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Gay and lesbian teens ‘more likely to be expelled or jailed’

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Reader comments

  1. The reason seems clear enough to me: bigotry and acquiescence. “Silence lends consent.”

  2. It’s called Discrimination!

  3. CNN’s response:

    Don’t read the comments. They’ll ruin your day.

  4. How right was this study LOl

    I was suspended from school on two occasions for getting into trouble….got into trouble numerous times with police, ended up in front of childrens panel, went to Borstal, YOI’s and then adult prison..
    I wasn’t even bullied at school for being gay as i wasn’t camp, effeminate or anything like that, i was just your normal school boy who was gay, enjoyed football and got into trouble…..a lot….Now i ask myself, what was it all about.
    Wasted youth, and wasted years…….only if i could turn the clock back if i could and learn all over again.

  5. It doesn’t mean it is discrimination. many lesbians are violent and aggressive, more than straight girls. They take lots of drugs and beat their girlfriends, and there is an unbeliavable amount of domestic violence between lesbians, more than between a man and a woman. If lesbians weren’t so violent and bipolar all the time, maybe thing would be different. Some lesbians are nice however… they dress like women and behave like women.

  6. Jock S. Trap 7 Dec 2010, 8:04am

    Nothing more than targeted Homophobia. The countries should hang its head in shame.

    I really do feel the USA should Change it’s ‘Land of the Free, blah blah blah’ Nothing but a joke!

  7. CJ – such venom & misogyny! Talk about aggressive! Ironic really.

  8. This could be showing up the l&g equivalent of Police stop-and-search tactics directed disproportionately at young black men.
    PN – I think you mean in context ‘bias against’, not ‘bias towards’. Please take more care with the English language.

  9. MC misogyny? what a moron…

    Misogyny means hate women, I love women, expecially REAL ONES.

    Ironic is a woman who says she is a lesbian and then acts as if she was a man.

    I Have more female friends than male ones you prick. And they are more disgusted of aggressive dykes than I am. The truth hurts… ;)

  10. c.j, I’ve seen just as many straight girls behaving in a way that I think you mean when you say masculine (drinking excessively, being aggressive, being ridiculously foul-mouthed).

    Me I like feminine girls too, and I don’t like the kind of loud, agressive behaviour I’ve listed above, but I think that that behaviour can be found in straight girls as much as lesbian ones. And in men too, of course :D

  11. I 100% agree. I think there are wonderful lesbians, and horrible lesbians, and the same thing can be said about any kind of group/race ecc.

    Are men all nasty and horrible? No, some are disgusting men, but some are very nice. Same thing for women, blacks, asian…

    …but some people just don’t get it do they? (My best friends in London? Holly, a wonderful sexy lesbian, gerald, a straight black guy, and Derry, a chinese man) No discrimination, just focusing on the real ones who go around spreding the hate as if they had the right to do so. Love your neighbour-

  12. The truth does hurt doesn’t it. I’m not the one aiming aggressive posts at anyone or spreading lies about there being more DV in lesbian r’ships than a straight ones.

    BTW I’m one of those feminine lesbians you love so much. x

  13. 2 Me

    there are hundreds of websites describing in full details domestic violence among lesbian couples. If you are blind or stupid (I think simply a liar) tht’s your fault. Feminine lesbians don’t waste their time hating men, btw. Take your manphobic brain to the nearest psycologist. Give him/her just two or three words:

    wikipedia —> Denial ; manphobia

    Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

    Have a nice day at your local emergency. ;)

  14. Are you suggesting butch lesbians don’t love their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, friends, and their own sons CJ?

    You post a link to the Urban Dictionary. It speaks volumes about you..

    If you don’t understand something, then don’t comment on it. Aside from your plain ignorance, you’re seriously out of your depth.

  15. no, i’m not suggesting that, i’m suggesting that butch lesbians are just immature and insecure dumbass 13year old BOYS trapped in the body of dykes with a constantly angry camel toe. You are in denial your entire life. Be honest, that would be original. Behaving like walking stereotypes doesn’t help anyone. I mean.. if you want to look squallid and behave like total pricks fine for me, but expect the police to stop and search you more thant they do with normal women. ;) enjoy :)

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