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Gay football group to boycott 2022 Qatar World Cup

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Reader comments

  1. Bill (Scotland) 6 Dec 2010, 6:52pm

    You mean they’re going to Moscow in 2018? Bizarre, or just double-standards?

    I have absolutely no interest in football, but just how free of homophobia can the game be in the UK, given that there are [apparently] no homosexual players in the professional game here and the only player who did ‘come out’ met his death at his own hands.

    Is this genuine protest or mere posturing?

  2. The truth is that nobody really cares about human rights in the world. If people cared the governments of the major nations of the world would be condemning, for example, Iran for its violation of rights of women, opponents of the government, homosexuals and religious minorities like the Bahá’ís instead of its nuclear program that is really going nowhere. It’s the basic hypocrisy of politics: you are not obliged to care about something if it doesn’t interfere with your interests. FIFA wouldn’t even care if Qatar still practiced slavery as long as it didn’t interfered with the World Cup. In fact they would even like it: cheaper labor to build their stadiums.

  3. one of the most homophobic sports in the world in the most homophobic countries.

  4. And by the way, I am Brazilian, and if you are unfortunate enough to be following the recent news from my country you’ll know that the city of Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest cities in the country is currently in war against the drug trafficking, at the same time that Brazil should be preparing to be the next host of the World Cup. The person in FIFA who chooses the host countries needs to be fired immediately, because he is not doing his job !

  5. ‘…Qatar still practiced slavery’

    How do you think the stadiums will be built? Boycott is a good idea. maybe other groups should follow suit.

  6. Anyone who saw Panorama last week on BBC 1 would have seen how FIFA is governed by gangsters, and goons who threaten to beat up journalists for asking questions. FIFA has been exposed as being riddled with corruption; the world cup could never have gone to a democratic country where it cannot bypass workers’ rights and tax laws.

  7. sorry to sound flippant about such earth-shattering news but this is the first time I’ve ever heard a call for a boycott launched 12 years before an event. Advanced planning or what?!

  8. john sharp 7 Dec 2010, 2:38pm

    10% of the world is GAY
    so this discrimination is unacceptable
    I have lived in Qatar and they are gay too.
    i was even send out of a shop for wearing shorts , may be they will play football in BURKAHS

  9. Contact FIFA
    Fédération Internationale de Football Association

    FIFA-Strasse 20,
    P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland
    Tel : +41-(0)43 222 7777,
    Fax : +41-(0)43 222 7878.
    +41(0) 44 583 2010.

  10. John Adams 14 Jan 2011, 9:45pm

    Quatar and all the Islamic countries that punish homosexuality should be totally boycotted. Hit them in the purse, as even the Muslims worship the dollar.

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