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UN secretary-general says culture must not override gay rights

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  1. An Cat Dubh 14 Dec 2010, 1:15pm

    I’d like to see him say the same thing about infant circumcision and MGM. They’re both a gross violation of the Right for the Wholeness of the Body, or whatever it’s called in English.

  2. But infants don’t get hanged from cranes, do they? Let’s get our priorities in order and work from capital punishments downward.

    Anyway, I hope his message gains some traction in the coming decade.

  3. @Lucius: totally, re priorities, sometimes i cant believe my ears, or my eyes in this instance. and whats MGM anyway? Male Genital Mutilation? or was it a freudian slip lol.
    due respect to all issues pertaining human rights but i guess theres a matter of gravity here. In countries like Irak the spiritual leader there issued a fatwa years ago and a proper gay progrom ensued, where the country was being sexually cleansed. the countries which have voted for this resolution are all countries which criminalize gays. these countries are the real criminals, these countries commit crimes against human rights every day. they should be isolated and boycotted by the international community and not rewarded like its been the case of late with Qatar getting to be the world cup host in 2018.

  4. Watch as the world’s liberal left media flocks to report and support Mr Ki Moon’s statement.

    But don’t hold your breath… They largely ignored reporting, let alone condemning, the UN vote to remove homosexuality form a list of persecutions a couple of years ago. So why should this be any different?

  5. Oops, correction, it was a couple of weeks ago, not a cuple of years ago. But it may as well have been the latter as it’s already been conveniently forgotten.

  6. Now lets hear the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, heads of Jewsih synagogues and mosques applaud this speech. Not likely!

  7. This reminds me of the article I read today on Ghana were some old bag is trying to get Ghana to clarify their stance on same sex marriage – ie make sure it never happens there !!

    She also goes on to say

    “There have been debates that the criminal code of the 1992 constitution does not clearly interpret what homosexuality means, thus making it almost impossible for the act of homosexuality to be considered criminal”

    If the UN and countries are serious about this then they need to take heed of these developments in African countries and stop people like this dead in their tracks…

  8. > Mr Ban added: “Together, we seek the repeal of laws that
    > criminalise homosexuality, that permit discrimination on the
    > basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, that encourage
    > violence.

    So the headline should read “gay or trans rights”.

  9. for info

    govt’s response

    Ms Bagshawe: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1) what representations he made at UN level on the decision of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly to delete the reference to sexual orientation from its resolution condemning extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions; [28127]
    (2) what discussions he has had with his UN counterparts on the decision of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly to delete the reference to sexual orientation from the resolution condemning extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. [28924]
    Mr Jeremy Browne: The Government were very disappointed that the reference to sexual orientation was removed from the UN General Assembly resolution on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Prior to the vote on this amendment, we made a statement objecting to the deletion of this reference:
    “To accept this amendment would be to accept that this particularly vulnerable group of people do not deserve specific mention, perhaps even to suggest that they do not warrant the same protection from killings. To us this suggestion is an affront to equality and respect for human dignity.“
    We voted against the amendment.
    We are currently discussing the outcome of the resolution with like-minded countries. While we remain disappointed that the explicit mention of sexual orientation has been removed from language on “killings committed for any discriminatory reason”, we interpret the broad language which replaced it to include these types of killings, and will support the text as a whole in the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on that basis.
    The Government continue to oppose violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in all circumstances. We will continue to ¦45work bilaterally and through international organisations, including the UN, to promote and protect the rights of LGBT people

  10. We need to be extremely firm with non-Western nations. Let’s have the guts to go after them when they go after gays. As a gay woman…I should leave this thought unfinished. Religion also has to go. I will not live to see that.

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