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Video: Gay MP Nick Herbert accidentally swears in House of Commons

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Reader comments

  1. Is it really necessary to censor the word? I mean seriously, everyone knows that the “*” is a “u”. Why treat us like children? Is there any wonder the British have a reputation for being prudish?

  2. I’m just amazed this is supposed to be news on a gay site…. “Gay person says a bad word”. I mean seriously, who gives a toss? This is as much relevant to “gay news” as “dog walks pas gay person on street “

  3. Jock S. Trap 7 Dec 2010, 7:51am

    Have to admit news must have been the slow side being that this was reported on PinkNews at 1.42AM.

    This non-story has a taste of desperation to it.

  4. Agree with the above comments – there must be something more interesting and relevant than this to post on PN??

  5. I have a theory that the reason that English speakers are so obsessed with the F and the C words is because they are, contrary to myth, foreign and not Anglo-Saxon. The F is Old Norse and the C is Norman French. Sh*t and a*se are Anglo-Saxon and cause less hysteria. Just a whimsical theory.

  6. A female newsreader on the BBC news channel did it last night too while trying to say the word ‘county’. It’s an epidemic!

  7. This is not news. Get a grip Pink News

  8. I was interested in the story.

  9. martyn notman 7 Dec 2010, 12:59pm

    ha we all knew it was lurking under the tory surface! its finally revealed that they all have c&^&itis…cant wait for David Cameron to call the Queen one next opening of parliament!

  10. I think reporting this obviously serious epedemic does c(o)unt as news

  11. Its becoming as bad as America, all of this political correctness and censoring words. I don’t believe in any kind of censorship. People should be able to use expletives as and when they feel like it. There are far worse things in life than that.

  12. The C word is not even the worst word in the English language I can think of. I’d never even heard the C word until I became an adult. (I’m not from the U.K. or Ireland.)

  13. So… now that we’ve all heard it on that video, are we judged mature enough to see it in print, or even – god forbid – use it in comments?

  14. CUΝT <– Oh my god, did someone just say that word!

  15. Never has describing policemen as cu*ts been more approriate. I have never met a nice copper in my life

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