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Irish gay Traveller group honoured by president

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Reader comments

  1. civil Unions in Ireland are just a month or two away. They include adoption rights as well.

    And the next head of government may well be a gay person so I read.

    The monster of the vatican must be having a fit. I only wish he has a total stroke that renders him conscious but totally incommuniccado..

    And he is transported from gay union ceremony to gay union ceremony ad infinitum.

    Where he will suffer in his own hellhole while watching the gay marriage ceremonies.

    Till God finds a space for him in the trash bin of human histroy.

  2. I think you may be mistaken about the next head of the Irish government.
    So far as I know the leader of each of the political parties is heterosexual.
    However the next head of State, the next President, is quite likely to be Senator David Norris, who is indeed gay :-)

  3. Fair play to Mary, she has been a consistent supporter of LGBT rights, she helped the setting up of the Campaign of Homosexual Law Reform in Ireland, launched or talked at numerous LGBT community events and talks of LGBT issues fairly frequently. I think she said she turned down attending the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade next year (it’s 250th or something like that) because it still doesn’t allow LGBT Irish and it’s diaspora to participate. Go Mary!

  4. Love mary mcaleese, and although im sad she has to leave office, I think senator norris would be an excellent replacement. Say what you want about the irish parliaments and nepotism, they’ll miles ahead of the uk in terms of heads of state. Miles.

  5. “They include adoption rights as well.”

    Unfortunately they don;t . Irish Civil Partnerships are not as advanced as the UK equivalent, its notably excludes parenting rights and the rights of the children.

    The head of government you refer to, as someone already pointed out, is actually a hopeful head of state (President), and is the erudite Senator Norris, who is gay.

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