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US Senate blocks repeal of gay military ban

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 10 Dec 2010, 11:53am

    he had 2 years and majorities in both Congress and the Senate.

    He only started to move on it before the mid-terms.

    Go figure

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Dec 2010, 12:09pm

    Only in bigoted ultra-right-wing conservative pricks called the “Republican Tea bagging Christian Taliban party of America”!!!!

    Also remember it was the Democrats under Bill Clinton that introduced DADT and DOMA in the mid 1990′s anyway – so the Democrats have NO INTENTION of really repealing any law because they were the exact same people who introduced the bigoted laws in the first place!!!!

    They were the exact ones who started this mess that we are currently in!!!!

    It gives people a false sense of security. They just like people to think that they are repealing the law, when all they are doing is just turning light on and off, on and off and on and off it goes!!!

    It is 2010 lets rip-up both DOMA and DADT laws to the dust bin of history for good people. And by the way weren’t both DADT and DOMA struck-down as “grossly unconstitutional” anyway by several so-called ACTIVIST judges a couple of months back??????

    What happens now – Are we doomed???

    Glad I am an Australian citizen; American politicians including Obama are such lying deceptive assholes – Obama is a typical black c*nt!!!!

    The Simpsons have taught me well about Americans and how a lot of them are so dumb to the point they will be brainwashed to believe anything that someone says!!!!

    These words from a quote on one episode of the Simpsons:

    “Illiterate tax-cheating, wife-swapping, pot-smoking, spend-o-crat” by radio host Birch Barlow (“Sideshow Bob Roberts,”) talking about Diamond Joe Quimby who is a Democrat.

    Wiki-leaks told me everything that I already did know – plus Brad Manning as well!!!!!

    It is long overdue to:


    Land of the free my arse!!!!

  3. I agree, Paul. America arguably has to be one of the most backward western societies on social issues, no thanks to the scumbagger republicans and wimpy democrats for not having the courage and the character to stand up to the bigots. Its a disgrace and America should be ashamed of itself for allowing discrimination to continue. Its nothing but pure cowardice and bigotry.

  4. de Villiers 10 Dec 2010, 1:29pm

    > Obama is a typical black c*nt!!!!

    That sounds improper to me.

  5. Barack Obama will pay for this when it comes to his re-election campaign. He has proven himself to be a typical, slimy opportunist.

  6. Will - Dublin 10 Dec 2010, 2:10pm

    “Obama is a typical black c*nt!!!!”

    I beg your pardon? Is now racist slurs acceptable? And you call yourself a “gay activist”? We need less like you battling for our cause. Perhaps you should move your education sources on American sociology on to those with more credibility than “The “Simpson’s”.

    You should be deeply ashamed of yourself for uttering this bigoted tripe, you yourself are no better then the right wing nuts you claim to stand up against!

  7. What has his race got to do with it?

  8. Here is a excellent black man:

  9. Wow just 1 Republican voted FOR this bill – thats a new record!!!!!

    It is true that 2 Democrat Senators also voted AGAINST this bill since there are 59 Democrat Senators?????

  10. Mr. Obama is a vile and incapable liar who has never wanted to change anything for gays.

  11. I am very extremly angry with Obama, who NEVER keeped his promises!!!!!

    He has exposed himself to the whole wide world how much of a FRAUD he really is when it came to a LGBT civil rights platform that was agreed apon by the Democrats.

    In 2008 when Obama got elected, he promised:

    1) To REPEAL DOMA;

    2) To REPEAL DADT;

    3) To implement both ENDA and domestic partner health benefits for federal workers.

    Score care total:



  12. Obama is a typical black c*nt!!!!

    not cool and not the point as it is the Senate who voted this way not the President. Although I agree he has had two years to move on this. All the protesters can do now is keep up the pressure and not give in.

  13. I don’t understand much of american politics, but it seems to me that for gays it’s completely indifferent wether they are governed by republicans or democrats.

  14. Mike, apparently it was one democrat who voted against it and only one republican for it. Most republicans apparently don’t want it repealed either.

    David, from what I’ve learned from gay friends in America….many won’t be voting for the democrats so readily in 2012, least of all Obama whose re-election will be dashed if he caves in on the republican demand to give the wealthiest people tax cuts, people who don’t even need it.

    We can learn a lesson from this in the UK. Don’t give any politician your vote unless he or she is fully on board with FULL equality, starting with civil marriage equality. The silence from all sides on this has been rather deafening since Summerskill was forced to reverse his position and even he hasn’t done a damn thing. Check StonewalUK’s website, you won’t see one word mentioned.

  15. I have an idea, how about we push for abolishing the Senate???????

    Once a bill passes one house then it can go straight to the president for his signature!!!!!!!

  16. Why wast millions of taxpayers money on two houses of parliament, when it is more productive to just have one house or unicameral??

    Bicameral legislatures waste millions of dollars – when that money could be founding more important things like for example: HIV prevention programs, rail, transport reforms, employment, trade, roads, health programs and education resources.

    I make a good point hey?????

    What do you think?????

  17. westcoastkid 11 Dec 2010, 12:24am

    Wimpy a*s Democrats, indeed! So who do I vote for in two years? The frying pan or the fire?

  18. Why does Pink News keep givign a voice to rasict bigots like the alleged “Gay Activist’ up here?
    It demeans the site

  19. I don’t really get how that can be an issue in a supossedly free country in the 21st Century.

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