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Nigel Evans, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. well, bully for him. But he’s still a tory snob. I met him on a train from London once. He queried whether I had a first class ticket, because I wasn’t dressed posh enough to sit with the likes of him. I like to be casual when I’m stuck on a train for hours and don’t care about fashion statements, but my ticket was bought fair and square not with expenses paid for by the taxpayer.

  2. Erm… yes, ok. I’m not sure our team is particularly thrilled to have him as an open member.

  3. don’t like him….he give gays a bad name.

  4. Paul Halsall 18 Dec 2010, 8:29pm

    Will he push for gay marriage equality?

  5. Better late than never eh Nigel? Any chance of the rest of them in the Westminster closet coming out anytime soon?

  6. Stonewall are delighted?

    Like it matters if another rotten Tory MP comes out of the closet.

  7. Will Nigel Evans The Tory speak ourt against the Civil Partnership Apartheid laws in operation in Britain?

  8. de Villiers 18 Dec 2010, 11:20pm

    Its a bit inaccurate to use words like apartheid. We are not killed by the police, we are not economically repressed, we do not have burning tyres filled with petrol hung round our necks, we do not “disappear” during the night, we are not tortured or disembowelled or raped by the security services, we do not have to sit at the back of buses and Rose can sit in first class and speak back to a Member of Parliament.

  9. @de Villiers, the things you listed are violence, they are not apartheid. May be you want to check your dictionary again for the meaning of the word ‘apartheid’. It means SEGREGATION!

    As for Mr. Evans, I am full of pity for him and his likes who, even in this climate of huge tolerance cannot stand up and be themselves… if you put him in Iran or Nigeria or Sudan and the likes, he will probably be helping stoning gay people to death just to prove he is not.

  10. de Villiers 19 Dec 2010, 7:03am

    > May be you want to check your dictionary again for the meaning of the word ‘apartheid’. It means SEGREGATION!

    In using your efforts to be patronising, you have missed the point.

    The word derives from Afrikaans. It means literally “separateness” from the Dutch apart meaning ‘separate’ and -heid meaning -hood.

    Its derivation from Afrkiaans indicates the context in which the word is commonly understood. That is, a system of discrimination based on race. However, the connotations attached to the word and its use are those of the white terror imposed upon blacks during the South African apartheid régime.

    To bend the meaning of such a loaded and historically charged word and to apply it to the UK or France where gay couples can enter into civil partnerships but not marriage is a corruption of the language.

    Your further patronising towards Nigel Evans is similarly distasteful. From reading your blog, it is also unsurprising given your philosophical antipathy towards the political Right, your characterisations of Western democratic countries as systems of oppression and your comparison of hot-headed and loose-tongued American politicians to Saddam Hussein.

  11. Sister Mary Clarance 19 Dec 2010, 9:12am

    Ahh I see the season has made us no less charitable than ever in understanding the difficulties others have in coming to terms with their sexuality.

    I think the article makes it clear that he understands that he made some mistakes, and the article does say that since 2003 he has been a noted SUPPORTER of LGBT rights.

  12. I share SMC’s view on many of the responses to Nigel Evan’s coming out. It is very sad to see such extreme intolerence shown by some gay people towards anyone that does not share the same views or even the same ‘coming-out path’ as them.

    With ‘friends’ like this within our community we certainly don’t need enemies. Why can’t we celebrate our diversity amongst us instead of seeking to denegrate those who have had a different life experience?

    Nigel Evans has obviously had a difficult journey and admitted his earlier decisions as an MP were wrong. For goodness sake people, show some grasp of humanity and put away your forked tongues!

  13. @ Godwin “if you put him in Iran or Nigeria or Sudan and the likes, he will probably be helping stoning gay people to death just to prove he is not.” – That’s just offensive. Do you always judge people for things they do in your fantasy world?

    I’m no fan of the tory party, but I agree with Edwin, and SMC. Good for Nigel Evans. It’s a great day when you can finally be open about who you are.

  14. A lot of us are on the Tories for not supporting same-sex marriage. But where does the Labour Party under Ed Miliband stand on the issue? Is Labour any better?

  15. I hope any politicians/public figures who may have been on the brink of coming out don’t read the comments section of pink news.No wonder so many decide to stay in the closet Wow what a welcome.

  16. The Lizzie 12 20 Dec 2010, 1:50pm

    My issue here is with the media frenzy about Mr Evans (and, boy, is he milking it. No doubt Stonewall will give him an award). The media in Britain (gay & straight) ignore so many of us – out & proud – who have done great work on the ‘frontline’ of our communities for years and years. Stonewall ignores us and it often seems as if the ‘luvvies’ get all the attention: Sir Ian, Sir Elton, etc, and now a rugby player and some politicians.

  17. Don’t lets get carried away. Whoever said Tories can’t be rude arseholes?- aren’t a lot of them? gay or staright.. But leaving their personal rudeness out of it, if they are gay,they may just have had the same trouble coming out in public , even thouigh others knew all along as many of the rest of us..Even more so if they have SA’d their way through life in a cocky boorish fashion. What matters is that it’s one more now out, and that one more it makes it that little bit diffucult for the ruling class to keep us down. Especially if the newly outed one is a Sloaney pig.

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