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FIFA boss Sepp Blatter sorry for saying gays shouldn’t have sex in Qatar

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 17 Dec 2010, 11:08am

    This is about more than what he said. It’s also the fact the clearly thought the question about gay football fans going to a homophobic country was hilarious.

    This man needs to go though I doubt he’d be replaced by anyone else better minded.

  2. he’s sorry he SAID it but not that he thought it. It’s only because there was a big fuss about it. Enough to make the ORDINARY newspapers, not just pink ones. His apology is insincere. It’s not good enough.

    And as I said before, never mind fans. What are the chances of any international standard player being openly gay in the nexst 12 years? what happens when it comes to choosing the squad to go to Qatar? Do they recuse themselves, leaving their country without their talents, do they go ands risk arrest or injury or death in homophobic attacks?

  3. I can’t understand why any gay man would want to be a football fan the whole football industry is institutionally homophobic and these stupid remarks by the most senior person in world football just show what a disgusting business football is. I am SO glad that Britain did not win the world cup bid – if it had we would have spent the next few years brown nosing these corrupt homophobes and then millions entertaining them.

  4. Peter & Michael 17 Dec 2010, 12:43pm

    Too Late!! He should resign, We would be surprised that the England Tean will play in the World Cup as this will reinforce homopobia.

  5. Blatter needs to be sacked. He is only sorry for the offence he caused. He is not sorry for his homophobic remarks. And he has not stated what FIFA will do to ensure that gay football fans and players will be safe in the disgustingly bigotted Qatar.

    FIFA’s contact details are as follows:

  6. Peter & Michael 17 Dec 2010, 12:47pm

    Too Late!! He should resign. We would be surprised if the England Team would play in the World Cup as this will reinforce homophobia.

  7. Oh and Pink News – your article headline. Blatter has NOT apologised for saying that gay people shouldn’t have sex in Qatar.

    He has merely apologised for any offence his comments may have caused.

    That is a different thing.

  8. He didn’t apologise for his comments. He “apologised if we were offended” Big difference. That’s not an apology, that’s telling us to shut up

    And the world cup is still going to Qatar, FIFA still doesn’t include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy and gay lives and bodies are again being treated with contempt by yet another straight organisation

  9. I think FIFA should be told that the sponsors of the Brazil 2014 World Cup will be facing boycotts unless FIFA does something to ensure that Qatar fully decrminalises homosexuality.

    The Qatar World Cup is not for 12 years. The pressure should be applied now. Brazil is the next location in 2014.

    FIFA need some ‘encouragement’ clearly. Seeing as FIFA only understands suitcases full of cash, I think they need to be informed that their bottom line in Brazil will be affected unless they deal with Qatar’s bigotry.

  10. José Merentes 17 Dec 2010, 1:53pm

    But what´s FIFA going to do about gays going to WorldCup in Qatar?

  11. I dont like the fact he said “IF” anyone was offended then I apologise, and ” IF anyone was hurt” People, gay, bi and heterosexual were offended, there are no ifs or buts ! He should resign from his post. he clearly has no sense of right or wrong. Just saying sorry ( and obviously not meaning it ) is far from enough to make ameds!

  12. Sepp Blatter reminds me why I never got into football at school. He represents everything that’s wrong with the overt homophobia and hetrocentric macho culture that permeates the game.
    Mind you, it will be interesting when our aggressively hetero crowd get over there and discover that Quatar’s laws on getting tanked up on lager are just as draconian as their laws about gay sex!

  13. jonnielondon 17 Dec 2010, 4:57pm

    His apology rings hollow. If he is tuly sorry and really understands the situation, then he would need to consider an alternate venue to Qatar; somewhere that is gay-positive.

  14. He’s sorry . . . yeah yeah yeah

    Damage limitation exercise . . .

    Yawn Yawn Yawn

  15. When are we going to stop being insensitive when someone is accused of being insensitive towards us? I understood what he was trying to say. It certainly wasn’t anti-gay. It wasn’t thoughtful, but who on earth hasn’t been thoughtful?

    For me, the fact that FIFA chose Qatar is what should be attacked. Why are they supporting a country with such draconian laws? All of those voting in favour of Qatar should be held accountable and, if possible, forced to rescind the award.

    Mr Blatter not quite understanding what he said is not the issue. From his perspective, as flawed as it is, it was very much like telling an American not to take a gun to Britain.

  16. He should have said that gays should have lots of sex in these sick third-world countries.

  17. Mort wrote

    “When are we going to stop being insensitive when someone is accused of being insensitive towards us?”

    Mort I have one word for this, it is called . . . Self-esteem

  18. Its an islamic country. Some of which will chop off your heads for gay sex.

    And eg in Saudi Arabia, most law is not written down. The judge decides what god wants for punishment.

    Maybe the guy has a point…………

    Yes I absoslutely support gay people having full rights including civil marrriage.

    But my question is whether in thiis case we are believing our own propaganda.

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