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Top Marine general says lifting gay ban could result in deaths

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2010, 12:21pm

    And there we have it. put next the story about ex-US President Jimmy Carter agreeing that a gay president was possible. This story gives the proof as to why it’s a Very, very long way off.

    America is too much run by nasty disrespectful bigots who have no shred of decency with regards other himan beings.

    I wish our troops could be shown the respect they deserve by being pulled out of wars where they are fighting along side such vile countries that clearly want nothing to do with them.

    It’s an insult to be made to serve alongside such nasty hateful countries.

    Whilst yes I do see that this idiot doesn’t represent all in the US it does cater for most in high ranking positions/office. Therefore it must only be more than fair to exclude our most respected until those powers that be change.

  2. “… to serve openly”.

    Let’s break this down: the marines would only begin losing their legs if gay and lesbians started serving openly. But they have no problem if they keep their yaps shut.

    So what exactly would these “distractions” be? Afraid of being alone with them, touching them, of being jumped from behind whilst in the front lines? Or of being symbolically castrated because the marines are supposed to be the epitome of real men? I assume the latter.

    Too bad that DADT repeal is dead.

  3. Except that a Stand Alone Bill to repeal DADT has now been submitted to Congress:
    You can read the tfull text of it here:

  4. That went so wrong.
    Though you’ll get a very lovely Xmas Ecard if you hit that link, Here’s the link I intended to post:

  5. What bigotry. The fact that there are thousands of gay men and women serving in the American military doesn’t seem to distract straight servicemen currently on active duty. What would distract them is if every gay man and women serving alongside them were to withdraw from service immediately if DADT isn’t repealed. I daresay this bigot would accuse them of cowardice, he’d find something to blame them for. He’s a homophobe, no question about it. America should be ashamed of itself. I wish our own military would just pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq in protest. They were good enough to fight alongside Americans including openly gay men and women and yet I don’t hear this bigot demanding that they withdraw because of “distraction”, and he calls himself a “man”?

  6. I don’t think there’s much optimism that the Stand Alone Bill will be passed in time for the vote in the Senate.

    And you’re right, Pavlos, that did go horribly wrong. But who doesn’t like a cheesy, interactive, sing-along greeting card that eventually crashes your browser? Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you as well! :D

    (Mind you, I do feel a bit like my previous post about stereotyping was being mocked by your link. This mix-up would never happen on a website, dedicated to marines…)

  7. Firstly where is the evidence for this from the armies which have openly gay combatants and where is the evidence for this from the American soldiers serving jointly with allies with openly gay combatants.

    The guy is a closed minded bigot if he actually thinks this and has not explored where the evidence for his position is.

  8. the thing I find with dont ask dont tell is that it is the politics of a child. The sort of thing that you would get in a playground.Dont ask dont tell naa na na na naa. Grow up USA. It does not matter if a soldier is gay ir straight or whatever as long as he does whats required.

  9. I wonder if this guy realizes that the US Marine corps (of which he is the commandant) is noted for having the highest percentage of gay personnel of all the U.S. forces — higher than the army, navy, or air force!
    Perhaps he does, and as some of the clergy react in their own situations – simply do not want this known. Sad, really.

  10. Gene Touchet 15 Dec 2010, 2:32pm

    In1989 the US Navy first tried to blame the explosion on the USS Iowa on a “gay” sailor.
    In 2010 this general doesn’t even wait–blame gays pre-emptively.
    Unfortunately Marines will die in the future, but because of mistakes made by commanders such as General Amos.

  11. What distraction? How can knowing the sexuality of the person beside you be so overwhelming that you put yours or someone else’s life in danger? Or is Gen Amos suggesting that all the so macho, so very, very straight marines would actually get distracted by a handsome gay guy??

    P.S – Lucius, it’s not cheesy! :p I thought the card was sweet! :D

  12. Lucius, I made a genuine mistake, I ‘m so sorry about the inapropriate link mix up my initial post, it shouldn’t cause anything to crash however… I guess you are joking about that :D

  13. Mihangel apYrs 15 Dec 2010, 4:16pm

    so this big tough marine will refuse to let his marins serve beside British troops, who may be gay

  14. Irrational rubbish without a shred of evidence to support it. Who finds these rent-a-gobs?

  15. Is that a warn or a threat?

  16. House to vote today on repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

    (link is good this time)

  17. Amos is a Born-Again-Christian need any more be said, except, it goes without saying that he is a bigot? Everything he says about gays in the military can be translated to. ^ Jesus is my substitute for reasoning, and the bible gives me a green light for my rabid homophobia. I am therefore a phony and a hypocrite ‘cos my objections to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have F all to do with military considerations, but hey! Cheesus is mah loard yah all so that’s OK doky tah git them queers out of uniform”.

  18. ‘He said that gay servicemembers might cause a “distraction”
    This is probably because gay soldiers are well known for bursting into ‘Hello Dolly’ when being shot at.

  19. Kat Griffin 16 Dec 2010, 4:49pm

    Maybe the US government needs to look at strategies for changing the bigoted attitudes of their soldiers rather than on blocking the repeal.
    Change the attitudes and educate people and there will be no ‘distraction’ nor will they penalise perfectly good soldiers.

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