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Matt Lucas wins damages over ‘grossly intrusive’ Daily Mail article

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone else wonder whether the ‘punchline’ at the end of this sketch was in the script?

  2. Dave, mein schatz, I think the specific point is that it’s not disgusting for *anyone* to lick a vagina. Lick what you like – it’s no-one’s business but your own. Go on…

    Just don’t impinge upon anyone else’s rights to exist freely and without limits etc… general libertarian waffle… that sort of thing…

    Have fun!

  3. Good for you Matt, that rag of a paper needs to be taught a thing or two.

  4. “Anyone else wonder whether the ‘punchline’ at the end of this sketch was in the script?”

    Eh? Care to explain for the rest of us that do not have the advantage of living in your head?

  5. Good for Matt Lucas. The papers were truly insensitive, whether the stories were true or not.

  6. He did some nice work on making homophobia popular

  7. “‘How Matt Lucas learned to laugh again’ caused great upset to Mr Lucas which we did not intend and regret.”

    Yes but the Daily Heil always do intend to cause offense. They live for it. I believe it was the excreble Jan Moir who intimated that Matt’s partner’s death invalidated ‘homosexual civil parterships’ because the bedrock must be unhappy by default. This was the same idiot who steamrollered coroner’s scientific evidence for Sudden Death Syndrome on the death of Stephen Gately and decided he’d died of… Being Gay.

    The whole paper is utter twaddle and it is also a huge PR-planting machine for fake heterosexual relationships.

  8. If you dont want things written about you in the papers then keep it to yourself. You accept to have things written about you if you choose too lead a very public life.

  9. Money seems to be the only language the haters know, keep suing them every chance you get and make sure they know that part will go to support equal rights for gays.

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