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Man jailed for killing stranger in gay encounter

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Reader comments

  1. I bet he wasn’t attacked
    this is a tragedy for the guy who was murdred

  2. January 2012? How do you get sentenced for 3 and a half years and then potentially only serve 1?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 1 Dec 2010, 5:18pm

    3 ******ing YEARS! For killing someone?!

    And which point does it become manslaughter, or murder? When the victim is straight?

    There doesn’t appear to be proof of anything other than an unprovoked attack, so WTF is going on?

  4. Mihangel apYrs 1 Dec 2010, 5:21pm

    oops it WAS manslaughter! SO what sentence is correct for viciously assaulting someone and leaving them for dead. Especially if they’re not gay?

    It certainly smacks of allowing a “gay-panic” defence if only by assumption.

    B*tard judge

  5. Kicking, punching, wrestling to get away – those could be ‘defensive’ – but strangling someone with a scarf?
    This judge is taking the p**s.

  6. Guys – you can`t blame the judge as this was trial by jury! Without being there to hear all the evidence we really can`t comment – however unpalatable the sentence.

  7. the truth is this victim was mugging him and that is why he lured him in the square. James acted only in self defence when he realise that he was being robbed. This man was known to the police as a hugger mugger!

  8. @rano

    The accused has admitted going to the square for sex. He went there for sex and used robbery as his defence.

    This man was murdered. Full stop.

  9. 3 years for murder we know where we stand

  10. Self-defense by strangulation? What bullocks! I bet the judge knows nothing about human anatomy.

  11. It was only a matter of time before one of these thiefs were murdered.
    The police should be doing more to keep them off the streets.
    I was targeted by one of these opportunists and they took everything from me after drugging me and i mean everything.
    they evebn stole the clothes from my laundry basket! desperate bastards picking on gay guy because thats ok they deserve it.
    Of course i reprorted it to the LGBT police officer who were keen to log the crime.
    what happened next.

    Absolutely Zilch!!
    The officer wouyld not even return my calls. Job done.
    No more questions no effort to catch him.
    But they had me as a statistic to satisfy their targets.
    Its all very well being told we must report hate crimes but what about the police using the powers they have to catch the perputators???

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Dec 2010, 3:05pm

    Bit surprised by all these people who seem to ‘know’ exactly what went on here.

    ‘Clearly’ the dead guy killed brought it on himself for trying to rob the ‘straight’ guy.

    This ‘straight’ guy who despite being engaged was merely out drunk in a straight sex club.

    He was simply ‘lured’ away (somehow) for sexual activity with another man he says

    He had never had sex with another man before he says.

    The straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy somehow had his Rolex watch removed by the now dead guy and heard it being thrown into the bushes

    Its sometimes difficult to get the watch off someone else’s wrist …. without them noticing … in the dark … but possibly the now dead guy may have been a magician … or something

    The dead guy, who can’t actually now offer his side of events was severely beaten but the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy.

    Seemingly the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy wasn’t able to raise the alarm or call other passers by to his assistance.

    Having beaten him quite seriously, the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy, very much the worse for wear, then picked up his scarf wrapped it around the neck of the severely beaten guy and twisted it.

    Still the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy didn’t manage to call out to raise the alarm to passers by.

    After about 2 minutes or constant pressure to the scarf around the dead guy’s neck, he lost consciousness.

    Still the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy didn’t manage to call out to raise the alarm to passers by.

    Probably about a further 2 minutes of pressure twisting and pulling the scarf tight continually by the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy was enough to ensure that life was extinguished.

    The straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy then made his way back out onto the street still unable to alert anyone to the fact that he has just disabled and killed a guy who had try to mug him, in self defence of course.

    Upsetting for him as I’m sure the whole incident was, the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy them had the presence of mind to check with own pockets to see what was missing and then go through the pockets of the now dead guy to find his wallet and money.

    That done he managed to search through the bushes to find his Rolex that the now dead guy had thrown, although why the now dead guy hadn’t put the most valuable item, the Rolex in his pocket with the straight-but-could-maybe-be-tempted-guy’s wallet and money, we’ll never know.

    Having done nothing more that defended himself against a man who was trying to mug him and who as a result of his death can tell us any different he then returned to Spearmint Rhino, as you do.

    When he got back to the sex club obviously he just wanted to put the incident behind him and carry on enjoying an evening with the boys.

    After all, Spearmint Rhino isn’t cheap.

    I absolutely endorse what apYrs has said. Only two people really know what went on that night and one of them is dead and the other has blamed the dead guy.

    I find it shocking that anyone can in any way justify the actions of this man.

    If I has just taken a life I don’t think I could have just gone back to a night out with my mates and concealed the shock and trauma.

    If I had just killed another guy I don’t think I would have rifled through his pockets to check for my money and wallet.

    I really don’t think the dead guy would have tossed a watch costing thousands into the bushes where it may not have been easy to retrieve and put cash/a wallet into his pocket.

  13. Michael Furniss 2 Dec 2010, 4:01pm

    Do you know how difficult it is to release the strap of a Rolex?

  14. Sister Mary Clarance 2 Dec 2010, 7:24pm

    I hope the girlfriend has the sense to realise what this man is

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