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Gay military ban ‘helps spread diseases’

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Reader comments

  1. “No job too dirty for a fvcking scientist”

    William Burroughs. The Western Lands

  2. Ed in Colorado 3 Dec 2010, 7:32pm

    Just another screwed up scienctist. I wonder how many straight men he checked to see if they had STD’s. These nut cases always blame the gay’s

  3. I don’t understand the first two comments. This STD specialist is simply pointing out a highly tangible general health problem, which up until now has had little or no attention as far as I’m aware, associated with gay US military personnel being unable to reveal their sexuality to their doctors. And he is doing it at a time when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is on the political agenda.

  4. Brian, do you really think an STD doctor detailing gay soldiers STD’s at the moment is going to help the case for a ban on DADT?

    In my opinion it gives ammunition to those against getting rid of DADT.

    Here’s some reactions in America from a Military paper. Sounds like the STD’s report and comments are drumming up hate for gay soldiers, not support.

    ayneraltman wrote: “This sounds like a better reason to keep them OUT of your organization to me… I served for 8 1/2 years, and several conflicts, knowing there were probably homosexuals serving alongside me. However, if ANY of them had admitted it, or displayed their sexuality I would have wanted them gone. This is a HUGE mistake for the country, and a big win for homosexuals.”

    RShel wrote: “Gee, the military made them lie? Hmmmm, I think those people have bigger problems than being gay.”

    El2010 wrote: “There are many, many reasons why this policy should be ended. The only reason it shouldn’t is that a few bigots in the service object to being lumped in with homosexuals, and a few other bigots may choose not to enlist.”

    arttie wrote: “The only ones they’ll infect are other gays. So, what’s the problem?”

    Panther695823 wrote: “yes gays do have an agenda. They want social acceptance for the way they want to live; they want to force people to accept it. If you want to be gay, be gay I don’t care it’s your choice, but don’t force other people to accept your behavior.”

    finneganG wrote: “Homosexuality should be re-listed as a mental disorder stemming from both environmental and genetic influences. The military does not accept individuals with mental disorders and should not accept gays.”

  5. You may be right, Toby. I may be crediting the American public and the politicians that represent them with more common sense than they in fact have.

  6. Agreed Brian-E,
    The quotes from Toby simply show why America has become the land of the oppressed or stupid, not sure which. They have their own Taliban.

  7. I agree with the dr, it’s heartbreaking to be in the closet but when you can’t even tell a dr it’s life threatening.

    What I find worrying is military dr’s don’t have patient confidentiality. That they go report anything you’ve got and areas it around.

    It’s a disgrace really

  8. A very, very obvious consequence of attempting to exclude people from something on the basis of their sexuality. Joined-up thinking, anyone?

  9. Jock S. Trap 4 Dec 2010, 11:46am

    Weither it be Iran or the American Military… when will they open their eyes and see denial is the biggest cause of many problems!

  10. de Villiers 4 Dec 2010, 12:45pm

    > They have their own Taliban.

    The Taliban slit the throats of their enemies, which includes women who wish to be educated.

    The USA do not have their own Taliban

  11. Obviously the bigots in the upper echelons of the American military don’t understand that STDS are not the sole domain of gays. HIV/AIDS per capita around the world is far higher among straights, especially in emerging countries on the African continent and far east. Now if this disease had first appeared among straights instead of us, I wonder how these same bigots would have reacted??? Maybe they’d have to ban every straight from signing on. In fact, there would be no argument to ban them. This has more to do with blatant homophobia than anything else. Unit cohesion my arse. If its so detrimental to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, then why did the American military esablishment accept military assistance from its allies, particularly the UK which had the largest foreign contingent? This IS about homophobia, bigotry and hypocrisy, plain and simple.

  12. With apologies for my somewhat de-railing contribution here.
    But I think PINK NEWS has missed this and it is important.

    This horrendous, self-loathing queenie needs telling to button it.


  13. This doctor has got a point! Unfortunately the way the American public view gay people in general and what effect this might have on a ban on DADT policy is another thing!
    PRIMARILY it is a case of health problem! Straight and bisexual people get STD’s as well!

  14. “The USA do not have their own Taliban”

    No, they just run illegal jails where inmates have no rights to be tried, implement extraordinary rendition for the abduction of a person from one nation to another, and start wars based on falsified evidence. Totally innocent.

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