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Brighton MPs promise to halve undiagnosed HIV by 2015

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Reader comments

  1. Mr Kirby called the target “ambitious and admirable”

    I would call it “Over-ambitious and naive”

    It’s just not going to happen. The words “drink”, “water” and “horse” spring to mind.

  2. Samuel B. 8 Dec 2010, 8:55pm

    This has nothing to do with HIV prevention as the opening paragraph suggests, but everything to do with HIV detection. Major difference.
    But with THT’s involvement is that any surprise?

    After years of failing abysmally to produce effective, impacting HIV campaigns, they now seem hell-bent on getting as many people diagnosed and onto meds as possible. That couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that THT receives funding from GlaxoSmithKline, could it?

    THT don’t seem to give a damn about preventing HIV; they are in it primarily to flog their endless services to newly-diagnosed HIV “clients” and getting them drugged up on HIV meds while plugging PEP to death.

    Scandalous! More fool this community for putting up with THT’s industrialisation and monopolisation of this disease which continues to affect us all.

  3. @Samuel. There’s not always a great deal of difference these days between detection and prevention, since getting people who have HIV diagnosed and onto medication will reduce opnward transmission.
    Would you rather see people being diagnosed late, when already ill?
    All messages about diagnosing HIV will help the prevention effort. If we talked about this more openly within the community rather than bitching about organisations we’d do a lot better.

  4. Maybe if they tackled the real problem of stigma more people would test! Also the attitude of Health Care Professionals who still are out of touch with HIV. The A/E Dept at the Royal Sussex County Hospital appears to have problems treating patients with HIV with respect and dignity! No wonder people don’t test!

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