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Lesbian couple have marriage bid rejected

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Reader comments

  1. Look! … we can’t marry you, marriage is exclusively for opposite sex couples.

    We can do you a civil partnership but you can’t have a marriage …understand!!!

    Why don’t you want a Civil partnership?: it’s either that or nothing…take it or leave it.

    No we won’t give you a letter outlining our reasons for refusing to marry you.

  2. The register office staff – Lesley Romano and Gaynor Russell – refused to put their rejection in writing and were described by the lesbian couple as “officious, unhelpful, obstructive and dismissive.”

    The office staff were called Les & Gay!!!

  3. It would be appropriate for Stonewall to issue a press release talking of its dismay at the treatment of Colette & Katie.

  4. @Pavlos If everyone just took what they were told and done then nothing in this world would ever evolve, if everyone took your view then being gay would still be illegal!

    I totally aggree with same sex marriage and THERE is a difference between CP and marriage.

    If you or other people don’t want to get married or don’t agree that’s cool but without people standing up for what they beleive where would we be today?

  5. Why should a letter fo explanation be provided.

    The Registry Office and its representatives are acting in accordance with the law and the relevant law is available at the office for all to read.

  6. How sad that the registry staff didn’t seem to feel ashamed at rejecting this couple. I appreciate they have to folllow the law, but there’s no excuse for treating people in a less than respectful way. It also suggests that they really don’t understand how humiliating many gay people find it to be denied the right to marry. How would they feel if THEY weren’t allowed to marry?

  7. Just because some straights and gays don’t like marriage, then don’t marry, simple as that, nobody is forcing anyone to do something they don’t want to do. So why oppose those of us who do want that right? It doesn’t hurt anyone let alone impact their relationships married or otherwise. Until we can marry, there will never be full equality in our country. Separate is never equal, it never has been nor will it be. Are you listening Summerskill, Cameron?

  8. I’d be interested to know whether the registrars were given any warning that this may occur. It could be that these two girls go marching in there with Peter Thatchell, announcing they want a marriage and completely catching the registrars off guard. Often people just react to a situation but that doesn’t mean they’re bigots and I think it’s important to identify that fact.

    After all, how many of our parents went a little angry when we came out to them?

    I’m also mindful that with such quests for moral justice that the media can report it in a rather biased way.

    These women have a right to equality, I fully agree and support that and I like the idea behind this campaign. However, it’s important that we recognise that Pinknews has also been known to report rather oddly, sometimes omitting facts from th stories and occssionally twisting it into something more salacious.

    Before we start heaping accusations of homophobia upon these two registrars perhaps we should take a step back and put ourselves in their shoes a little.

  9. I wonder if the registrars would have reacted the same way if it were a straight couple applying for a civil partnership?

  10. Bentley Hamilton 1 Dec 2010, 5:33pm

    It’s such rubbish. Civil partnerships are marriages in all but name – just bloody well get one and shut up. Jesus sodding Christ.

  11. de Villiers 1 Dec 2010, 7:14pm

    > Separate is never equal, it never has been nor will it be.

    I am not sure that this is correct. Men and women are equal. Yet they will use separate facilities.

  12. Megan, I am all in favour oif marriage equality, I was parodying the staff at Petersfield Register Office…Les & Gay( I found their names on the Equal love campaign site).

    Regarding Stonewall’s promised but as yet unevidenced campaign for marriage equality…glacier’s are warmer and move faster.

  13. “Men and women are equal. Yet they will use separate facilities.”
    It doesn’t have to be that way. Gender equality is a long way off.

    Although I can sympathise that women don’t want to sit on piss laden toilet seats, in that respect it’s for comfort.

  14. “It was like being back in school and being lectured to.”

    Well stop acting like children then and fcuking grow up. You knew the response you were going to get before you even started this farce.

  15. Bentley Hamilton said – “It’s such rubbish. Civil partnerships are marriages in all but name”

    Bentley try talking your UK civil marriage document and using it internationally. It has limited status where UK hetorsexuals will get their UK marriage certificate recognised globally. This also has implication for Brits wanting to take up their freedom of movement rights around the EU. A married samesex Dutch or Spanish couple have more rights than a Britsh couple with a civil union. I would suggest if more gay Brits understood the lemon they have been sold there would not be as much negativity to this campaign,

  16. Yosik said “Why should a letter fo explanation be provided”.

    Have you never been told by a government department you need to “put it in writing” when you have a request. Well the reverse is also true. UK citizen have the right to ask regulating authorities for permission to do something and they have the right to refuse. Howevere they also have the obligation when requested to do so, to put their reason for that refusial in writing so that the a citizen can seek further advice as to whether their action was valid or not. The registrar should have issued a letter as it was a reasonable request of this young couple. I was sorry to read in a modern day UK they were treated like this. I would not be surprised if that office was not scrambling to put there action situation right. Maybe a lawyer type can comment on the registrars legal obligation to put refusals in writing.

  17. Stonewall’s media release about its campaigning objectives includes “We seek to retain civil partnerships for lesbian and gay people recognising their special and unique status.”

    Special and unique status or civil partnerships or of lesbian and gay people? It all sounds disturbingly reminiscent of apartheid era doublespeak.

  18. Stonewall cannot have it both ways, either civil partnerships are simply the equivalent of marriage or they confer a unique and special status, they cannot be both.

    I myself and many other gay and lesbian men & women don’t want a unique & special status, we just want equality thankyou.

  19. Absolutely Pavlos! And that phrase says everything I suspected about BS’s personal view. He’s entitled to it, but to deny other people the right to marry is wrong. Some straight people choose not to get amrried but they don’t go round trying to stop other people who choose to do so. We should all have the same choices.

    I do wish there was more about this campaign in the media.

  20. Summerskill is delusional or in denial or both when he insists that civil partnerships confer a special status. He’s NEVER explained what that special status is? I don’t think many straight couples would opt for a civil partnership even if it were possible because of the international recognition and portability of marriage. Granted, same-sex marriage in ten countries thus far hasn’t gained the same recognition but at least they outnumber countries that do not have any universal union for gay couples. How many countries have civil partnerships? Only two and one of them doesn’t have identical rights to the British version. Summerskill implies that being separate and treated differently is special? How sick is that?

    De Villiers, you’re splitting hairs. I don’t see using a uninex toilet has anything to do with equality when it comes to civil rights. I don’t think the majority of us would want to share bathrooms with women and women most certainly wouldn’t want to share with men either.When it comes to the issue at hand, recognition of our right to marry, then there is a problem. It matters not if civil partnerships are regarded as marriages in everything but name. The reality is, they’re not recognised as such under British law or any other foreign law. Until the law changes to reflect that in our own country, then they will remain indefinitely separate and unequal. Nobody can produce the evidence that civil partnerships are marriages, where is that written and is a CP’d couple during the signing of the contract declared by the registrar to be married? The answer is a resounding NO!

    Bentley Hamilton, they’re not the same when it comes to retroactive pensions among other things. Big difference!

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