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Video: New Zealand airline pulls ‘anti-gay’ scene from safety film

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Reader comments

  1. Meh. This advert is just another victim of the world going mad over not offending people.

    It’s a shame that companies are going to be afraid to fight such stupidity. Comedy, like this advert, and satire should be beyond the remit of the rabid ultra-PC morons who complain about this.

    Perhaps the All-Blacks should change their name too, since it says “Black” in it. Just like blackboards, they’re All-Blacks because they wear black. Seriously… GTFO.

  2. If this clip contains anything offensive I didn’t spot it. I saw the part where one guy was kinda indicating “no” to the other guy but nothing wrong there.

    Obviously anything stronger would detract from the purpose of the video. There was nothing wrong with this though. It was fun to watch – which for a safety video is a bonus.

  3. Well, I think there are mildly homophobic elements in this video. Nothing i would have wasted my time complaining over, but if we are honest the cheesy humour in the video is at the expense of the gay air steward. It probably would have sent a nicer message if the rugby player had given him a harmless peck on the cheek instead of avoiding him and reacting with some repulsion at the idea of a man kissing another man… The gay man being portrayed as mildly predatorial is also a bit odd… I don’t know if you guys get propositioned openly by cabin crew on a regular basis but this reinforces again the stereotype that gay men are a bit inopportune and prey on straight men at all times… Nothing too harmful but antigay stereotypes are all over this video. Not to mention the selection of a camp air steward because camp gay men are always funny…

  4. …who is the universtity professor that said it could lead to suicides?……he is the one who is giving a negative stereotype.

  5. On paper it doesn’t seem overtly homophobic. The guy was straight, he got propositioned, he politely declined. If he’d then launched into a bigoted tirade or beaten the airsteward up, that would be homophobic.
    Sometimes it’s counterproductive to overreact to every percieved slight.

  6. Commanderthor 15 Dec 2010, 8:14pm

    This is indeed a hilarious scene! I just wish they had used a predatory fat black woman instead of the gay man, that’d have been even funnier!

  7. Not homophobic. Ridiculous it was pulled.

  8. Thing is it’s not perticularly offensive, but why was it there in the first place. It isn’t funny. It’s not funny to make people feel inferior.

  9. friday jones 15 Dec 2010, 11:27pm

    Am I really the first person to point out the little giggle that erupted when I noticed that the gay flight attendant was named Will Coxhead. Is my sense of humor hypertrophied perhaps?

  10. Not in the least bit offended by someone not wanting to kiss someone else on the cheek. More concerned about the naked granny at the end.

  11. Probably pulled it without warrant to make the LGBT community look like a bunch of whiners.
    It works. No one ever takes us serious because of “mysterious” professors that make accusations like this.

  12. People who get offended over fun like this make me want to commit suicide.

  13. jamestoronto 16 Dec 2010, 5:47am

    Offensive – huh??? Where was the offence? I, and probably everyone over the age of consent has spurned a kiss.

    The professor’s concern is that a ‘straight’ is rejecting the gay attendant. Who is to say the scenario is not a gay passenger rejecting the advance because he in a relationship with another guy.

    The professor’s concern that this would lead to gay/teen suicide is way off the mark.

    Who is this professor and what are his/her credentials? Pull back to reality.

    Focus on the TRUE problems of gay/teen suicide – bullying, religious homophobia and parental rejection.

    This one is just stupid. NZAir – run the ads

  14. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2010, 7:42am

    Erm ok, so yet again some making mountains over molehills. Can’t see anything ‘anti-gay’ about this. Can see it was humous and somewhat slighty disturbing with the streaking Granny… Oo-er missus!!

    Some will see offence in anything that’ll make Them stand out for attention just for the sake of it. I do think some are in danger of taking themselves too seriously, going over the top and making the rest of us look stuffy and ridiculous.

  15. It’s a completely unnecessary scene though, isn’t it? (“Rugby player too manly to kiss another man.”) Wouldn’t it have been more fun to subvert rather than promote stereotypes instead?

  16. I am outraged. Surely the naked granny is the most offensive? I mean, the blatant objectification of women as sexual objects like this is oppressive. Or maybe the female cabin crew who is so weak and feeble the mere sight of a man in shorts makes her collapse into a chair and need oxygen…blah, blah, blah, etc…..

    Seriously, why didn’t they get one of those hunky rugby players stripped off. Far more people would pay attention then.

    It’s a lot off fuss over virtually nothing. Maybe if Will had given the declining rugby player a slightly withering look as he was rejected that would have equalled out any ‘perceived’ homophobia, but i see no reason to pull the ad.

    Watch the ‘making of clip’. There’s a segment where one of the extremely hot rugby guys mugs for the camera and looks/sounds incredibly, naturally camp. Cute.

  17. on safety – when discussing lifejackets, the red plastic thing in the guys mouth seemed dangerous

    on LGBT issues – the video is fun but i can understand the comments – a real shame the video wasn’t changed with the rugby player asking for the kiss – that would address homophobia in sport as well as keeping things up-beat. after all the video shows a straight women needing air as well as a heti kiss averse man.

    Too PC maybe – but i think that small images have discrete pyschological impact – the airline carries people who live in more homophobic countries so i think – well done Air New Zealand for listening to opinions – better luck next time with your video – fly NZ !

  18. why was it in a safety video?

  19. I’m really not sure about this one. I watched the video, and like most other people, didn’t see anything that I immediately thought was unacceptable.

    But thinking a bit more, I tried to imagine what my reaction would be if somebody from a different group was in the place of the flight attendant – for example, a Chinese woman. In that situation, I think my reaction would have been one of horror.

    So, is this a fair substitution ? Here’s where I’m not sure. The video’s established that the rugby guy’s straight, probably (he didn’t run away from the female flight attendant just before). So it would be unacceptable for him to run away from my hypothetical Chinese woman.

    Blah. Really not sure. I guess it depends whether the rugby guy’s just indicating no or just running away.

    But I reckon they could have done better. Either by avoiding the whole thing (and it’s more glaring because the tenor of the video is one of cooperation and team work) or just having the rugby guy shrug and give him a peck.

  20. Craig Nelson 16 Dec 2010, 3:29pm

    I thought the video was great. It’s possible to see too much in some things. In some ways it was a gay friendly video because the air steward was open about who he was and the interaction of declining a kiss was handled in a normal way – you have to pay close attention in order to even see what you’re supposed to be offended by.

  21. I think that when gay people freak out about stuff like this it just emphasizes to the people not on our side that we are sissies. If the blond gay boy was an ugly woman that that hot guy didnt want to kiss, would straight ugly women get all up in arms? no.. i dont think they would

  22. From the USA, if Air New Zealand has been told that this is inappropriate they should take a look at the television and print news over here. Daily our youngest and most vulnerable are told by adult authority figures that homosexuals are worthless and much worse. That’s why we’ve had a spate of reported gay suicides. A request for a peck on the cheek and a polite denial is a positive message by my standards.
    P.S. My sophomoric sense of humor thinks that Will Coxhead is a funny name.

  23. Val, 15 Dec – seconded. One gets very tired of constant put-downs, however subtle and brief, to which other minorities are not usually subjected.

  24. It was not quite a polite refusal, was it? I picked up a tangible tinge of disgust in rugby player’s reaction. It would have been nicer if the airline/ad maker had been a bit less beholden to their rugby “heroes” and a little more loyal to it’s staff – a high proportion of whom happen to be gay.
    It would have been so much better/funnier/nicer if the hero moment and last laugh had gone to Mr Coxhead, with perhaps a withering look and a much better looking passenger popping up to give him a kiss.

  25. I wonder if next you can get sued for resisting same sex rape for homophobia! *Rolls eyes skyward*.

  26. I’m pretty sure that I would have declined to publicly kiss any of the crew members. Behind drawn galley curtains, is a different story.That’s just me and my introverted ways. Didn’t see anything in the video worth getting offended about.

  27. It’s not explicitly offensive, however men kissing on the cheek is quite standard in many european countries for example, so why should it be such a big deal to give another guy a kiss on the cheek in this context? As Harry said, the advert could have been done better if the rugby player just shrugged and kissed him on the cheek – its really no big deal – but I agree it’s not homophobic, just a bit negative.

  28. Why can’t we just call a spade a spade….and a poof a poof?

  29. Oh for goodness sake! Just because he didn’t want to kiss a man on the cheek doesn’t make him homophobic! I AM gay and beg off kissing other men I don’t know on the cheek, too.

    And the argument that an athletic celebrity who is ok with taking a cell phone picture with a woman, but demurs from kissing a man is homophobic? Well, really, that is ludicrous. Should all celebrities kiss everyone on the cheek that requests it.

    I’m sorry LGBT community, but we need to relax.

  30. Martin Davies - Amblecote 29 Dec 2010, 7:09am

    What a brilliant and entertaining way to present the essential safety information on a flight. OK might be an issue for those not speaking English as a first language, what with all the laughter it might generate, but I listened carefully….

  31. I really didn’t see this as offensive.

    it was a bit of fun on an instruction video.
    The scene in question wasn’t homophobic in my view. He politely declined and walked away. I would have been offended if he’d declined by using violence or insults, but he didn’t.

    It’s rather silly how PC things are getting now.
    I’m all for stopping racism and homophobia, but there’s a line between helpful and down right silly.

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