was an MP, so can’t tell others to keeop quiet about what is important to them.

    If Nigel Evans went on every TV news show for the rest of the month we still wouldn’t know as much about his private life as we were forced to endure when Widdecombe waddled in front of the cameras during her far-too-long Commons career.

    Shut up you irrelevent bat.

  40. Miss Wittecombe is wrong when she says: “We have had gay MPs since we’ve had MPs…we’ve had gay everythings. It is not an issue.”
    There have of course been gay MPs and gay everything as long as mankind exists, but it has very often been an is…sue! Does Wittecombe not realise that Gay MPs and gay people in general have had to pretend that they were not gay, that they have had to have pretend heterosexual relationships, that they have lived in fear of blackmail, expulsion, inprisonment and even death? And all that was made possible by the silence surrounding the romantic/aesthetic/sexual orientation of gay MPs and other gay people. Miss Wittecombe obviously does not disapprove of heterosexual MPs having openly heterosexual relationships and marriages. Does a hetero-relationship belong in the public or in the private sphere? If a gay MP would have a known lover or partner of the same sex, is that public or private, and would Wittecombe advise MPs to hide such a relationship? It seems like a very double standard to me. It seems to me that a gay person’s orientation is indeed an issue, and that Miss Wittecombe is deadly wrong in denying that it is, and in showing disapproval of disclosing ones orientation.Lees verder

  41. She’s still my favorite :-)

  42. David Holder-Twomlow 20 Dec 2010, 4:47pm

    Ms Endless Wittering is getting more and more tedious the older she gets. She’s welcome to her view of course, however narrow-minded and sky-pixie-compliant it may be.

    But I applaud the guy for coming out rather than being the victim of tabloid tittle-tattle. His private life is indeed his private life, but I get very tired indeed of being presumed to be heterosexual, and I’m sure he does too.

  43. This evil old c__t was on the Graham Norton show recently. What on earth is he doing having her as a guest on his show? Why give her an audience, useless, bigoted piece of human detritus that she is? She’s arguably one of the ugliest women in England and needs a good dentist, her teeth are disgusting and I’ve no doubt she has bad breath as a result. She typifies our reputation for having bad dental care in the UK, crooked, gaps and discoloured, often the butt of jokes in the United States and elsewhere.

  44. Parliament opens every day with christian prayers, it has numerous religionist groups. If MPs sexuality or gender identity has no place in parliament, then MPs and those in the other house have no business bringing religion into our political system also.

    I take it Ann Widdecombe will be campaigning to end prayers and kicking out the Lords sitting for religious organisations and parliamentary religionist groupings!

    After all MPs are supposed to be there to help other people not to go whingeing on their own behalf or the behalf of religion.

    1. Don Harrison 11 Jul 2011, 11:47pm

      She is a Roman Catholic. The Pope is no better.

  45. It is not right to declare probably-repressed bigots as asexual, especially when considering that most actual asexual people are quite pro-LGBT, and said bigots would probably be intolerant of asexuality if they could fathom its existence.
    (This may seem unintuitive, but I have seen the argument made by fundies that everyone is supposed to have sexual desires, even if not allowed to act on them. There is also the fact that people who are romantically interested in the same sex but sexually interested in no one blow their gay=lust diatribes out of the water.)

  46. SteveDenver 20 Dec 2010, 10:31pm

    If it is so important for officials to not disclose private information, WHY is it public knowledge that she is still a virgin (other than the obvious visual clues)?

  47. “NOT AN ISSUE..” ?





    ”If gay isn’t an issue then why is she homophobic?”….


    They must think we are ALL stupid, the hateful bunch of hypocrites.


  48. Silly old redundant twat!

    Widdecombe is SOOO early last century!

    Isn’t it about time that she puts herself out of our misery?

  49. I guess we can be grateful that she isn’t part of the house of lords which is more than can be said about that evil old Tebbit and those nasty old bishops….

    I actually thought that her comments were actually quite tame – did she really say being gay was not an issue!!! I thought she was one of those who had always thought we should burn in hell…

  50. Sadly never all that surprising to see people like Widdercombe who pick only those details from something they don’t like, and then blow off a lot of hot air about their own crafted take on the situation.

  51. de Villiers 21 Dec 2010, 8:36am

    This is all a bit over-the-top. We all know both that Anne WIddecombe takes a religious view against homosexuality and that she has a old-fashioned view on morality. It is not just against us – it is against the entire counter-revolution of the 1960s, with which she has never made peace.

    The criticism of her here on the board is, to a degree, justified but the level of personal nastiness looks ugly. It is almost as if people need her to say these things in order to luxuriate in their own self-indulgent righteousness.

    It’s time for her to move on and for us to stop behaving like victims.

  52. I actually think her comments are quite helpful to the gay community – I’m afraid you can’t get away from it de villiers but she’s such a twit and I guess her whole appearance and persona is so nutty that anyone normal would want to distance themselves from her – anybody supporting her would be tarnished by the same nuttiness ….I’m sure she’s as tough as old boots, so de villiers, don’t be too worried about hurting her feelings (that’s assuming she has any of course!)

  53. Chester “if gay isn’t an issue then why is she homophobic?”

    Who says she is homophobic?
    I think she’s quite right. What has being gay got to do with your job? Do all the str8 MP’s say “I shagged my wife last night”? No. What the hell difference does it make what people do in bed?

    People need to get their damn priorities right and stop whinging on about being constantly picked on with every little tittle-tattle minutiae.
    The people on these forums act like a bloody infants classroom.

  54. “I think she’s quite right”

    You would.

  55. Ann doesn’t believe in sexual relationships outside of marriage and she doesn’t believe in equal marriage rights for same sex couples so it’s n ot possible to please her unless you become a “celibate” exactly like Ann herself…what a surprise!…
    Not really, this woman loves herself and craves celebrity no matter how undignified, if you gave her a lengthg of rope she would probably go hang herself if she thought it would be televised.

  56. I think she’s quite right. What has being gay got to do with your job? Do all the str8 MP’s say “I shagged my wife last night”? No. What the hell difference does it make what people do in bed?

    People need to get their damn priorities right and stop whinging on about being constantly picked on with every little tittle-tattle minutiae.
    The people on these forums act like a bloody infants classroom.-Spanner

    So you will be against all the Christian whining that they are oppress?

    Support the removal of all the special interest religionist groups from the palace of Westminster?

    What about the removal of Lords that represent individual religionists groupings?

    Why open parliament each day with prayers?

  57. de Villiers 21 Dec 2010, 12:25pm

    > I’m afraid you can’t get away from it de villiers but she’s such a twit

    I don’t seek to get away from it. She is, in my view, not only wrong but shrill and obstinate.

    My objection to peoples’ nastiness is more about them than Anne Widdicombe. It also destructively makes people feel like victims – which as far from anything as I would like to feel about my own sexuality.

  58. Ann Widdicombe said, “I cannot understand the modern day emphasis and fascination and obsession with people’s private lives.”

    But a centuries old and ongoing Catholic tradition of emphasis and obsession with people’s private lives appears to be totally acceptable and understandable to Ann …showing that she is quite a contrarian and entirely inconsistent.

  59. @Spanner – she’s always been homophobic with her opinion and yet now she’s whining that gay isn’t an issue when she always makes it an issue so she’s a hypocrite as well, sexuality should be irrelevant but it isn’t as long as there are bigots about.

  60. Jock S. Trap 21 Dec 2010, 2:20pm

    @ Spanner

    The fact that you seem to have to question if ones own identity is important actually speaks volumes about you.

    You say she has a point. Isn’t that being two faced? After all Ms Widdy does seem to think her religious beliefs make her and yet she does nothing but express her Chosen lifestyle into everyones face and in particular those who are born the way we are.

    That then would be that she seems to feel we all should know about Her private life… hypocrite!

  61. Steve@GayWebHosting 21 Dec 2010, 4:26pm

    It´s funny but during the recent `Strictly Come Dancing´ series, my old mum remarked to me how funny she found Widdie… That she liked her.

    I had to point out to her that Widdie is really a sour old washed-up politician with some antiquated and dangerous views.. especially against gay people.

    I feel a lot of the public are being fed the rubbish that she is some ´lovable old dear´ when in fact she is an old catholic poisoner!

  62. Jock S. Trap :”You say she has a point. Isn’t that being two faced? After all Ms Widdy does seem to think her religious beliefs make her and yet she does nothing but express her Chosen lifestyle into everyones face and in particular those who are born the way we are.”

    Having an opinion or belief has nothing to do with one’s private life.
    I am personally a staunch athiest, but I respect other people’s faiths and beliefs as long as they don’t interfere with my own. She is a old fashioned biddy who is obviously set in her ways, that is her way, moaning about it will change nothing. I don’t support a lot of what she says, but I respect her for having the courage of her convictions and not back down, however misguided her opinions may be.

    Being gay is not an opinion or matter of choice, you are stuck with what you have, whether you like it or not, however, you do not have to shout the fact from the rooftops any more than someone that has an S&M fetish. That said, I don’t think people should go around saying “I’m gay”, any more than they should saying “I’m a Christian”. It really isn’t that important. As long as you can do your job competently, I don’t give a flying toss what you get up to on a Sunday morning.

  63. This link was on tv today, how appropriate, but what a shame it wasn’t on a few days earlier.

  64. Being gay isn’t a big deal? Tell that to Ian Baynham (and thousands more), you putrid creature.

  65. “I cannot understand the modern day emphasis and fascination and obsession with people’s private lives”

    A bit rich considering the endless amount of reality TV she has taken part in, some of it (Louis Theroux documentary, Celebrity Fit Club) when she was still an MP. When you want all that non-work related limelight for yourself you aren’t really in a position to sneer at an MP simply coming out as being too much information.

  66. Peter Gregory 10 May 2011, 5:44pm

    She’s a VERY obvious self-oppressed closet lesbian. I had the misfortune to meet her once and to say that she’s an aggressive self-opinionated power-merchant is an undersatement. Don’t expect her to listen to YOUR views if you meet her. SAD bad closet case who derstroys lives.

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