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Katie Price attacked for HIV Tweet

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Reader comments

  1. This DOG makes me SICK. I get the feeling she re-tweeted on purpose and is no claiming ignorance. Why would she tweet an apology but then further attack the two journalists? What a ****ing idiot.

  2. I cant be insulted by someone I dont respect she can say what she wants

  3. This is what you will get with today’s celebrity culture…. she’s milked it, and really, we’re just sick and tired of hearing about her, that numbskull cage fighter, peter andre and the kid….

  4. There’s is only one thing to say to respond to this: she’s a stupid cow.

  5. Both celebrities and the journalists that live off them (for example, Wooton & Wheatley) are disgusting parasites.

  6. You can not re-tweet by accident. There are two ways to re-tweet, neither can go accidental. Sorry Katie, thought that maybe the tabloids were wrong about you/had it in for you. But apparently not …

  7. Katie Price wins again. This woman certainly knows how to maintain a high media profile: do something staggeringly stupid, retract it and apologise, getting in how much you respect the people you’ve just insulted. And such eprfect timing too to ride on the World Aids Day bandwagon. How many days’ print coverage can you get from that? Enough for her, certainly.

    Did you think she had some shame? Stupid you!

  8. I wish Katie Price would die. I have never wanted someone to die before. I have so much hatred for this parasite. It baffles me that this creature can maintain such a high profile within the media. Her kids will grow up to hate the ground she walks on.

  9. I think media types are really tripping up over their social networking comments.

  10. Who exactly is this person?

  11. Dionysian 3 Dec 2010, 2:16pm

    Major flaw with todays ‘now’ society. At least if you had to put it in a letter or snoozepaper column you had time to re-read it and think. Instead she probably read something in a tabloid that she didn’t like, and before a thought could appear in that vacuous space between her ears she’d hit ‘post’.

    Maybe her PR agent shoud vet all of her Facetweets before she is allowed to send them? Or better yet, maybe she should retire from public life, crawl under a rock and spend her time having a conversation with a pebble (the pebble probably has a higher IQ!)


  12. Public figures tweeting something offensive and then ‘retracting’ it and ‘apologising’ seems to be the in thing at the moment.

    They basically take 2 different forms.

    1) Said person isn’t really familiar with the internet or social media, and is only really use them as a cynical PR exercise. So say something stupid thinking that they can get away with it because they don’t understand the medium which they use.

    2) Person knows exactly what they are doing. And deliberately says something offensive knowing it will get instant attention and column inches and that they can ‘retract and apologise afterwards’ and likely get away with it.

    Which of those does Katie Price fit into?… answers on a post card.

  13. Karen Walker 3 Dec 2010, 4:01pm

    LET’S face it – she is getting OLD and soon nobody will care (ok care even less) about this slag.

  14. It’s vile what she said. But not as vile as what you lot say back to her.

  15. she got famous for getting her tits out… Enough said you expect brains in that head >.> she can’t even stop sleeping around for sake of her kids.

  16. 21stCenturySpirituality 5 Dec 2010, 10:28am

    Another PR triumph for the queen of the orange women.

  17. Kate Price is the typical ‘heterosexual icon’: famous for the size of her breasts and not much else.

    At least when we gays idolize someone, it’s for having proper talent or for having achieved something.

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