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Lithuania to vote on fining people who ‘promote’ homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Lithuania needs to be suspended from the EU and all EU funding to Lithuania must be stopped if this law passes.
    Lithuania must be shunned as a country if this law passes.

  2. About time that requirements for entry into the EU must include the lifting of any ban against the rights of gay people to assemble, march or demonstrate. If they can’t comply with that or if they’re in violation, give them an ultimatum to reverse their decision or boot them out. You can bet the orthodox church is at the bottom of it.

  3. We must fight such proposals. Suspension does not do any good to homosexual people who live in Lithuania. That would even worsen their situation.
    Amnesty International asks for our action:

  4. And one of the jobs of the EU is to protect our civil liberties ..? This is why the EU needs a constitution which is accountable to a judiciary, so blatant rights abuses like the ones going on here can’t happen. Lithuanian here is effectively prohibiting free speech, and whilst its morally unjustifiable to ban pride marches, it’s also virtually incompatible with any progression towards becoming a modern European state.

  5. Jock S. Trap 8 Dec 2010, 3:00pm

    Support the calls for this country to be suspected from the EU. When will these people learn that to be oneself is a fact of life, it goes beyond basic human rights.

    Is it just me or do Human Rights issues in this civilised western world seem to be taking a step backwards?

    The fact that European countries are allowed to get away with these discriminating acts in the 21st Century is disgusting.

    Time for these people to start showing some respect to society.

  6. Why the hell did anyone want to save these animals from the Soviet Union (see wikileaks!)? Even Russia has progressed further.

  7. Unsurprised 8 Dec 2010, 3:17pm

    As with similar laws they are trying to introduce in Uganda, there may be Scott Lively (author of “The Pink Swastika”) lurking in the background. Google his letter to Lithuania.

  8. H. Jacobs 8 Dec 2010, 3:34pm

    Another EU member wiping its bum with Universal Human Rights; it could be so easy, if you want to join, accept the rules. If you can’t, you’re out. The EU was supposed to improve our lives, and in Lithuania people are not up to it yet.

  9. This law has been on the card for some time already: EU opposes Lithuania’s ‘Section 28′ homosexuality law, Pink News, 2009

  10. My Lithuanian is a bit rusty (!) but it seems (from googling the two terms) that Petras Gražulis, could be a member or at least could have some affinities with Lietuvos Lenkų Rinkimų Akcija, the far right party which sits in the same parliamentary group as the UK Conservatives in the EU Parliament. You know the ones we were assured by Dave that they weren’t homophobic…

    It could be worth looking more deeply into this Pinknews if you read this…

  11. OK, so it seems that Gražulis is a member of Order and Justice, which is part of the current coalition government. In the EU parliament, the party is in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy parliamentary group which is not the tories’ but UKIP’s.

  12. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2010, 6:31pm

    The West supported their release from the USSR – WHY?

    Only to get another homophobic mini-state on board.

    How pathetic that you want the world to recognise your national rights but you won’t do the same for your minorities.

    What a pathetic country.

    How did this fascist state get into the EUb in th first place

  13. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2010, 6:42pm


    EUb in th first place

    should be EU in the first place

  14. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2010, 6:53pm

    I cannot believe this is an EU coutry

  15. unsurprised, thanks for that info. Here’s Scott Lively’s letter:

    One would almost think that American fundie loons are targeting countries that they consider more gullible to further their campaign of hate against gay people.But, of course, that wouldn’t be very Christian, would it?

    The EU needs to stamp out this vile bill asap by warning Lithuania that such actions won’t be tolerated in the EU.

  16. out of interest the FRA agency highlighted Lithuania as problem country in its recent report and I don’t know why PN didn’t report on this report then – other gay papers etc did

    “Some things have improved since 2008, when they last surveyed what member states were up to. “In Poland, Romania and Bulgaria pride marches were held successfully for the first time. In contrast, in Lithuania the 2010 Baltic pride was threatened with cancellation at short notice, and in Latvia the right to organise marches continues to be challenged by elected officials despite several court rulings annulling attempted bans.” The agency says it’s clear that the rights of LGBT persons are being restricted or neglected in some countries, and that this creates an uneven landscape in the protection of LGBT rights throughout Europe.

  17. If this law passes in the Seimas then Lithuania must be expelled from the EU immediately without debate.

    For a country subjected to oppression for so long, it seems it now practices oppression in whatever way it can.

    It is common knowledge that Lithuanian society holds contempt for Russians, Poles, Belorussians, Jews, and Westerners, and homosexuals are now the scapegoat of action.

    Shameful. Shameful. Shameful.

  18. Lithuania should be congratulated on this, gays are taking over the word.

    They should stop using their sexuality to get what they want, they should put up and shut up, each country has the right to decide what laws it wants.

    I hope this law passes and a few more countries could do well to follow and fine people who commit acts in public and force their sexuality on to people, it should be made a form of assualt to shove your sexuality in peoples faces.

  19. John above – thank heavens the EU and the FRA and others are keeping their eyes on these countries albeit with not much success (at the moment!!!)…..It’s not just “gays” that are criticising this little backward country….

    What is the UK’s govt stance on all this, I thought they were supposed to exerting their influence abroad?

  20. “I hope this law passes and a few more countries could do well to follow and fine people who commit acts in public and force their sexuality on to people”

    Well, it won’t be looking good for straight people then! No weddings, no holding hands, no boy-meets-girl films. No ‘pushing their sexuality in our faces’, eh?

    But, you see, most people don’t actually care about that. Why? Because we’re secure enough in our own sexuality not to think that we can somehow be ‘converted’ by the very presence of someone different. Those who DO worry are either gay themselves and hating themselves for it, or just bullies with very low self-esteem who think that picking on others will distract from their own shortcomings. Actually, it only draws attention to their own failings…

  21. john sharp 9 Dec 2010, 2:41pm

    what is this mole in europe
    europe means rights to all the citizens
    out of europe

  22. ooer missus 9 Dec 2010, 3:02pm

    How to educate these Lithuanian numbskulls? Throwing them out of the EU will not improve the life of gays in Lithuania. Maybe withholding some of the funding that the EU probably throws their way would do the trick.

  23. Kick them out of the EU (not only for the way they’re treating homosexuals but other minorities too). Then they’ll have plenty of time to re-think their position and decide if they want to be a European state or African.

  24. Will Dublin 12 Dec 2010, 4:50pm

    “Lithuania should be congratulated on this, gays are taking over the word.”

    Alas, John, when I see comments like yours, I fear its stupidity and ignorance that’s “taking over the world”. Maybe you should have your genome checked out before thinking of having children, god forbid you pass that mental retardation to another generation.

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