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Gay referee Nigel Owens on reporting homophobic abuse

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 16 Dec 2010, 12:41pm

    good man! I suspect few football refs would do the same. To be honest ive never had a major problem at a rugby match, most of the rugby blokes I know are fine with it, and the sport in general is a lot more grown up about it. You’re always going to get one idiot though…

  2. john(derbyshire) 16 Dec 2010, 1:59pm

    My own experience of Dyed Powys police doesn`t give me much confidence that they wil enthusiasticallyl track down the culprit.

  3. ever thought you chose the wrong job?

  4. “ever thought you chose the wrong job?”

    What, because he was gay? Why on earth should someone’s sexuality be an issue with how they can do their job?

  5. ‘ever thought you chose the wrong job?’
    What an idiotic thing to say. Would you tell a straight man he can’t be a hairdresser/designer/air steward because he’s not gay? Don’t pigeon hole people.
    Well done Nigel. Keep up the good work

  6. lol….can tell who doesn’t know Wales very well!

  7. “lol….can tell who doesn’t know Wales very well!”

    Er, is that supposed to mean something by way of an answer?

    So, if I know Wales well, I can’t what, be gay? Are you that backward in Wales?

    Should I add in a “lol” for you? Would that make it easier to read?

  8. Nigel Owens is TOTALLY shaggable!!

  9. lol boyo!

  10. “lol boyo!”

    Quite. We’re done here I think. Another fool to add to the ever expanding PinkNew Collection of idiots.

  11. and another chiponmyshouldergay who lives in his own little ghetto and hasn’t got a clue about reality.

  12. “and another chiponmyshouldergay who lives in his own little ghetto and hasn’t got a clue about reality.”

    Oh, really? Well, at least this “chiponmyshouldergay” can write, you illiterate buffoon.

    What I see is a another chiponmyshoulderbigoit lost in a gay site (and that’s another closet of curiosity altogether), who can’t write. Point in case, “dog”, try punctuation, capitalisation, and bigger words. And oh, one more thing, stuffing those 5 word comments with “lol” makes you look like a fool. No, seriously, it does.

  13. beneath contempt cariad.

  14. “another chiponmyshoulderbigoit”

    Sorry, but I need to do this, Will: LOL!

    I giggled when I read that.

    And tattydog, don’t you have anything better to do? Like smack your “bitch” around, or start fights with other gimps, or stuff your mattress with pages from books you can’t read…………….no?

  15. Spouting homophobic garbage on a gay site. tattydog, grow up, this is pathetic.

  16. a homophobic gay…heard it all now!

  17. all I said was he in the wrong job

  18. “all I said was he in the wrong job”

    No, you implied that gay people should not do certain jobs. Please explain.

  19. John- explanation…in my world, slurs, abuse etc are daily bread…sad but true. I’m glad Nigel does his job and Alfie does his…but being the only ones they gonna get abuse, specially in rugby, specially in Wales which is rural and behind except for cardiff/swansea…specially Nigel coz hes a ref. just my comment thats all. dunno why people so angry. I think John amichi actually said its not worth coming out coz of all the abuse.

  20. …..didnt imply anything else

  21. in my book bullying people coz of their literacy/background is vile. just my view lol.

  22. Well, tattydog, why didn’t you say that in the first place? Your comments were misconstrued as something else. And I think where some people were coming form was that we see a lot of christo-fascists on this site and they usually have poor literacy in common (there’s probably something in that). I took it up, incorrectly, that you meant gay people should not be referees, and that’s just offensive. So did others it seems. But thanks for clarifying.

  23. dunno…it boils down to the same thing…I’d just read Dan Choi was sectioned and thought why do it? why pay this price? wouldn’t wish it on anyone myself…that’s just me tho.

  24. I don’t really care what ‘will’ says or thinks but if he is even slightly interested in the Welsh situation he could read the interview with nigel evans mp. re only gay in the village etc

  25. tattydog- i know wales very well mate and what you say about it being all rural and backward is absolute bollocks and an insult to the welsh. Both Nigel and Alfie got a warm response from the welsh to their coming out; most of us are certainly proud of them and to conclude that because of the behaviour of one idiot at a match therefore all welsh are brutish homophobes is pure nonsense. The fact that the only out gay men in rugby are welsh tells you something does it not? Where are the out english, scottish and irish players/refs?

    Nigel has ref’d countless matches since coming out without a problem. I work in wales and our org. is in stonewall’s top 50 employers. Some City dwellers seem to think everyone living elsewhere is a frickin brainless yokel. We’re not. So enough of the lazy stereotyping please. And that goes for stereotyping rugby players aswell. (“youre gonna get abuse, specially in rugby”)

    Well done to Nigel – More ppl need to report this kind of behaviour.

    1. Quite funny that tattydog seems to feel the behaviour that is considered “normal” n the backwater of nothingness he lives in is in someway a normal that should apply elsewhere, how 1990’s of him.

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