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Video: Former president Jimmy Carter says America ready for gay president

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  1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2010, 12:08pm

    Seeing how the US campaign adverts can be mostly vicious towards candidates I have a feeling any religious groups would crush anyone gay candidate running.

    I certainly admire Mr Carter for standing up and saying so though. It makes a change to see a US elder statesman to be positive towards the idea.

  2. A man of the hour is a man of the hour, I guess, regardless of his private life.

    I wonder if Jimmy Carter has any idea that Abraham Lincoln had ‘an awful hankering’ for Billy Greene, among others.

  3. The US President is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

    When gays and lesbians can’t openly serve in the military I sadly think that a gay President is a long way off.

  4. Nice of Carter to say it, but not going to become a reality, not while there is hateful, antigay republican party which kow-tows to religious bigots and other extreme nutters such as the tea party scumbags, an offshoot of their own party. If anything, I think our own country would have an easier time electing a gay Prime Minister. We’re light years ahead of America on social issues.

  5. “The entire population of America”…?! Gee, what a nice rose-colored view he has of things! I live in Virginia where gay marriage was completely outlawed many years ago before it could ever even be attempted, just as it has been in many other states as well. Unfortunately, there will *always* be certain groups of people who will loathe and despise *all* minority groups, no matter how PC it becomes not to, mostly thanks to the brainwashing tactics of staunch fundamentalist religious groups and their unfortunate right to practice whatever kind of organized hatred they want.
    Mr. Carter compares the gay rights movement to the black civil rights movement, the inevitable comparison people always come up with. And yet, even after our country has elected a black president, hateful racism still runs totally rampant in many parts of this country. I personally still hear the “n” word on almost a daily basis where I live, as well as in nationwide comments from the average Joe on the street on websites like YouTube, Yahoo News, etc. If anything, it seems to have even gotten a lot *worse* ever since Obama was elected, simply because those ignorant small-minded people can’t even *try* to see anything beyond the color of his skin.
    It’s no longer okay to publicly revile him or other blacks just because of their skin color, so the haters just use other excuses and then call him the n-word and/or perpetuate racial stereotypes under their breath, or in private, or in anonymous online comments where they can hide behind a fake screen name and can’t be held accountable for their hateful venom.
    I’m afraid it will be a very long time before we gays can actually achieve the same level of equality that the blacks have gained. And even if we do get laws passed to protect us, history has shown that it still won’t gain us any *respect* from the people in those hate groups, simply because they won’t ever even try to see anything beyond what (they think) we do in the bedroom.

  6. Excellent comment, Bill! I wholly agree.

  7. California Lez 15 Dec 2010, 5:41pm

    Dude, we can’t even repeal DADT or get proper workplace protections. A gay president is a LONG ways off.

  8. A president doesn’t have to be voted in by the Republicans.
    More than 50% of America now think that gays should be allowed to marry. Close to 70% want DADT reappealed now.
    If we assume that 50% voted for the gay President, then (s)he would win. Well, if the electoral voters would listen.

    I don’t actually believe we will have a gay prez for quite a few years, but I am pointing out the trends that Jimmy is referring to. It isn’t that impossible really with these stats.

  9. jane barrington 16 Dec 2010, 5:59am

    Two issues 1, Jimmy Carter has come a long way from his belief in the southern Baptists – the people who gave us slavery, the KKK hate group, and segregation. He even left his church about a year ago. A church that is for most of its congregations the very filth of societal hatred, and at the root of lots of the hatred of our First Black President.

    As for a gay president – fat chance until the Arabs do us a favor and eliminate the republicans at the republican national convention. Remember, our Muslim brothers, that it was the christians who murdered 40 million of your people during the almost endless christian crusades from 900 to 1500AD.

    Conservative christianity has been the scourge of the western world far worse then Islam has been of the middle east.

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