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Attitude magazine grows up

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Matt. Way to go! You have already done great things of late with your recent “gay shame” issue, and this has to be a step in the right direction for our dumbed-down community. Attitude truly puts the shallow, sex-obsessed and braindead-edited likes of QX and GT to shame.

  2. Locus Solus 14 Dec 2010, 11:17pm

    Please god no Julian Clary, I guess I could just flick past that section… ^_^

  3. So does this mean that they will be cutting the 18 pages of XXX wank chat line adverts in the back?

  4. martyn notman 15 Dec 2010, 11:43pm

    from the looks of the bits they have cut are the good ones…ive just taken 14 minutes to read mine (not the fiction..if i need fiction i buy fiction i dont want it in a magazine). Theres a DREADFUL interview with J. Mcelderry, an even worse one with Ricky Martin a mediocre one with cher ..and a half ok one with mr Gyllenhaal. The only thing good is most of the fashion shoots (really beautiful) and some smaller articles.
    No fun, no crudity (cept adverts at back) and no laughs. Thats what we have GT for gentleman, this is like a (slightly) less patronising Advocate.

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