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Researchers ‘cure’ man of HIV with stem cell transplant

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Reader comments

  1. Who is the author of the study??

  2. A bahamian 15 Dec 2010, 3:54pm

    GREAT NEWS the cure is here for HIV!!
    Now I can have a great X-Mas!!! wow..

    NOw America is the country along with Germany they once where healing the sick and helping the POOR!

  3. However it sounds like devastating treatment to have to undergo, still it might lead on to breakthroughs that are less drastic.

  4. Sad article and I don’t even have HIV. I say this because it is getting everyone’s hopes up.

    You realize this “cure” is:
    Replacing your bone marrow with a person’s who has a genetic defense to HIV. Read the quotes near the end to understand why this is an insane idea.

    This is more like a surgery to remove the HIV, not a cure. Not the magical shot/pill, nor a step closer to finding such a fabled medicine.

  5. he apparently shows no signs…
    HIV didn’t come back yet..

    What a disgusting journalist language.

  6. Zoek: It shouldn’t get anyone’s hopes up. It is a serious letter in a professional journal that a bunch of hack journos have grabbed and ran with, blowing it out of all proportion.

    It’s not the first time people have been found to being immune to HIV, studies of these people have been made for years. it is not a cure, or even a step, but it may highlight a facet of the disease that was unknown before, so it is progress of sorts.

    Anyone that reads any more into the story is going to be bitterly disappointed.

  7. I disagree. It shows that by altering the immune system, it can incorporate genetic resistances to certain viruses. Current technology to make such changes may be extreme, but it gives us hints about the direction in which we could go to achieving such cures. Now scientists could ask questions like:
    * How does the gene provide natural immunity, can we chemically replicate that behaviour?

    * Would it be possible to artificially change someone’s own bone marrow (gene therapy) to incorporate the changes?

    * If the mechanism was identified, could it lead to the creation of a vaccine?

  8. I don’t know enough about stem cell treatments to comment on the pros and cons of it. But if I had to go through surgery, no matter how painful, to get my life back – I would not think twice!

    Would someone involved in a cra wreck? No, they would be willing to go through anything to be ‘fixed’… No doubt the religious freaks will stop any advancement of the SCT – and the British Conservative Party are hiding nothing. If one is unable to work and costs the country more than he/she puts in he/she serves no purpose and they will have killed off as many as possible by the end of this 5 year term “The Big Society” yeah right…………..

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