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Bikini photo used to derail lesbian student’s lawsuit

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Reader comments

  1. ooer missus 9 Dec 2010, 2:46pm

    Are the school suggesting that to be consistent she should have worn male swimming trunks, thus illegally baring her breasts in public? Hardly a convincing (or even very mature) line of reasoning.

  2. Don’t they have laws baring a bunch of inbred religionist hicks from the school year book?

    I’m guessing Copiah County school district is full of them!

  3. TheSuburbanBi 9 Dec 2010, 4:00pm

    Every time I read about this story, I wonder if a straight girl would have been banned for wearing a tux. I doubt it. I grew up in the USA when the masculine Annie Hall look was in fashion — a lot of girls in our yearbook are wearing ‘masculine’ ties, jackets, etc. The only thing banned were hats for everyone, as they obstructed view of your face.

    I just think it would be interesting if her lawyers could find any instance of a straight girl being allowed to wear something deemed ‘masculine’ or androgynous.

  4. “The only thing banned were hats for everyone, as they obstructed view of your face. ”

    I never knew year books were meant to be used as mug shot collections!

    Why is it necessary to have draconian rules governing a school party? That’s all it is, after all. Why don’t they all lighten up a bit.

  5. Yes, clearly she should have gone topless *rolls eyes* What a stupid school. Who cares what the students choose to wear as long as it’s decent? I find it shocking that people with such narrow views are working in a school.

  6. She looks so smart, too!
    Yet more evidence that gender can be a totalitarian notion.

  7. Just as a natter if interest. Would they have allowed her to wear a burkha?

    1. If I’m not mistaken, the purpose of the burka is to mask/protect the woman’s face and virtue from the viewings of men outside the family. The purpose of a yearbook in this country is to collect the photos of faces and make them public in a school book.If a family’s tradition is to make the young woman’s face unknown to outsiders and protect her from being viewed by unrelated men, then I would imagine the family would not want her photo taken one way or the other. Just a matter of interest.

  8. Richard S. 9 Dec 2010, 9:46pm

    It’s Mississippi. Please don’t be so surprised. Don’t know about the inbred part, but much of the South, and states like M., are notoriously anti-gay; and, sadly, I think winning these folks around even simply to acceptance is going to be a long, uphill struggle.

  9. Gosh that school is full of a idiotic discriminatory bullies! How dare they it shouldn’t matter how a person chooses to dress just because it might not fit the gender stereotype of the person what a bunch of narrow minded prats! Good on miss Sturgid for wearing what she wanted to wear! Some women wear tuxedos- get over it!

  10. It seems totally absurd the weight and formality attached to prom and yearbooks in the USA.
    I didn’t go to my leaving ball but if I had done I wouldn’t have worn a dress – and I wouldn’t have needed to ask permission not to wear a dress (I’m female, mostly). As for my yearbook, we just sent in our own photos – very little formality, no professional pictures or anything.

    Also, it’s not like she’s going to go swimming topless; how old are you?

  11. I agree that the school’s stance is absurd but I’m also asking myself the question if she was discriminated against because she was a lesbian or it had more to do with the fact that she’s a transvestite.

  12. That’s the most ridiculous ‘legal’ argument I’ve heard in years… wait did Jack Thompson get his license back by any chance?

    Seriously, it almost seems like they’re hoping to use pictures to embarrass her into dropping the suit… no pun intended.

    I wonder if they can sue over that too.

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