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UK parliament gets first LGBT network

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Reader comments

  1. Hodge Podge 16 Dec 2010, 6:00pm

    “Created with the advice of gay rights charity Stonewall…”

    Oh good god

  2. Okay, seriously? Your time would be better spent creating this kind of thing in schools for young people who do not have homes and lives and money but who suffer bullying and homophobia every day both at school and at home. I think it was Steve Gilbert who said, in an “It gets better” video, that upon coming out he had found that ‘nobody really cares’ – so yes, this might have been useful 10 or 20 years ago in the workplace but these days, adults – especially those in parliament – do not really care. I may be ignorant of the facts here but a support system would be far more helpful to a schoolchild than an MP.

  3. Before I got to the line mentioning Stonewall this sounded like a Stonewall waste of time and money..

    Just received an email from P Tatchel and noted that none of the labour MPs and none of the govt mp overseeing this piece of tripe are going to bother to attend the equal love legal campaing marriage equality launch – more interested in themselves than us!!!

  4. Sorry – what is the point of this group.

    It seems like a waste of time, effort and money. No wonder Stonewall are involved. Stonewall specialises in triviialities.

    As for Cameron’s comment – “I want Britain to remain a world leader in LGB and T equality” – sorry Dave. The UK is no longer a leader in LGBT equality.

    The UK is no longer even in the Top 10 on the international scale of LGBT equality.


    All those countries are more advanced than the UK.

  5. Who are these naysayrs? After reading the article, I was thinking that on my side of the pond (USA) we should annul the Declaration of Independence.

  6. Katie Murphyu 19 Dec 2010, 9:05am

    Just antoehr of the many many things it is going to take to flush the filth of religious hatred from the viens of the body politic.

    As for whats important first, thats up to you, our British cousins.

    But as I’ve said elsewhere – anything and everything that helps people ocme out of the closet of shame and fear helps the cause.

    Its awful hard to hate people you know and respect, regardless of some preacher or the RATZI popes wqords of hatred.

    BTW – this is all part of ending the repeating 9/11 every year of gay kids who commit suicide in the USA.

    About 3000. And prob so many of the other 5000 who commit suicide and nobody ever knows the real reason why.

    Don’t you folks have a tradition of hanging people from one of the towers in London. We’d pay you a lot to help solve our problems with some church people

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