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Speech: UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on ending homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. This is good news, we just need to get the reference to sexual orientation back on the U.N. General Assembly resolution against unjustified executions. Arab and African states need to take note of this and help save the lives of LGBT people everywhere, and all minority groups for that matter!

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Dec 2010, 1:22pm

    What about gender identity as well????

    I can not believe that in December 2010 – 80 countries around the world still simply jail people for the “victimless crime of loving someone of the same sex”!!!!!

  3. he mentioned gender identity!!
    i now love and will marry this man!
    this is pure philosophical poetry, don’t live in fear and be who you are. i think the idea is not to view it as a ‘sin’ but a decision between two adults, which is exactly as it should be because religious law isn’t and/or shouldn’t be binding!

  4. David Bahati is a typical African politican using a minority group as a stepping stone to further his political ambitions in Uganda. He is backed politically and financially by Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists connected to Mike Huckabee in the USA. The role of USA Christian Fundamentalists in planned judicial murder against Gay people in Africa should be exposed for the world to see. Prayer Breakfasts in the White House are not only unconstitutional but give an encouragment to the fundamentialists for the oppression and murder of gay people in Africa by rabid homophobes under the cloak of Christianity. President Obama’s condemnation of Bhati and Uganda’s anti-gay laws does not go far enough, we have to oppose the fundamentalists in the USA and have the world condemn them for these murderous intentions.

  5. The speech by the Secretary-General is to be applauded but he cannot influence or shape the course of United Nations or the outcome of UN resolutions. The 56 countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, traditionally supported by the non-Islamic bloc of African states, holds the balance of power in the United Nations, including the UN Human Rights Council. Although homosexual acts are forbidden under Sharia Law, they are not illegal in all Muslim countries which, I suppose, is cause for some tiny measure of optimism.

  6. The headline misrepresents the speech. Ban Ki-Moon rightly used the culturally universal terms “sexual orientation and gender identity”; if PinkNews wishes to abbreviate that and render it only for western eyes then “homophobia” needs to be accompanied by “transphobia”.

  7. In welcoming this speech most warmly, I would now ask the Secretary-General to actually implement his principles by ensuring that his staff monitoring activity under the Geneva convention on genocide cease to disregard activity, intended to render victims as outsiders from society and deserving of persecution, violence or death, based upon people’s sexual orientation or gender identity, such as in Uganda.

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