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Oprah: ‘Stop saying I’m a lesbian’

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Reader comments

  1. Yes please stop calling Oprah a lesbian, start calling her a woo-mongering crank instead!

  2. Doesn’t she get enough attention? I for one don’t want her batting for our team. Her hush hush visit to Sydney Australia cost Australian taxpayers millions. They are even calloing The Sydney Opera House, The Oprah House.

  3. Look, dear Opra, if I click my heels twice will you please go away!? Please.

  4. Wow this place overun with trolls

  5. TheSuburbanBi 9 Dec 2010, 3:56pm

    I believe her when she says she is straight and when she says that if she were lesbian she would not lie and live openly. Great.

    The fact that it bothers the woman so much, though, is sad. She’s a public figure and I’m sure people say a lot of things about her. Why this specific rumour is so particularly annoying though? hm, maybe she needs to do a show on it!

  6. it bothers her because LGBT people are still thought of as ‘abnormal’ and ‘less’ tha n straight., much as blacks and women have bee n in the past. she’s already part of two marginalised categroties. she doesn’t need a third. the proble mis making society accept that LGBT are equal to straight. then it wouldn’t MATTER what she was.

  7. Richard S. 9 Dec 2010, 9:49pm

    Zzzzz. Like anyone cares (other than her). Getting it in the news certainly won’t help the situation. Whatever. Don’t even know why I commented.

  8. Over paid and over here. And the silly Australian tax payer are paying for her entourage as well. oh well, shows us where our interests really are I guess. I hope she donates big time to the massive flood damage seen this week in NSW.

  9. YEA or NAY, Who knows for sure? Go girls,go, keep-um
    Her money has opened lots of
    doors for herself and others.
    STEDMAN, he is big winner,grown rich and richer by
    hanging onto dear Oprah.
    AHHHH must be nice to be wined,dined and fawned upon,as
    the hungry search for discarded bread crumbs.

  10. BSE you got it…woo mongering crank hits the mark.
    Otherwise this story is just a lot of Zzzzzzz as Richard S says

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