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Gay US veterans sue to rejoin military

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Reader comments

  1. David in Indy 18 Dec 2010, 7:04am

    I wish them much luck in trying to do it.

    And I also thank them for their service and in defend me and my country!

  2. David in Indy 18 Dec 2010, 7:06am

    Defend = defending

  3. A pity the photo shows members of the Royal Navy, a service that has been inclusive of both sex and sexuality for a good few years now; as indeed have all the other UK armed services, and most other EU ones as well. The U.S. lags so far behind

  4. The Senate just followed the House in voting for repeal (63-33) and it looke like a bill will be heading to President Obama’s desk very soon.
    These guys shouln’t need to sue anymore, they can just go back!

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