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Winona Ryder says Mel Gibson was homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. Mel Gibson is a repellent creature, his only outstanding talents being for making money by appealing to lowest-common-denominator thinking (violence, racism and religion) and being obnoxious.

    I suppose it’s good for Ryder to be publicising his insults but, really, is it news to anyone? The less we hear of the horrible little man, the better.

  2. It’s not news…

    Everyone knows that Gibson is a gateful little plank!

  3. The more we hear, the better. His career deserves to be ruined if he can’t even behave professionally – drunk or not.

  4. He did have talent however his dad is a bloody mad man and Mel is no better.

    He hates gay people but yet has a drink problem….. hmmmmm

  5. Disgusting, vile piece of white trash breeder! His father denies the holocaust, is it no wonder he’s anti-semitic and homophobic? He also calls himself a devout catholic mind you.

  6. He’s becoming Hollywood’s answer to Prince Phillip, always guaranteed to say something crass and stupid. The difference is, its not treason to slap Gibson around the head for his idiocy.

  7. None of this matters in respect to his films. Clearly he is a dick but that has nothing to do with whether his acting or directing is any good, and for myself I don’t give a damn what any actor thinks as long as he does a decent job on screen.

  8. darkmoonman 17 Dec 2010, 5:21pm

    I stopped acknowledging Gibson’s work when he began displaying his homophobia. His antisemitism is just more fire for the self immolation of his career. Frankly, he deserves it.

  9. “In 1991, he told a Spanish magazine that his posterior was “only for taking a s**t”. He later said he had been drunk at the time.”
    Oh come now Mel, I’m sure if you were sober you’d notice that you’ve been speaking out of your posterior frequently.
    And it’ll take more than a movie where you talk through a beaver glovepuppet to erase everyone’s memories of what a bigoted ass you are either.

  10. HYPOCRITES 17 Dec 2010, 7:08pm

    You all slag of Gibson for being offensive, but then say the most offensive things about him………..

    ” a repellent creature”

    “appealing to lowest-common-denominator thinking (violence, racism and religion) and being obnoxious.”

    “Gibson is a gateful little plank”

    “vile piece of white trash breeder!”

    “he is a dick ”

    “you’ve been speaking out of your posterior frequently.”

    Kettle black. HYPOCRITES.

  11. HYPOCRITES – Oh I’m sorry, I appear to have been less than diplomatic when describing a notoriously homophobic, antisemitic, misogynist racist who thinks that the Jews started every major war and beats up his wife.
    What tactful way of describing him did you have in mind?

  12. “What tactful way of describing him did you have in mind?”

    I love it. Well said. And why would anyone in their right mind defend that odious racist Gibson anyway?

  13. I do’t know about diplomatic, but I think ‘gateful little plank’ is a good description of a lot of people.

  14. Why BBC show his films so much?

  15. jamestoronto 18 Dec 2010, 2:31am

    Oops, I was drunk again and again and again – you have one serious drunk again problem – it is called alcoholism. But that is only one of the mental disorders this joker has.

    He is homophobic without a doubt. He protests an awful lot but cannot get it right with women, Hmmm.

    He is anti-semitic without a doubt – how stupid can anyone be to say the Holocaust never happened.

    He is anti-female without a doubt – his women are baby-makers and punching bags.

    He is not Roman Catholic without a doubt – he belongs to a break-away sect that purports to be Catholic but are considered heretics by the Vatican.

    From Day 1 this guy has been a loser. And he continues to be.

  16. Best way is not to spend your money seeing his movies. When his box-office appeal fades, so will he – the sooner the better.

  17. I don’t buy his “I was drunk at the time” excuse.
    Alcoholism is one thing, but the sexism, antisemitism and homophobia are a recurring theme with all his drunken diatribes.
    With him it’s more like the old adage “in Vino Veritas”… what he actually thinks about but wouldn’t necessarily admit to when he’s sober just spews out every time.
    Alcoholics I have some compassion for, alcoholic bigots less so.

  18. @ HYPOCRITES above: you seem unable to discern the difference between making bigoted and prejudiced generalisations (all Jews, all homosexuals) and reacting to abundant evidence of an individual’s bigotry. I suggest you think about it – and, as has been suggested, come up with some examples of how else one should react to someone quite as obnoxious as Gibson.

  19. “Alcoholics I have some compassion for, alcoholic bigots less so.”

    Speaking of which, I wonder how Stewart Cowan is these days? See he has a mad rant on his site about gays being paedophiles. Kind of proves your point, flapjack.

  20. John – Yes I noticed that too.
    The main difference between Stewart and Mel though is that Stewart has been off the sauce for some time now, but still rants like the embarrassing uncle everyone dreads being stuck with at the Xmas family get-together.

  21. Jamestoronto….the breakway sect he belongs to is actually a church he bought in California and pays so called catholic priests to say the mass in latin in the tridentine rite that has long been abandoned by the roman cult, yet at the same time restores the episcopacy to a holocaust denying bishop.

  22. Frankly, he’s a very typical Irish Catholic–tiny-brained and loving it.

  23. Gibson must be the sexiest moron in the world :)

  24. mel gibson is a moron, but he’s hot so all’s forgiven

    winona ryder is a little dumb (not too much) but a very sad little creature, I only like her when she does her ping pong trick.

  25. “Frankly, he’s a very typical Irish Catholic–tiny-brained and loving it.”

    Sam, Gibson is American with one Irish parent that doesn’t make him Irish, but that not withstanding, your rather stupid racist remarks are a delight to read. Be sure to ask Santa for some money so you can actually travel for yourself, it does wonders to broaden the mind.

  26. After reading some of the comments here, I ponder the general mental health of PN readers.

    “Frankly, he’s a very typical Irish Catholic–tiny-brained and loving it.” – as someone pointed out, he’s not Irish, and even if he were, that statement is wrong on so many levels, not to mention racist.

    “mel gibson is a moron, but he’s hot so all’s forgiven” – you are as shallow than a rain puddle if you genuinely believe this.

    “I don’t give a damn what any actor thinks as long as he does a decent job on screen” – You’d be forgiven if Joe here had Mel in his personal employment for this statement, but how we spend out money is as much a part of what we chose to believe is right, so yes, paying to see his films is only giving this awful man and his tragic opinions more money and more air time.

  27. David Myers 20 Dec 2010, 9:52pm

    I will never even watch another Mel Gibson film again, even for free. He is such a pri*k and an unrepententent one at that. Boycott all of his films. It doesn’t matter if he can act like a decent human being (when not drunk) – he isn’t one.

  28. dear terry, not all humans are angry lesbians, get a life and don’t break other people balls. If you have anger issues, try prozac or a good psycologist. Some other people are happy and laugh at mel gibson’s stupid comments. I am shallow? You are pathetic, squallid, sad and I am sure one of those nasty bulldickes who can only write horrible things about men if you ahve the chance. GROW UP BITCH! ;)

  29. “You are pathetic, squallid, sad and I am sure one of those nasty bulldickes who can only write horrible things about men if you ahve the chance.”

    LOL! Woah! Sore point or what.

    I’m sorry, I was wrong to say you were shallow.

    In fact its obvious from your comment you are not only a shallow idiot, but a bitter demented lunatic too. Go take your pills before you embarrass yourself any more.

  30. listen mister feminist terry the trolling angry bitter man hating nasty pathetic short little lesbian, give up.. you are sad and you know it. You make everybody laugh AT you right in your face. Sex change operation for you right here right now. So you will finally have the penis (you secretly desire between you legs) but you say you hate so much. :) :) :)


    (lesbians are so lame and predictable… amaizing!)

  31. LOL!

    I’m man you moron.

    The only thing lame here is you. And laugh at you, oh dear, no, I don’t laugh at crazy people. People like you need help, sweetie. Now, who let you play with a computer, those things have sharp edges. You might hurt yourself in one of your lunatic fits.

    Ops, time for your lithium pills.

  32. yeah sure, whatever… you still make me laugh by the way…

    :) :) :) :) ;)

  33. c.j., I’d say in your fragile state of mind uncontrollable laughter is more than common with you, and the least of your worries.

    Lithium kicking in now, eh? Good boy. Now, lets not be a fcuking idiot bigot in here against lesbians, shall we? There’s a good nutter.

  34. the most amaizing thing is that you actually believe that other people believe that you are not a lesbian but a man. What a bloody retard. You will always make me laugh, sick lesbian bicth

    :) :) :) ;)

  35. What a awful freak this c.j. is.

    “Complete joke”

  36. ;)

    …come on… lets make peace… i admit i love real women only, you admit you’re a bulldyke who’s angry becose she ain’t going to get a harley davidson for xmas… :) :) :)

    hapiness is for happy people.
    Sadness is for miserable poeple.
    enjoy ;)

  37. There is something seriously wrong with you cj.

  38. your name john or terry? ;)

    ps.: remember who started it all:

    “you are as shallow than a rain puddle if you genuinely believe this” – Terry

    Sorry but I have the right to defend my self. Check all comments and switch your brain on

  39. “Sorry but I have the right to defend my self.”

    Sure you do, bigot. Sure you do.

    Now fcukoff. No one like bigots, least of all us.

  40. calm down bitch!

    if i’m a troll… and you said “don’t pay him attention”… then what are you doing? ;)

    hahahahaha :) still laughing BTW

  41. Laugh away, bigot, you need something to cheer you up.

  42. your mother would do the job just fine.

  43. Hmmm. How very intellectual of you. Like all small minded bigots, not too much in the brain capacity, and you’re a crushing bore.

    Night night, sweetie! Make sure the hospital attendant takes that laptop away from your, we don’t want you upsetting the rest of the patients on Christmas Eve.

    ‘Complete Joke’ is very apt.

  44. you’re just a f-cking lesbian.

    still fighting? pathetic. tha’s the typical lesbian crap. that’as why you are desperate and sad littel creatures.

    bye and have fun the three of you in the same person. And if you talk about hospitals it’s only becose sick lez like you really know the emergency section for short fat dykes with stress disorder. remember: prozac. Ciao ;)

  45. “you’re just a f-cking lesbian”

    Er, called John? Wow, you are fcuking stupid. Is everyone who thinks your a complete retard a lesbian in your eyes? “Oh, no, the lesbians are everywhere… Help! Help!”

    “bye and have fun the three of you in the same person.”

    Paranoid too? How wonderful. Med time again.

    You should change your name to rcj – retarded complete joke.

    By the way, I like the anger you show, bigot. It warms me on this christmas day. It shows me what a loser you really are, bigot.

    Bye bye!

  46. OMG, he’s STILL going on. I though this thread was finished. To John S (who is me aparently), this one is a grade-A basket case nutter. I have never seen such bigoted vitriol against lesbians even from Christians, and the paranoia that everyone is a lesbian is insane! But very funny. Someone should put a pillow over his face, given his trailer trash mother was probably too high on crystal meth to do the job for us.

    Merry Christmas cj! Lets hope Santa brings you some decency for Christmas.

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