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Virginia politician says airport patdowns are ‘part of the homosexual agenda’

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Reader comments

  1. The poor man needs psychiatric help…. :-(

  2. Time for Mr. Delgaudio to put his tin-foil hat on, in case the homosexuals are stealing this thoughts.

  3. I already stole them with my special thought hoover.

  4. Eiriksson 1 Dec 2010, 7:12pm

    Only in the good ol’ USA do they confuse paranoid personality disorder or paranoid schizophrenia with political opinion.

  5. I’m begining to think that homophobia has something to do with mental illness.

  6. What is the betting he will be caught with drugs and a rent boy in a couple of years?

  7. TheSuburbanBi 1 Dec 2010, 7:52pm

    You’ve got to marvel at the ability of these nut cases to obsess about gays — the “gay agenda” indeed. They’re worse than the bloody Diana conspiracists.

  8. Of course! Airport security is now entirely organized at the whim of (inevitably) sexually rapacious homosexuals!!
    If only. Personally I would have buffed dolly-boys in posing pouches doing everything. What would you like, ladies?
    Haven’t this man’s fellow-councillors, er.., noticed that he is a basket case?

  9. TheSuburbanBi 1 Dec 2010, 7:53pm

    “…the next TSA official that gives you an ‘enhanced pat down’ could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission.”

    Sounds like someone has been thinking long & hard about this.

  10. Oh dear! Another conspiracy theorist! Yep, that’s right, Mr D, we’re all out to get you. We might be a small percentage but we actually control the world. In fact, as we speak I’m arrranging for the guy at Mcdonalds to sprinkle special gay sparkle dust on your Big Mac. One bite and you’ll turn gay, you know! All part of our demonic plan *rolls eyes*

  11. That there are frankly mental people like this in the republican party is not really a surprise… that enough people vote for them to get them into office never ceases to baffle me.

    “My favourite bit of weirdness – “strong and vocal opposition” against those who support equal rights, hate crime legislation and the FUNDING OF THE ARTS.”

    Yes, because the art community I 100% homosexual and the arts are not enjoyed by heterosexuals….


  12. I suggest Eugene has been fantasising too viividly patdowns, perhaps he should try a crossword instead.

  13. David in Indy 1 Dec 2010, 11:15pm

    What an immature ingoramus. I’ll bet he still laughs at poo poo and pee pee jokes. WHY do we keep voting these people into office?

  14. OK his ‘gay agenda’ sounds a whole lot more interesting than what I got up to today.
    I spent the day going to work, mopping the kitchen floor, catching up with a few chores and e-mails. Where do I sign up to get frisked by buff airport security guys?
    If I pretend to have half a kilo of class A substances in a ziplock bag in my colon will they probe? Somebody must be doing that, I mean he wouldn’t just be making up homoerotic fantasies to suit his own personal prejudices – right?

  15. Another idiot with mental illness who needs a psychological evaluation… That would be an ideal candidate for public office in America then?

  16. I’m wetting myself! Who votes for these loonies?

  17. Americans seem a little hysterical about these pat-downs. I’ve been patted down, very thoroughly, and it was really nowhere near anything sexual. We really need to calm down – it’s not a grope, it’s a pat-down. Although, having said that, I’m struggling to find a way to describe it without saying “it’s someone feeling you all over your body”, which does sound sexual.

    It is perfectly possible to have someone feel you in a totally non-sexual way. I’ve had it done in a number of contexts. It seems some people’s minds revolve solely around sex.

  18. Why does EVERYTHING now a day’s point at gays? In one way or another the subject of gay’s gets brought up… This Married lesbian is sick of it personally.

  19. Jock S. Trap 2 Dec 2010, 7:20am

    Another Little ignorant person.

    What the Hell is the homosexual agenda??!! this always makes me laugh because the very phrase stands out like neon lights spelling ‘Uneducated Bigot!’ or ‘Idiot’!

    So ironic that we always suffer such abuse for being born the way we are from someone who choses religion, choses to discriminate and choses to be a bigot!

  20. towardbliss 2 Dec 2010, 7:59am

    Wow! I don’t know why I am STILL shocked by these REDICULOUS people!! My homosexual agenda is to live a happy life like most others- and um- I am opting out of the pat down and the video screening- I will just strip down to my bikini and calmly got through the metal detector. That’s what this homo is doing- oh and fighting for our civil rights of course!! Peace, love and queerness!!

  21. “What the Hell is the homosexual agenda??!!”

    Jock, its another term similar to “New World Order”, and “Global Conspiracy”.

    Definition: Term used by people suffering with a neurological condition like bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia, where paranoid delusions are used to validate a sense of losing control, or usefulness being eroded, by a society that is changing more than their condition allows them to assassinate. For other derivations on the same theme, see Boogie-man, The Devil, Easter Bunny, Santa Clause.

  22. Check out the survey on the conspiracy nut’s site:

    “Blah blah…homosexual…blah…homosexual etc etc”

    Will, you’re absolutely right. This kind of attitude is FAR from normal. Sadly, gullible people will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

  23. Wow Iris. Talk about obsessed! Its been shown that people who have homophobic obsessions are most likely homosexuals themselves. I noticed the “ex-gay” question at the end of the survey. Interesting, don’t you think? A survey actively promoting that all legal support be stopped for gay people, but supporting legislation for “discrimination” for ex-gays. Point in case.

    (Oh, just noticed a spelling mistake in my last post:- “assassinate” should be “assimilate”. Stupid spell checker.)

  24. Oh, just on this Iris, I filled in the survey for giggles, and I was surprised the result was as follows:

    “Will you oppose any of your elected representatives hiring homosexual activists?”

    25% Yes
    75% No

    Even most of the religious nuts think this lot are freaks :)

  25. Gay agenda…really?! There is your typical social conservatism for you. Good job voting that nut job in, Republicans.

  26. Defintely an obsession going on there, Will :D And I think you’re right about many homophobes being gay and trying to repress/deal with that by bullying others. After all, how many straight people worry about sexual thoughts when they’re being patted down by someone of the same sex?

    This guy reminds me of the “lithe male bodies” in the shower man. Don’t these people realise how obvious they sound?

    Apologies to the person on here who mentioned this book a week ago or so – I can’t remember who it was *blush* Great link though, so I hope that person doesn’t mind if I repeat it:

  27. As for the survey results, Will – maybe the fundies didn’t mean to vote that way. Hard to hit the right key when you’re foaming at the mouth and typing with your head, eh? ;)

  28. I personally am conservative, religious, and consider myself republican…or at least something along those lines. I don’t, however, support discrimination, a “homosexual agenda”, or anything else as stupid as what this whack job is suggesting!

  29. the guy has precisely THREE brain cells:

    The 1st one can count from 1 to 6 …maybe 7

    The 2nd has received religious indoctrination and believes that humans and dinosaurs were best friends (and play tennis together)

    The 3rd one is programmed by the church to hate all gays.

    I feel sorry for him, it mast be terrible to be mentally challenged

  30. To think that dumb voters in America vote for this piece of human detritus. Amazing how their republican party produces the majority of anti-gay right wing extremist nutters and self-loathing closet cases. Thank goodness we don’t have to put up with that nonsense in the UK.

  31. American loons are always welcome to join US politics. It’s the number one hot spot for them. After politics there are also priesthood, police force, army, FOX news, etc.

  32. What utter nonsense, last time when going thru airport security check i was secretly hoping that i would be frisk by those straping guys in army uniforms… they didnt even look at me. So much for homosexual agenda!

  33. Shawn Ravenfire 2 Dec 2010, 5:43pm

    This is actually brilliant! Think about it. The Republicans want tighter anti-terrorist security measures. The right-wing scare tactics are wearing off, because we haven’t had a terrorist attack in a while. So they need a new way to get… liberals to go along with the extreme TSA security measures. Unfortunately, everyone sees this as an invasion of privacy. But if a known anti-gay Republican politicians says the patdowns are “part of the gay agenda,” then Democrats are going to want to distance themselves as far as possible from that position, and become PRO-security measures. No one will want to complain about the pat downs, because they don’t want to look homophobic. That’s GENIUS!

  34. This great! Obviously this guy is nuts. He ‘thinks’ that they get pleasure from searching people with pat downs. I’m gay and in the military and find NO pleasure in having to do patdowns. It’s gross in my opinion…and let me just clarify what ‘patdowns’ are…’•Frisking (also called a patdown or pat down) is a search of a person’s outer clothing wherein a police officer or other law enforcement agent runs his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons’. They arent grabbing anything…they are running their hands on your clothes to feel if there are any ‘deformities’ to your body. He needs to go to a psycho ward.

  35. Brandon Liberati 2 Dec 2010, 6:53pm

    Thank god for idiots like this. They only help our fight for equality, even the sane republicans see how absurd and irrational these people really are. Keep up the delusionally dreadful politics Mr. Delgaudio and I will be laughing all the way to the courthouse to sign my marriage license.

  36. You know he is most likely cruising the public restrooms for some hot man love…like the senator from Idaho a few years back!!

  37. Evidently, I am not on the Homosexual Agenda Newsletter list. Can someone please tell me how to subscribe so I can follow our “agenda”. Thank you very much in advance.

  38. you spelled organization wrong.

  39. I have said it before and I will say it again. As a card carrying homosexual, I happen to know for a fact that three fags sitting at the same table in a restraunt can’t even agree on what toppings should go on a pizza. An organized gay agenda to feel up straight people!?!? Bitch Puulleeeze get a grip.

  40. Not in the UK, t :) – perfectly correct spelling :)

  41. “you spelled organization wrong.”

    And you didn’t capitalise the “Y”, the first letter of a sentence.

  42. Long hair? REALLY? Wow, someone with long hair MUST be morally corrupt! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)

  43. Laurie Duncan 3 Dec 2010, 12:09am

    Eugene Delgaudio, you are to narrow minded to be in office & if I was a voter where you live I would fight to get you out of office! I, as a lesbian, am offended that you would think I/we would use something so serious to our country as a tactic to see someone nude!

  44. Thank goodness for idiots like this! When sensible people read such folly, it helps our cause no end! What sort of people vote for these Republican morons?

  45. This is the funniest thing I have read all day. These people are completely insane. I want to know what this “homosexual agenda” is. And I would like to know what this “practicing homosexual” business is too. Is it really that difficult that you need that much practice? I’m so out of the loop on these things. If you haven’t checked out this moron’s website yet, please do so. You just might wet yourself from laughing too hard.

  46. magic dust! really? Where canj i get some of this magic dust? I want to turn this hot boy i know gay.

  47. I used to think that religion used fear to creates hatred

    Thats still true. But rhey fertilize it until it becomes paranoia, which I think is actually seen as a mental illness condition by the Psychology associations.

  48. @ Mortimer – That made me smile! There is a satirical “Homosexual agenda” you can find online which tells you everything we supposedly get up to from 8.00am to midnight but for some reason I’m not able to post the link here… I think this site has an irony filter!
    To summarise, between visits to the gym, shopping and disappointing dates who didn’t match up to their gaydar profile, the “general decline of Western civilization bit” is scheduled in between 3.33pm and 4.10pm…and it notes that we should look like we’re having way too much fun doing it!

  49. FeministSmithie 3 Dec 2010, 10:41am

    If he’s concerned about being ‘turned gay’ by an airport pat-down, then I suspect he has a reason to worry: that he’s already gay!

    Sometimes these right-wingers are so loony that you have to believe they’re liberal activists just trying to make the right look bad: how could anyone be so crazy?

  50. Should-I-despair? 3 Dec 2010, 10:56am

    Oh Lordy Lordy Lord!!! I am speechless. How do they come up with this rubbish. This bloke isn’t mad he is just bad, not to mention a complete toss. Anyway must go, have to go check my email to see if my homosexual agenda papers have arrived for the next meeting. I think we are planning another covert infiltration.

  51. “the “general decline of Western civilization bit” is scheduled in between 3.33pm and 4.10pm”

    Sheesh, Flapjack, get with the program! Such a lame effort, you really do need to try harder if this Homosexual Agenda driven world takeover is going to win.

    I have spend my time this week focusing my mind powers on converting children to homosexuality by showing them “equality legislation” which as we all know is laced with subliminal images to alter their sexuality. I have also tried to destroy 78 marriages to date by the wilful destruction of their “family unit”, simply by being in a monogamous gay relationship in proximity to them. I intend to show-off my relationship in a large public area, and I’m sure the “family breakdown” rate will rise exponentially as a result.

    Power to the Homosexual Agenda! (and the resulting perks of “pat-downs” which are clearly designed, not for security issues, but solely to give us pleasure it seems)

  52. The Homosexual Agenda? Where is my copy? Did the Fairy GodFather lose my mailing address? Dang, I hate when that happens. Can I get a new copy sent to me? And why do “straight” men think just because they have a wang, that they are in any way sexually desirable – usually the opposite. Although, this is perfect time for a porn parody of patdowns – a hot soccer team heading out for their next game, and the (of course) buff, too-tight shirt wearing agents all lining up to administer their “special” patdowns. Whew, is it getting hot in here??

  53. Couldn't Resist 3 Dec 2010, 2:12pm

    If it weren’t for fereigners like this here Mr “Delgaudio” (what border did HE swim across to get here), we good white Americans wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff anyway.

  54. Will – I stand corrected… I must have a bogus version. Would someone forward me the actual Gay agenda as it appears I’m really a part timer compared to you lot.
    I haven’t got round to destroying any straight marriages yet, unless they’ve been keeping it very quiet. I haven’t converted any schoolkids.
    I figured if I put in 40 minutes of concentrated ‘gayness’ a day I might make up the numbers but now I don’t feel like I’ve been pulling my weight re. global domination.
    Please advise.
    RJP. The closest I can find to your suggestion is this clip from “The Naked Gun” at the 2.30 minute mark – Frank Drebin attempting a patdown… will that do?

  55. westcoastkid 3 Dec 2010, 8:47pm

    Oh, yes! Instead of walking into my cozy computer room and tuning in to my favorite male porn site I’m going to get a lame a*s job with the TSA and work in a drafty, boring security line just so I can get my jolly’s feeling up some 200lb. 70 year old man. No I’ve heard it all!

  56. “I figured if I put in 40 minutes of concentrated ‘gayness’ a day I might make up the numbers but now I don’t feel like I’ve been pulling my weight re. global domination.”

    Alas, flapjack, success can only gauged if you use the measures of success. Like the following:
    – How often god weeps at the sight of our “sinful lives” (please refer to religion people for this, they seem to stalk gods every move and know exactly what he wants)
    – How many families you have “destroyed” with your monogamous civil partnership. Aim for at least 100.
    – How man children have “turned” gay and now practice “sin”. This number is up for debate, as the fruits of your labour may not be known for years – but apparently just telling kids that gay people have a right to equality does wonders.
    – And the really big winner: an entire civilisation decimated by its allowance of gay people to marry.

    Its all in the handbook “So you want to destroy civilisation? A guide to Global Homosexual Agenda’s”. Please make sure you’re is up to date, Flapjack, I fear your 40 minutes a day is just not cutting mustard.

  57. what an idiot. no words for such stupidity!

  58. burningworm 6 Jun 2011, 2:04am

    Its pretty funny this idea of a homo agenda.

    We are the populace and that for me is pretty sickening. Every fringe group must decide to either stand up and have the mass bend to its will. We bend, have bent, are so coerced into patterns of behaviour that the only thing we see is a straight identity with a lgbtqi tone. It is the illusion of inclusion.

    And i happen to agree that there is a link between biogtry and mental dis-ease. Its a pathology if we were to study it and maybe the real victims of homophobia are the ones spewing it. We must help them.

  59. Vallandra 6 Jun 2011, 8:53am

    Personally i prefer the security there is now at the USA airports, and in most of European airports you get frisked also ( i tend to make that detector go crazy every time i pass it.) i took planes in USA a couple of time those past few months and didn’t mind the security checks ect…i prefer being frisked than being exploded in a million pieces.

  60. who would they blame if they didnt have us…………..

  61. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 11:58am

    It’s not like these religious freaks are paranoid or nuffink..

  62. LOL… the illusive agenda, in my gay life thus far I have yet to meet anyone who knows where to find a copy, maybe if I turn I will have better luck finding one! (wink!)

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