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FIFA president says gays should refrain from homosexuality during Qatar World Cup

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Reader comments

  1. westcoastkid 13 Dec 2010, 6:18pm

    Hmmm. There won’t be any discrimination as long as you don’t have sex. Isn’t that in itself discriminating? What a joke.

  2. That answer is amost as demented as some of the comments from the vatican

  3. Contact FIFA

    Fédération Internationale de Football Association

    FIFA-Strasse 20,
    P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland
    Tel : +41-(0)43 222 7777,
    Fax : +41-(0)43 222 7878.

    FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010
    all ticket resale refunds have now been processed, for further information please contact us using, or +41(0) 44 583 2010.

  4. I think Mr Zep Blatter showed utter contempt for the LGBT community in his original jokey remark – he seems to have no idea about the issues of homophobia against in UK football, the biggitory in Scottish football or the racism in Russian – we all know FIFA is just drawn to the money – a county hosting the world cup who will then dismantle the stadia as they dont have the population to play football – what a joke – I wonder if they will let women watch as well? – they cud be in the same pen as the gays!

  5. Mihangel apYrs 13 Dec 2010, 6:49pm

    and will Mr Blatter be drinking alcohol?

  6. Eddie Hulme 13 Dec 2010, 7:06pm

    Its not just about sex; two consensual adults could be arrested for giving each other a hug or holding hands. Blatter needs to grow up and get real. He was saying this from Africa where nations are condeming to death LGBT people and their supporting friends and families.

  7. Qatar will have to deal with their medieval laws in the same way that Russia will have to deal with its racist and nationalistic problems. It really is a great opportunity for consciousness raising.

    As for me, I’ll be staying at home with my 3D SuperHD telly, zooming in on the… faults, of course, what else? :)

  8. stop balls games during play

  9. Sod them, just watch it on tv. Horrid place and horrid people both the Qatar officials buying the 2022 and FIFA for openly supporting lgbt haters.

  10. Definitively Qatar won’t change their laws. At the most they will play blind eyes for a while as long as the gays aren’t too blunt about it so they think they won’t be much of a problem. I’m sure they will try to do everything as quiet as possible with the help of the press and obviously those caught having sex or doing anything that they deem inappropriate will be expelled instead of giving them jail. It is for sure that this was already talked beforehand. It’s 12 years in the future. But the bribe was paid the moment they announced that Qatar was selected. Round business.

  11. ’cause being gay is all about having sex… People will be arrested for any kind of pda, not just gay sex…!!!

  12. Why do people think Qatar is going to become a nice liberal place just because it has the World Cup? It is a backwards, nasty place and always will be And Baltter is an out oif touch old twerp who shouldnt be trused with the TV remote let alone a serious decision.

  13. I don’t know if Mr. Blatter has watched the crowds in South-Africa, but I did notice quite a lot of scantily clad women. Is he sure they won’t be bothered in Qatar for their behaviour?

    Expecting that country to change its medieval culture seems to indicate Mr. Blatter is a sandwich short of pick-nick.

  14. I guess Budweiser wont be sponsors of the 2022 world cup!

    Campaigning against FIFA is pointless as the are corrupt and don’t care. Its best to go after tournament sponsors and bankrupt FIFA by stopping its income.

  15. I guess 11 yrs to go is a long time – afterall homosexuality was still illegal in Sydney prior to 1984 , the UK has only just given us CPs and passed equalty laws for us and we in the Western world are supposed to be the bastions for anti discrimination against LGBT folk but why or why has it taken us so long to get to this stage ourselves.

    “LGBTory suggested that the attention on the country could persuade it to become more tolerant”

    Yes – possible but I’d prefer if you said you were going to raise this issue with the tories and ask them what actions they are going to do to ensure our rights in Qatar if we did go there – and please don’t issue us with the usual rubbish like – sorry can’t do nothing, Qatar is a soveriegn state or what’s the new line, we will exert our influence on these countries to change – let’s hope the UK still has any influence in the world and let’s hope this line just doesn’t mean a little chat between the Qatat British embassy and some nobody from the Qatar govt over a cup of tea!!

  16. 2026 world cup to be held in Zimbabwe, 2030 Rwanda. FIFA says ethnic cleansing “not a problem” and “the best bid won”.

  17. He’s a scheming fool in charge of a corrupt organisation and has just shown his true colours with this statement.

    I suppose the only upside is he’ll probably be dead by 2022 so won’t be there in person to see the cock-up (sorry!) take place.

  18. “…– I wonder if they will let women watch as well? – they cud be in the same pen as the gays!”

    Only if the women wear fake beards like in Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

  19. Jock S. Trap 14 Dec 2010, 6:36am

    How can FIFA expect countries to change it’s attitude when they won’t themselves. It was clear when I saw the interview Sepp Blatter thought the question was funny, some kind fo joke.

    It’s no wonder discrimination within football hasn’t changed.

  20. Great were watching the death of football. A game played by greedy millionares who make their money off the poorest in the world how could it possibly continue.

  21. Any fan not going to World cup can donate that ridiculous amount of money they plan to spend there to charity and make a real difference. It is all about money anyway. If it would be about football Qatar have no chances. Specially no future. Feed the poor not the oil barons.

  22. Lucio Buffone 14 Dec 2010, 10:25am

    I don’t think we should get too worried just yet, either Qatar will change it’s laws in the next 12 years or we should make it very hard for them to get sponsors.

  23. I wish some of the people who comment on this site actually experienced what they are talking about before spouting off.

    Drinking alcohol is not illegal in Qatar, wandering around the street completely p*ssed and vomitting all over the place is, but who are we to say this is good, and they are bad? Walk into the Cigale bar or the Waham at the W hotel in Doha and you won’t find plusher, trendier places to hang out. You need to take your passport to a “wet” bar, but so what? And judging by the look of some of the guyswho work in these hotels and bars, it is definitely not illegal to be gay in Qatar.

    Qatar is undergoing massive changes, the education zone is amazing, there are 10 American universities opening campuses there at the moment, although no British ones as presumably they can’t be bothered to look for extra funding and investment and feel just moaning to the British Government and sticking their hand out is a better way of maintaining standards.

    Doha is going to be the education and research hub of the Middle East within 20 years, possibly even the world. It is startling what is going on there.

    The weird thing about the Middle East is that men walk around holding hands quite often, it is (Muslim) women you can’t touch in public. And there is a lot of “behind closed doors” activity, always has been in men-dominated societies.

    The biggest risk in 2022 is going to be the vast amiunt of English lumps going over, getting p*ssed in the scorching heat and behaving like the complete animals they are, making everyone ashamed to be English. However, we are all going on the assumption that England will qualify, aren’t we?

    As for Mr Blatter, what a joke

  24. Julian I get it be gay but stay in the closet have a drink but behind closed doors and show no signs of having a drink and if you’re caught you go to jail sounds lovely

  25. Mihangel apYrs 14 Dec 2010, 11:10am

    I haven’t researched how Qataris treat their (non-Western) expat workers. Anything like the other states in the area?

  26. why do faggs wanna shag on every country they go ?? huh

    Shag before yourl leave.

  27. “why do faggs wanna shag on every country they go ?? huh. Shag before yourl leave.”

    WTF? Is that supposed to be an intelligent statement?!?

  28. Julian, a country that has rules about touching women has a problerm, let alone drink laws, homosexual laws and so on. I wonder if, like Pakistan, its also illegal to blaspheme? Seriously, you expect it to change? For the worst, perhaps. What chance of any gay player coming out in the next 12 years? How would they fare in such a country?

  29. yeah fag I’ll start with your dad

  30. At the current rate of immigration and the islamification of the West, we’ll all be Muslim by then so there’s no point in worrying about it.

  31. Is the law “just” against sexual acts between men or does it cover being known to be gay or holding hands for example?

  32. Hi
    Please help the israeli GLBT organisation to win funding in a film contest sponsored by one of the israeli banks. just click the hand icon on this youtube page :)

    we could really use the money to help the injured kids in the gay youth center massacre last year.



  33. Gene Touchet 14 Dec 2010, 4:05pm

    Do you suppose, in the interest of neutrality and fairness, FIFA will tell non-gay participants to abstain from sex during the period they’re in Qatar?

  34. Jack Fertig 14 Dec 2010, 6:19pm

    Ermmm…. who seriously expected gay-friendly cultural sensitivity from a high-ranking commercial jock?

    As a Gay American Muslim I can confidently say that there is nothing in the Qur’an against consensual homosexuality and among the Hadith, the homophobic references are shaky at best, and there is solid evidence that the prophet (pbuh) and his family had in their household men who loved men.

    As in other areas (Uganda, Jamaica, Oklahoma to start a long list) religion is just an excuse for cultural bigotry. Many of the Gulf states are modernizing in a big hurry and expanding international contacts is the best way to accelerate that process. I would encourage gay football fans who have the money to go and develop contacts with GLBT Qataris and other Arabs. This offers a terrific chance for networking and building support

    A lot can happen in 12 years, and we can help make it happen. Use the internet to contact queer Gulf Arabs and develop contacts now that can prove helpful in the long run. Don’t try to push an agenda on them, but open communications and see how we can be helpful.

    Sure, you can bitch, moan, and repeat racist twaddle, or you can look for an opportunity here to help advance justice and equality where it is sorely needed.

  35. john sharp 15 Dec 2010, 7:02am

    if religions refrain from being stupid there would be no problem
    i was in Qatar in 1975 it is full of gays
    all religions should stop rejecting homoseuality
    reigion is taught =unatural
    homosexuality is instinctive from birth = NATURAL

  36. john sharp 15 Dec 2010, 7:06am

    The people of Qatar are very nice people.
    though i was kicked out of a shop in town for wearing shorts in 1975 .
    i suppose the players will need to wear full faced BURKAS

  37. Good job on taking a joke out of context. Nice yellow journalism you got there.

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