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Video: House of Representatives votes to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ gay military ban

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Reader comments

  1. The ‘faith’ motivated Republican Representatives ‘arguments’ against repeal were shouted at hysterical levels during the debate. The content of their objections against the Repeal Bill were predictably skewed to cover their faith based bigotry by any shabby rags of ‘patriotic’ excuses they could muster up to cover truth of their loathsome personal animus against other American’s serving in the U.S. Military. Let’s hope this is the last gasp of this vile bigots charter that has been such a blot on the Constitutional rights of so many brave men and women who have suffered under its injustices.

  2. On an aside and closer to home here is a video on Fundamental rights in the European Union (2009) – Effective implementation after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon (debate) – debate and vote 15/12/2010

    – Paragraph 2 of the document refers to “discrimination against same-sex marriages and civil-partnership couples” – the pro relgious, pro family org have been urging people to write to their meps to get rid of the para/report!!!

    Michael Cashman –

    “We have a two-speed Europe where some people are equal and others are not. We sit here and do nothing while we see rising xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and transphobia and, yes, look at what is happening to the Roma.

    Have we learnt nothing from the Second World War? Have we learnt nothing from the 1930s when we turned away and did nothing because people were different from us? Can we not see that religion, decent religion, is being used as an excuse to increase discrimination against LGBT people in particular? Can we not see that to diminish the rights of another is ultimately to diminish our own? We have nothing to be proud of.

  3. The US is sleepwalking into its decline as an example of a healthy and civilised nation.

  4. Oh, yes, Sottom, because we all look to the US as an example, don’t we? Not.

    Have a think – what would happen if gay people could serve openly in the US forces? Clue: it begins with ‘n’ and ends with ‘othing’. Look at Canada and all the other countries that allow LGBT troops to serve openly. The US is lagging behind its northern neighbour in human rights – and I know which of the two countries is more respected in the international world.

  5. is it only me or isn’t everyone fed up with DADT? the US needs to get a grip and repeal its backwards views on homosexuality!

  6. I’d be more than surprised if the law were repealed since the majority of republicans are against it. Maybe a miracle will happen hopefully and it will pass.

    Isn’t it amazing that the marine commander thinks repealing it now will be a distraction for the rest of the military. Now it begs the question, if that’s the case, then why did the U.S. solicit the help of other nations, the UK in particular in which openly gay men and women are allowed to serve? Where are his examples of distraction and breakdown of unit cohesion? This is nothing more than homophobia and faith based bigotry, a trait that is widely spread in the republican party, in fact its a breeding ground for it as evidenced by its failure to produce one piece of legislation of its own volition favouring LGBT people.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 16 Dec 2010, 1:08pm

    The dems have no “super” majority in the Senate.

    I think it will founder there, as McCain threatens a filibuster

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Dec 2010, 3:23pm

    It will just get BLOCKED in the Senate yet again!!!!!

    You need at least 60 votes to pass bill in the Senate – only roughly 57 Senators SUPPORT the repeal (including only 1 Republican).

    Unfortunately both the unconstitutional DADT and DOMA laws will stay on the books for a long long time!!!!!

    The Democrats were the ones in the first place the the mid-1990’s to implement both these laws – and what’s funny about that is the Republicans what to keep both those laws for good, by the way why didn’t the Democrats when they did have a super-majority in both houses in the past 2 years act on both repeals sooner????

    The answer will shock and disturb you in 7 words:


    America land of the free??? – NOT!!!!!

  9. David in Indy 17 Dec 2010, 5:50am

    @ Johnny- The last gasp? I don’t think so. Those evangelical, right wing, Republican nutcases have declared WAR on us? Literally! Didn’t you get the memo? lol

    I read a couple of appalling news articles over on The Advocate about it. It’s enough to curdle your blood, curl your toes and turn your hair grey. “Focus on the Family”, “The American Family Association”, “The Family Research Council”, “The Christian Action Network”, “The National Organization for Marriage”, and “Summit Ministries” among others have said if DADT, DOMA or ENDA end up passing through Congress then it is time for them to take up arms – quite literally I think.

    Scary stuff.

    No, it won’t be a last gasp. Quite the opposite I’m afraid. This is just the beginning. :-(

  10. David in Indy 17 Dec 2010, 5:53am

    I left out the word “repeal”.


  11. David in Indy 17 Dec 2010, 5:57am

    Ooops! I left out the word “repeal”.

    They said they would take up arms and declare war if there is a REPEAL to DADT, DOMA or ENDA .

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