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Gay and lesbian couples first to marry mid-air

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations to both happy couples.

    Will we be seeing more couples flying SAS?

  2. Nice news :D Well done, SAS!

  3. “The company is owned by the governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, which all recognise marriage for gay couples ”

    Denmark????? Have I missed something , does it recognise foreign gay marriages as marriages , I though Denmark had civil unions only???

    Nice romatice story but is there a legal point to this, after all will their marriage be recognised when they get back to Poland or Germany, couldn’t they just have got married on the ground in Sweden..

  4. jamestoronto 8 Dec 2010, 5:05am

    “As the national airline of the world’s three most progressive countries, which were the first to legalise same-sex marriages” (SSM)


    Not to underrate what SAS is doing or the progressive laws of the SAS countries, but it is time to check some facts and come back to reality.

    NONE of the SAS countries were amongst the first to legalise gay marriage.

    First was Netherlands (2001), second was Belgium (2003) -close but not quite exactly Scandinavian.

    Third and fourth were Spain & Canada, within days of each other in 2005. Most definitely not Scandinavian countries

    Fifth was South Africa, in 2006. Again, way, way off of being Scandinavian.

    Norway & Sweden recognised same-sex marriage in 2009!! – Fifth and Sixth in the world – NOT FIRST.

    Denmark, the third partner in SAS, does NOT RECOGNISE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE AT ALL!!!

    So two of the owner-states haven’t even made it to the top five first countries to recognise SSM and the third doesn’t even score.

    Someone at SAS has to do some homework. CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST. You have insulted 5 other countries’ intelligence and made another wonder when its marriage laws changed.

    Not knocking the SAS wedding promotion – it is great!!

    And not trying to downgrade the progress in Norway and Sweden. This is awesome.

    But let’s get the truth out there. This time Norway-Denmark-Sweden (SAS) were not the first.

    Getting caught up in the moment of an event shouldn’t preclude the facts.

  5. Sister Mary Clarance 8 Dec 2010, 11:42am

    Polish dykes? Was there ever two words from the English language which cobbled together could shrink the cock of the most hetero man?

  6. TorontoJim 9 Dec 2010, 2:08pm

    I believe that a few weeks ago a flight from the UK to New York was diverted (by the pilot) so that it flew over Canadian airspace…at which time the pilot conducted a wedding ceremony for a same sex couple.

  7. TorontoJim
    Most flights U.S. bound from the UK may well fly over Canadian airspace – particularly those to the west, central, and eastern seaboard destinations.
    Given the amount of aircraft in the air in this area I would think it unlikely that the diversion was deliberate.
    But it is a good story and romantic and I wish them all the best.

  8. They could have went to languages4free and brushed up on their German before they got married.

  9. Denmark was the first country in the world to legally recognise a same-sex union, this was in 1986 or 1989, I think. It is the same-sex union in the world that resembles the most to same-sex marriage. There are only three aspects that have mostly to do about foreign recogniton,
    Nevertheless, Denmark does not allow same-sex marriage yet, it will probably do it soon during the next 3 to 5 years.

    I think what pinknews refers here is that Norway, Denmark and Sweden were some of the first countries in the world to legalize these unions. But it is true, it was not a verry accurate information.

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