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Legal challenge to begin as final couple are refused civil partnership

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  1. David in Indy 15 Dec 2010, 8:44pm

    They’ve been covering this story here in the U.S. too. And I’ve been following it. I like this couple. I really do. They make an excellent point. And I am glad they are supportive of gay people and gay rights. I still say we need all the support from straight people we can muster. I often get flamed for say it, but that’s how I feel.

    I wish lots of good luck to this couple.

  2. David in Indy 15 Dec 2010, 8:47pm

    Say = Saying.

    Sorry about that.

  3. Isn’t it amazing? Our one true activist, Peter Tatchell, is the only one doing something about it. Meanwhile, Ben Summerskill remains innactive, silentin fact and not one word on StonewallUK’s website. Why is Nick Clegg and his party suddenly silent and what about Ed Miliband? I’m telling you, unless we get on their cases 24/7, 365, we’ll get nowhere fast. That has to change and time is NOW! Bombard our MPs and StonewallUK with emails, phone calls, letters. The squeaky wheel that makes the most noise gets things done. Lets not allow them to duck this one any more. All we’ve had from them are empty words and no action. TIme it changed.

  4. I wonder what the timetable is for the marriage equality bid in Scotland? It would be so weird to have a Scottish straight CP have all their rights taken away from them as soon as they cross the border.. I guess they can dissolve and remarray and vica versa every time they hop across the border, but then again the dissolution/divorce rules aren’t that flexible…!!

    I think legally the weakest link must be the CP – a Scottish straight CP not recognised in the rest of the UK, something would have to give…

    As for the marriage equality, not so sure about artilces 14/12/8 , hasn’t this been done before ?

    Best bet for marriage equality , a libdem/greens bill backed up by the whole of lab and others…

    Start writing your letters to your mps!!

  5. Small factual note: their daughter is just over one year old, not three!

  6. Katie Murphy 16 Dec 2010, 5:51am

    Interesting article in today 12-16. In france almost a majority of the couples who want the legal benefits of marriage but do not want to marry are getting French civil unions.

    Even the horrible catholic church of the hidden molestation is finally accepting this situation. If gays can;t have marriage, maybe the solution is to abolish it for everyone.

    Let the churches have their silly ceremonies. But insure that whatever the church does, without a legal CU or a Legal and open to all marriage, absolutely no legal/contractual/employment benefits are available.

  7. Tim Hopkins 16 Dec 2010, 9:15am

    John, there is a Scottish Parliament election in May, and only 9 working weeks of this Parliament left. So real Parliamentary action in Scotland will not start till the summer.

    A Member’s Bill is a possibility after that, but it’s important to note that the Scottish Parliament is very consultative, which slows down its processes. If a Member’s Bill proposal for equal marriage was lodged next summer, there would be a compulsory public consultation phase, which would take altogether a minimum of six months, before the MSP leading on the bill could start collecting the necessary other MSPs’ signatures in support.

    The bill itself could only be introduced after that, and would be likely to take at least a year to go through the Parliament.

    Meanwhile, campaigners here are currently lobbying the parties about their positions in advance of the May election.

    You’re right about the cross-border problems with a Scottish mixed-sex CP. A Scottish same-sex marriage would be simpler to handle – it could be treated in England as if it were a CP, just like Canadian, Dutch etc same-sex marriages already are.

    All that’s assuming Scotland moved ahead first. After May 2011, perhaps both the Scottish and UK Parliaments could move forward in a coordinated way. Perhaps a LibDem Lord would like to introduce an equal marriage bill at Westminster (that’s what happened with CP – Lord Lester introduced the first bill, in 2002).

  8. Thanks Tim, yes I was hoping Lord Lester or perhaps Caroline Lucas (I really think the 1 and only greens mp needs to be more vocal on somthing big like this otherwsie I don’t think we will ever hear her name again!!) Afterall Tatchel is a Greens so I presume he is able to put some pressure on her???

    Katie Murphy – yes they keep reporting this, PACS/CPs for straights is incredibily popular in France – there are more straights PACS/CPs in France than gay ones I think which must make it pretty annoying for all those straights moving and working in the UK who have no recognition at all here (ie no rights) whilst their fellow French gay counterparts have full recognition!!! – I suspect the UK is probably breaking some EU directive by doing this, who knows???

  9. John wrote: “I suspect the UK is probably breaking some EU directive by doing this, who knows???

    I suspect Robert Wintemute knows, professor of human rights law at Kings College London, he is the expert advising the couples taking part in the action .

  10. PAvlos – well I hope so but I can’t see why he would be advising these couples about the non recognition of foreign straight CPs – at the moment they are all single and they are trying to do a British CP – perhpas one of them should go to Holland or France and do one and then return and then try to get it recognised – then they could be advised – don’t you think?

  11. There’s been duplicity and denial lately from Stonewall.
    There’s been a lot of saying one thing and meaning another – or of refusing to face facts and deal honestly with obvious, essential equality issues from Stonewall’s handicap (otherwise known as Ben Summerskill).

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