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Gay Missouri trooper’s partner sues for survivor benefits

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Reader comments

  1. Another shameful human rights issue in the USA – Why are we allied with such a backward medievil continent? A country that denies basic rights to it’s tax-payers is not one the UK should be supporting!

  2. I agree JohnD. I am Canadian and my heart just breaks when I read about someone having to fight for something that should not even be in question. This man’s partner dedicated his life so that other’s would have peace and safety. Why can the state of Missouri not afford this grieving man the same respect? He supported this trooper through 15 years of commitment to the people of Missouri. This is the time for those same people to now rise up to aid a fellow brother in his time of need. To have to fight for what is rightfully and morally his is an indignity beyond words. I’m glad I live in a country that respects the worth of all it’s citizens, and not just a chosen few.

  3. Jaxxy, there is little or no resect for GBLT people in the US because of the hatred and bigotry of the Christianists over here. This hatred and bigotry do not take a rest, even when someone such as this trooper died in the line of duty.

    This garbage is why we are going to try to emigrate to Canada as soon as we are able to.

  4. I sincerely hope he wins … and Basic Human Decency wins with him. That’s really what it’s about – BASIC HUMAN DECENCY!!!

  5. Many , here in the good ol u,s of a, have been puzzeled by short-sighted bigotry,lack of Human rights, dealt to lesbians/
    gays. Leads one to wonder,”What are the(straights?)afraid of?”
    Do good deeds,house the homeless,feed the hungry,tend
    the elderly,the disabled,etc.

  6. jamestoronto 4 Dec 2010, 1:00pm

    John D: “Why are we allied with such a backward medievil continent?” – I hope by this you meant country and not continent. Canada unfortunately shares the same continent as the USA and we are light years ahead of THAT country.

    Had this couple lived in Canada, they would have been able to marry and even if they had chosen not to do so, the surviving partners rights would have been recognised under common law.

    My heart goes out to Kelly who has to sue for what should be a given situation.

    And please, over the pond, don’t lump all of North America together. To you Canada & the USA may seem the same but we are NOT.

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