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Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas says film will ‘help millions’

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 7 Dec 2010, 2:02pm

    is mickey rourke playing gareth! I cant wait for the accent. Mind you being American id put money on them screwing it up over a) gay stuff b) rugby (..and thomas scores a touchdown….!) or c) making it so damn mawkish you cant watch…

  2. If you really know anything in-depth about Rourke you know he is absolutely the RIGHT person for this part. Check out his portrayal of Jan The Actress in “Animal Factory” – the guy is a genius.

  3. A Gareth Thomas Fan 7 Dec 2010, 3:42pm

    Rourke might be a good actor, but with all the plastic surgery that he has had done to his face?? Im sorry, he looks nothing like Gareth Thomas. The story of Gareth Thomas should be played by an English actor from the UK who understands Rugby, has the right accent and looks a close like Gareth.

  4. martyn notman 7 Dec 2010, 3:48pm

    hes 58 and TOTALLY wrong for this, maybe a good actor but there arent enough prosthetics on the planet and if youre too busy staring at his face the message gets lost. plus every american film thats about something british always gets it wrong…

  5. Why English, why not a Welsh actor, might have better luck with the accent?

  6. Mickey Rourke is waaaaay to old for this role. How will anyone take this film seriously when the main character is meant to be in his 20’s and 30’s but played by an actor closer to his pension age.

    How will 58 year old Mickey Rourke be able to convince anyone that he is a world class athlete.

    It sounds absurd.

  7. I doubt the film, if it ever gets made, will be successful. Rourke has made homophobic comments and therefore he’s not the right actor to play Gareth Thomas.

  8. Patrick Lyster-Todd 7 Dec 2010, 9:52pm

    I think most of you miss the point that Gareth makes himself – or doesn’t what he say count for anything? It is his life, after all. Anyway – if Mickey Rourke is able to make this happen and Gareth reckons that he is the right person to do this and to portray him, then that’s good enough for me! I really signed in, however, to say how moving I found Gareth’s words above. In his own admission, this is something he’d rather not do – but is, nevertheless, going to do as he believes it may help other people. I admire and respect that enormously. I just hope that, one day, someone in the overpaid world of ‘professional’ football – the so-called ‘beautiful’ game – has just an ounce of the courage and resolve that he has shown and comes forward to help start shifting the homophobia that stinks and pervades that sport too.

  9. It’s not about the age, Rourke is simply too ugly to play Gareth.

  10. Reason does not apply so I will give none.
    A movie about Gareth, yea!
    Rourke playing Gareth Thomas, booo… get another actor.

  11. I think that Gareth’s story being used as an inspiration for young gay people to overcome barriers to prejudice, to pursue their dreams and succeed and to live life to the full, is great.

    However, I’m highly sceptical that an American-made film starring Mickey Rourke is the best vehicle. It could end up being an absolute disaaaaastah, doing to Gareth’s story what Ann Widdecombe has done to dance.

  12. SteveDenver 9 Dec 2010, 5:13am

    Mickey Rourke looks like he has been ironing his face daily. If this is true, it is Rourke’s twisted vanity and a complete tragedy.

    Gareth is beautiful, young and has an intriguing story, but Rourke portraying him will make it a laughing stock.

  13. Without wishing to come across as a total philistine, how many other big movie actors or directors do you see queuing round the block to make “The Gareth Thomas story”?
    I mean, if some Hollywood A lister who’d just appeared in The Wrestler, Sin City or Iron Man 2 said to me “I’d like to make the Flapjack story” I wouldn’t think, “nah you’re too old” or “I was holding out for Jake Gyllenthal or Hugh Jackman”.
    I think my first reaction would be “wow, I’m going to be in a movie” and my second instinct would be “ker-ching!”
    I’m shallow like that I guess.
    Granted Rourke isn’t Welsh and is a bit old, but name me another A-list Welsh actor who spends that much time in the gym and isn’t Katherine Zeta Jones or Anthony Hopkins? You need star power to get a film like that distributed or else it ends up only being seen by a handful of people on the art-cinema circuit. As they say in the biz, they’ll want to see a return on it.

  14. Wrong actor choice. Gareth,please tell him to direct someone else. someone looking like you, Jason Statham would be a good choice. Too many great movies have bombed because of the wrong cast. This is your only shot. Sorry Mickey, you are a great actor, but step aside for someone more credible.

  15. Gareth, if you want to reach millions of viewers, and I truly hope you do, please select someone else for the role.
    Your story will be filmed only once and the right choice of actor is critical to assure the success of your enterprise. I do not see M Rourke as a credible impersonator, nor Daniel Craig for that matter.
    Biographies historically have not sold very well, how about you playing the main role. Why not? This could be a trend reversal.
    My life as a gay man as been very uninteresting to the world, yours has a tremendous potential to accomplish what you want to accomplish.
    I am not even sure you will read this, but I hope you do.

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