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John McCain criticises ‘flawed’ study on out gay soldiers

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Reader comments

  1. john(derbyshire) 2 Dec 2010, 4:27pm

    He`s old and out of touch.Wants to live in the past-but times have changed Mr McCain.You can`t halt progress.Its inevitable it will go-like gay marriage -thats inevitable too.

  2. These homoPHOBES will always find a justification for their views. Their views aren’t based on reason – that is why it is called homoPHOBIA: it’s irrational.

    Thank reason John McCain and that deluded moron, Sarah Palin, did not win the White House election in 2008.

  3. Jock S. Trap 2 Dec 2010, 4:53pm

    This not only shows total disrespect to US LGB troops serving but also all the countries the US serves with that do accept all for who they are.

    Why should we expect our brave respected troops to serve alongside such a bigotted country.

    Let them do it All alone. They’re moaning now about what country does or doesn’t do what they want so lets give them what they ask for, a real reason to moan.

    Just another hateful, disrespectful country.

    Land of the free… what a frackin joke!

  4. I didn’t hear so much as a peep out of McCain about how ‘flawed’ the Pentagon study was when it was proposed … now that the result doesn’t pander to his bigotry it’s become a ‘flawed study’!!!
    This out-of-touch, out-of-date caracticature of a politician is quite simply ‘not fit for purpose’ as a US Senator.

  5. what a surprise, its “flawed” because it didnt say what he wanted to hear.

    its no good him citing the 60% of marines and combat troops figure, those troops already have gays serving alongside them

  6. Hello Mr McCain. This is England. We also have an army. It has gay people in it. The gay people are not wandering around in closets.

    Now tell me, Mr McCain, what was the last war we lost?

    Wake up, and stop trying to justify your prejudices with… erm… pretty much nothing. You’re not in charge. Nobody cares.

  7. he is still bitter over losing the election, This is something Obama wants, therefore he is against to make obama look bad and say you made the wrong choice

  8. @Jock S. Trap

    Hey, now, don’t go off and say that all Americans are bigots. You’ve obviously never communicated with many Americans if you seriously think that, because myself, my friends, and countless other people in this country, are nothing like these idiots.

    Speaking that way about America is being just as bigoted and ignorant as the people we’re fighting against. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  9. “Land of the free… what a frackin joke!”

    Indeed. A constitution that can be changed at a whim, more laws against the rights of minorities than for, and where religious idiocy is running rampant. Land of the free, home of the slave.

  10. Like most Republicans, he’s a weenie. He tries to sound moderate, but his ideology is just as whacko as the rest of them.

    One thing American media (as is typical) fails to do is tell the real story: Every (or nearly every) NATO ally, plus Israel and others allow gays to serve openly without any of the drama these bums are trying to whip up. I wish that they’d show Canadian, British, Swedish, etc Generals discussing gays among their ranks. They’re probably shocked that it’s an issue here. But Americans never look at the successes of the rest of the world (gay rights, health care, death penalty, gun control, etc.) They’re too insular.

  11. I admit, back in September I assumed McCain’s recalcitrance on DADT was just part of his election season lurch rightward, but it obviously goes deeper than that. The way he reacted to Obama’s mispronunciation of the word ‘corpsman’ was telling — the loathing and contempt the man has for the president is palpable. He really believes Obama has no business being commander in chief of the armed forces, so everything the administration does with respect to military policy is tainted as far as he’s concerned.

    I thought the Pentagon report did a good job of putting the 40-60% number that McCain is making a big deal of into perspective:

    “However, while a higher percentage of Service members in warfighting units predict negative effects of repeal, the percentage distinctions between warfighting units and the entire military are almost non-existent when asked about the actual experience of serving in a unit with someone believed to be gay. For example, when those in the overall military were asked about the experience of working with someone they believed to be gay or lesbian, 92% stated that their unit’s ‘ability to work together,’ was ‘very good,’ ‘good’ or ‘neither good nor poor.’ Meanwhile, in response to the same question, the percentage is 89% for those in Army combat arms units and 84% for those in Marine combat arms units — all very high percentages. Anecdotally, we heard much the same. As one special operations force warfighter told us, ‘We have a gay guy [in the unit]. He’s big, he’s mean, and he kills lots of bad guys. No one cared that he was gay.'”

    “Thus, the survey results reflecting actual experience, our other engagements, and the lessons of history lead us to conclude that the risks of repeal within warfighting units, while higher than the force generally, remain within acceptable levels when coupled with our recommendations for implementation.”

  12. McCain has finally run out of places to hide and now the truth is plain for all to see, he is a bigot. Homophobic and a hypocrite, what a mixture and so common in the Senate?

  13. Time to retire, you old waxwork!

  14. John in Calif. 3 Dec 2010, 6:07am

    The motivation for the legislative purgatory we’ve endured for the last two years is bigotry. And while homophobia certainly plays a huge role in McCain’s opposition to DADT, it is good old racism that taints everything the Senate does (or rather doesn’t do, as it has blocked nearly 300 bills passed by the House since 2008). The senators can barely restrain their collective contempt for the Head of State.

    The United States Senate is dominated by older white males. They see themselves as a sort of aristocratic gentlemen’s club. The “world’s greatest deliberative body” and so forth. And they don’t like having a black man in the White House. Anything that he wants is automatically regarded as suspect.

  15. Flip-flopper and opportunist, McCain has been both for and against just about everything at one time or another… his opinion is consistently inconsistent.

    (He looks like he has permanent mumps…is he on steroids or something?)

  16. Would a mercury supplement perhaps turn McCain gay?
    (just wondering after reading the recent story about birds and mercury)

  17. I think McCain is actually pretty cynical and is playing to a Republican support base a good deal madder and more bigoted than he is himself.

  18. Still waiting for this particular dinosaur to become extinct…

  19. Jen Marcus 3 Dec 2010, 4:07pm

    The study is not what is flawed only McCain’s addled reasoning or lack, thereof!

  20. John McCain is a sorry old fuc*. His wife, being pro gay rights, should divorce his sorry ass.

  21. David in Indy 6 Dec 2010, 8:58am

    Cindy McCain is no longer pro gay. She’s done a complete 180 on just about everything pro LGBT as far as I can tell. Maybe he’s managed to bully her into this position. Or perhaps she’s just now showing her true colors. Who knows?

    Anyway, wazzup with the jowls Johnny? You look like an overly inflated clown balloon. Someone give me a pin so I can pop him and let the gas out.

  22. Sounds like loser talk to me…. and who listens to a loser?

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