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Anti-gay Christian preacher wins £4,000 compensation for arrest

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent news!! Justice has eventually prevailed!

  2. Free speech works both ways, I guess.
    As long as the blasphemy laws are lifted.

  3. The police didn’t handle this case well but aside from that it is unciviland entirely insensitive to harrass gay people continually as these nuisance and often mentally unbalanced street preachers can do.

  4. If someone stood in the street and shouted racist comments I’m sure they’d be arrested too. Standing in the street abusing people isn’t freedom of speech it’s harrassment. Obviously another person who needs help in understanding that pointing the finger at others for their supposed ‘sins’ does nothing to sort out their OWN problems and, indeed, only draws attention to them.

  5. Well Christianist street preachers telling homosexuals they are effeminate abominations who will take their place in the fiery lake for all eternity is not so different to
    some Muslim religious schools operating in Britain that are using poisonously anti-Semitic textbooks from Saudi Arabia to teach children as young as six that Jews are descended from “monkeys” and “pigs,” and that Zionists are plotting to take over the world.

  6. de Villiers 10 Dec 2010, 1:26pm

    I think it was the over-the-top reaction of the police in arresting and handcuffing this man that was compensated. We should all guard against the police using disproportionate powers against individuals.

  7. Will - Dublin 10 Dec 2010, 1:26pm

    “If someone stood in the street and shouted racist comments I’m sure they’d be arrested too.”

    Or checked for mental health issue to see of they are a danger to themselves and others.

    Oh, and “Sottom”, get off that cross, the splinters will cause you skin irritation….

  8. How do we know the judge was not a religionist and already had a biased view?

    I guess instead of calling the police now, we should build a fire around to hate preacher and burn the bugger.

  9. Maybe I should get some leaflets and a megaphone and stand outside my local house of bigotry (sorry Free Presbyterian Church) and shout about the delusions and mental abherations of the crackpot religionists inside.

    Wonder how quick I would be carted off ?

  10. The arrest was ill-advised and an assault on free expression. Unless these lunatics actively incite violence they should be left alone. Public ridicule is much more effective. A few years ago a group of Christian fundamentalists gathered in a small market town near where I live and started yelling the usual homophobic drivel. Ordinary shoppers heckled and booed them. That’s the way to do it!

  11. No compensation should have been paid. He has been rewarded for homophobia. It is double standards; would he have been paid £4k for screaming racist abuse in the streets?

  12. As Rev Jesse say we are now offically Second Class Citizens! – Time to form the Gay ‘Panthers’ a violent wing of gay rights – real gay men and women who Have had enough of this CRAP – Time to start burning these f#*king Bigoted religious sub humans!!

  13. JohnD, you don’t like the truth about your kind being said publicly, do you? Bigiot!

  14. ooops, typo. I meant bigot. Yeah, bigot incarnate!

  15. Will Dublin 10 Dec 2010, 5:25pm

    “ooops, typo. I meant bigot. Yeah, bigot incarnate!”

    Did you make a mistake typing that because the hospital orderly was approaching and scared you? It must be close to lights out anyway, don’t want your feverish religious rants upsetting the other patents, do we?

  16. I’m really worried about a lot of people on here. Most of you are siding with this horrid guy.
    The police were right to arrest him it wasn’t free speech, he was walking about shouting abuse at people trying to bring misery to peoples lives. As others said if they said black people were going to burn it wouldn’t be allowed so why gay people?

    I hate how Christians shout victim tho they are discriminating others. I really wish religion wasn’t such a big issue in our society so they cant get away with this behaviour.

  17. Deeside Will 10 Dec 2010, 6:22pm

    This man should not have been arrested. Arresting him just allowed him to feel that he was a martyr for “truth”. Freedom of speech does include freedom to talk the most appalling and pernicious trash. The way to deal with people like him is to laugh them to scorn.

  18. …..not happy…why 4k and not 3 months for hate speech? Deserves a good bitch slap if you ask me!

  19. It isn’t hate speech… It’s fantasy fiction. As long as he didn’t incite hatred or hostility, then he is entitled to his opinion, no matter how Lord Of The Rings it may be. I don’t understand why the police never seem to have the same enthusiasm to arrest all these insane Muslims and their anti gay and anti Europe hate banners that call for the murder of everyone in the west.

  20. PumpkinPie 10 Dec 2010, 6:56pm

    It is hate speech, people. And he should have been punished for it. Laws against being abusive trump “freedom of speech”, and so they should.

    While I do like the idea of ignoring and ridiculing these people, it’s not going to work. When racism was finally condemned as a taboo, how did that come around? I think you’ll find it was down to aggressive laws aimed at clamping down on racism, brought about through the protests and campaigns of those affected.

    If what racial minorities did isn’t considered fascism – if clamping down on the racists wasn’t considered an affront to human rights – then why in the hell is it considered that when sexual minorities attempt the same bloody thing?

    Either laws against racism should be repealed, or homophobes should start getting the same treatment as racists.


    “Åke Green born 3 June 1941, is a Swedish Pentecostal Christian pastor who was prosecuted, but acquitted, under Sweden’s law against hate speech because of critical opinions on homosexuality in his sermons. The district court found him guilty and sentenced him to one month in prison. The sentence was appealed to the court of appeals (hovrätt). On 11 February 2005 Göta hovrätt overturned the decision and acquitted Åke Green. On 9 March, the Prosecutor-General (Riksåklagaren) appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, which on 29 November also acquitted him.

    The Supreme Court stated that Åke Green had violated Swedish law as it currently stands, but a conviction based on Bible quotations would contravene international conventions.[1] This kind of restriction is accepted under article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights that states that…..”

    Can’t win it seems!!

  22. Good. Now we need a racist preacher to be awarded compensation as well. The Cameron days are just beginning, and they promise to be even better than Thatchers.

  23. But wasn’t it the last govt that brought in the law “against inciting hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation” while keeping the ‘freedom of expression’ section?

  24. de Villiers 11 Dec 2010, 10:59am

    It is unhelpful to look at legal issues as a matter of politics.

    The law allows the police to arrest a person only in specific, specified and limited circumstances. It allows the police to handcuff someone, again, only in specific, specified and limited circumstances. A person may be detained only in specific, specified and limited circumstances.

    If the arrest, handcuffing and detention do not satisfy these legal requirements, then the action is unlawful. If the action is unlawful, the person who was arrested, handcuffed and/or detained has the right to compensation.

    This is not a reward for the original behaviour that led to the unlawful arrest, handcuffing and/or detention. It is the damages that are payable for the unlawful infringement of one’s right not to be arrested, handcuffed and/or detained other than in accordance with law.

  25. Not happy about the compo, but he has got a criminal conviction and was bound over to keep the peace! So presumably he can’t street preach homo-hate again?

  26. de Villiers 11 Dec 2010, 2:30pm

    > but he has got a criminal conviction and was bound over to keep the peace!

    I am not sure about that. Being bound over is not a criminal conviction. From what I understand, there was no actual conviction of any criminal matter.

  27. Thank you for that link about Åke Green, John. Interesting.

    I don’t think religious beliefs should be specially protected any more than any other belief. If saying something homophobic/racist is against the law, ‘it’s my religious belief’ shouldn’t be a get-out clause. I’m sure some racists hold equally strong non-religious beliefs, but we don’t allow them to persecute others. There’s nothing special about religion that should require any special treatment, in my opinion.

  28. John, Thank you for that link about Åke Green. Interesting.

    I don’t think religious beliefs should be specially protected any more than any other belief. If saying something homophobic/racist is against the law, ‘it’s my religious belief’ shouldn’t be a get-out clause. I’m sure some racists hold equally strong non-religious beliefs, but we don’t allow them to persecute others. There’s nothing special about religion that should require any special treatment, in my opinion.

  29. If we harrassed religious nutters on the street and said derogatory things as they say about us, you can bet we’d be arrested. Nobody should have a free pass and get away with it. Nobody is above the law including religious wackos and clerics in all religious cults. After all, theirs is a chosen “lifestyle” whereas ours is not a lifestyle. Why should the law protect lifestyles? Nobody comes into this world religious let alone born that way. Its learned, often aberrant behaviour in many of them.

  30. I am bisexual transgender and im glad this man was paid damages. Free speech is free speech and democracy is democracy is democracy as long as this man shouts and rants and raves and dose no harm by his actually actions then just walk on by and let him say it. Only those who are violent in the first place would listen and anything could trigger them into violence. Free speech should not suffer but it works both ways the LGBT should be able to hold a preaching outside a church without prosecution.

    Thought police stay away from my precious democracy thank you.

    Just for the record though, the guy who got arrested talks rubbish but I defend his right to speak it because once you prohibit one form of speech you move on to others trust me if it become politically expedient to ban gay people from promoting gay rights this paper would be shut in two seconds flat.

    Don’t take his words to heart just pity the man and being a LGBT Christian myself I would say pray for him.

  31. I really don’t understand why he is called a Christian nor why Pink Paper put the cross as an image on this article. Christ never once condemed us and only exhorted love without condemnation or judgement. He dies for that ideal. Sounds nothing like this guy.

  32. Absolute rubbish. It’s nothing more than a homophobic judge’s opinion. There is no such thing as freedom of speech, just different levels of controlled speech. There are many things we are not ‘free’ to say.
    This man was trying to get others to hate an innocent group, that’s hate speech.
    The fundamentalist, that was rightly arrested when he refused to move on and stop shouting hate speech, has no right to spew his own spiteful, hateful lies on the street.

  33. “Don’t take his words to heart just pity the man and being a LGBT Christian myself I would say pray for him.”

    While I agree with the sentiment, not everyone prays my dear, or believes in a god that needs to read our thoughts for this own self validation.

  34. Nothing like being rewarded for spewing his hatred. Just proves that Christians are special cases. Had he spewed racist drivel, he would likely have received nothing.

    Another hater has now had a court declare that he was “persecuted”…nothing could be further from the truth.

  35. This whole case was a mystery to me, I couldn’t really understand why he wasn’t charged with anything at all – eg harassment and I couldn’t really work out what the damages were for – I hate to say it but this article from Christian Today is more informative than this PN article, at least you can piece together what happened better and what the actual charge was ie ” Section 5 of the Public Order Act makes it an offence to use “threatening, abusive or insulting” words or behaviour in a way that could alarm or distress another person” – the charge was dropped for some reason???

    One piece of interest in the article was this sentence

    “The Christian Institute is calling upon the Government to repeal the word “insulting” from Section 5 of the Public Order Act when the Freedom Bill passes through Parliament in the coming months.

    Writing on the ConservativeHome website this week, Mr Judge said removing “insulting” from the law would not interfere with the police’s ability to deal with genuine public disorder

    “Free speech is a bedrock principle of any true democracy. That freedom is worthless unless it encompasses the dissenting opinion, the awkward belief, the uncomfortable truth,” he said.

    “This freedom doesn’t just protect the speaker. It ensures that you, I and everyone has the freedom to hear, the freedom to listen, the freedom to weigh up competing ideas for ourselves.

    “If anyone feels insulted and distressed by that, sorry but that’s the price of living in a free society.”

    — If the word insulting gets removed then surely they could be as offensive and insulting as they want to gays !

  36. Pastor Salt 12 Dec 2010, 9:42am

    Sottom, take care to check out the Hot Boys! section while you’re here (we know you will)! Happy browsing (don’t forget to self-flagellate afterwards!)

  37. Yes, everyone should have the right to say anything that’s free speech, but they must take responsibility for those words.

  38. 21stCenturySpirituality 13 Dec 2010, 3:17am

    The Bible is a complex esoteric text which has several layers of meaning. What this man, and most other Christians, have done is ignore the cultural and historical context in which the Bible was compiled into the book we know today. The Bible and other spiritual texts have been used to justify insidious prejudices and ungodly acts of cruelty in this way for many centuries because of the human egos need for power, control and a drive to think that one is better than others, to feel superior, to judge and condemn and be ‘right’ by making others wrong. This mentality, which is not unique to religion, is being challenged in many ways in these days and times and this is one instance of that. Although this seems like a loss and a step backwards for spiritual evolution people will talk about this and they will start to question and think about the issues involved once again. Its a yet another wake up call….are you awake yet, are you listening, or are you still sleeping? Its time to get up and answer the call to be the change you want to see in the world, its time to speak up and make yourself heard, to be the voice of love over hate. If not you, then who? And if not now, then when?


  40. By the way NO the street preacher has not got a criminal record for this, he was not bound over to keep the peace, he vows to be back on new street next tuesday, I SAY keep preaching brother IT’S THE T R U T H . AMEN.

  41. Sweet jaysus, that was THAT?

    I’m actually having difficulty reading what Broher Tony wrote – another brutal lesson in the importance of proper punctuation, alas.

    Tony, er, Amen, and all that crap, but do try this:- there’s a little button to the left of that thing you’re smashing you face off (its called a keyboard), and its labelled “CAPS LOCK”. Go on, press it once. Now a little light will go out. Don’t get frightened! Its not the devils work, or demons stealing the light of god, or anything like that. Then try that second last comment again, but use your fingers, not your fists to type.


    I’m sorry, but this man was is not preaching love. But I’m all for letting him preach is that gets him off, and you can preach what you want, but the reality is that standing on a street corner shouting “fire and brimstone” and homophobic abuse at passers by is most likely indicative that this man is in need some kind of medical attention, not a jail cell. You sound like you’re not a million miles away from that doctors counselling session yourself Tony.

  42. i am an evangelical gospel open air preacher & minister of the cloth my self what Mr Rollins was / is preaching is THE T R U T H . I agree 100% with him, wake up and repent of your sins judgment day is coming. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MR ROLLINS VISIT WEB SITE,WWW.PAFN.CO.UK YOU CAN SEE HIS PREACHING VIDEOS THERE & LEAVE A COMMENT.


  44. thanks for the web links about Mr Rollins preacher, just had a look GREAT STUFF.

  45. sorry forgot to leave the web site links in the links are oawitness (preaching videos) & forum where you can leave all your comments.

  46. What’s the best way to deal with kind of incident? Arrest people for what they say, and risk creating a police state, or challenge opinions like his within society by encouraging better education, awareness, and inclusion like we have for ethnic minorities over the past decades? The only way we can move on in this case is for a mans words to be judged by his peers, not by the state. You could also say, that by arresting him, the police would only be encouraging him to carry on with the attitude of “the state/government/whoever is trying to silence me” If his peers reject his opinions and shun him an outcast, wouldn’t this be more effective in keeping him quiet?

  47. In reply to “if the the peer group challenge or come against this preacher man” he only gets stronger i’ve seen and heard him. he has said before “I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH REGARDLESS THE TRUTH M U S T BE HEARD”.

  48. £4,000 will hire him quite a few rent boys….and you know he does!

  49. 4,000 will be able for him to go around preaching and spreading his gospel truth message in even more towns and cities now,amen, keep up the preaching brother it’s the T R U T H , you people need to heed the warning and R E P E N T of your evil wicked sins, god’s day of JUDGMENT is fast coming. AMEN.

  50. by the way (jesus is the only way), homosexuality is S I N according to the bible jude ch 1 v 7 and in many more places, god never said I will change my word (the bible), you will be held accountable on the day of judgment for changing his word, REPENT or pay the price in the torment of the fire of HELL.

  51. I see in the news yet another street preacher wins compo to the tune of 7,000 good on them keep preaching the truth, heed the warning what you are doing goes against god’s word. REPENT.

  52. 2 Timothy ch 3 v 9 you are men of DEPRAVED MINDS never coming to a knowledge of the TURTH.

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