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Gay Jewish group celebrates Chanukah festival

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Reader comments

  1. Nothing says sexy like grown men in togas.

  2. p**soff yuri, they’re mine.

  3. I bags the one in the cerise-red toga at the back, he has a great built.

  4. “The festival celebrates the Jewish defeat of the Syrians in the 2nd century BC in order to recapture the temple in Jerusalem and the miracle of a candelabra there burning for eight nights despite there being only enough oil to last for one.”

    So Chanukah is as absurd and ridiculous as Christmas then?

    I celebrate Christmas for the commercial aspect and family aspect. The ‘Jesus’ bits are irrelevant.

    Gay jews should equally reject the religious aspect of this festival as they are clearly fake. Use it as a commercial and family celebtration, but reject the bizarre religious aspects

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