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Video: David Cameron calls for an end to stigma related to HIV and AIDS

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  1. This is hardly 1985, Dave. Where is all of this stigma supposed to be coming from? You no longer see anti-AIDS headlines screaming from the pages of rags like The Sun or The Mail. And having HIV is not an automatic barrier to being employed in 2010. No, HIV stigma today is primarily gay on gay stigma. So yes, our community does have a lot to learn about what it means to be living with HIV in 2010. It is not the gruesome reality it was 25 years ago but neither is it a picnic in the park. Sadly, awareness of what living with HIV today really means is largely shrouded in ignorance, because the unpleasant realities have been air-brushed from HIV campaigns for years now. Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds stigma, so it is supremely ironic that the worst culprit for not confronting the realities of HIV head-on in their prevention campaigning is none other than the very organization that Dave lauds in his latest speech, The Terence Higgins Trust. Which only goes to show how misinformed, out of touch and, dare I say, ignorant he himself is on the subject of HIV prevention!

  2. Jock S. Trap 2 Dec 2010, 7:11am

    It’s good to see a Tory PM make such a strong supportive speech.

    Just because we no longer have ‘anti-AIDS headlines’ doesn’t mean there is no stigma out there. There is too many uneducated people out there both gay and straight that are prepared to make someone’s life a misery because of beng HIV. I think I have been one of the few lucky ones (touch wood) who has always been open about my status over the last 12 years and not been put through this form of discrimination but sadly know plenty that do. Many living outside London.

    The Tory government need to go one step further and actually get these facts and myths taught in schools to not only educate about HIV/AIDS but also the stigma and what that does to people. This is another area in which the last Labour lot failed on but had plenty of opportunity to sort.

    Only Ed Milibland would just HIV infection rates as a political ploy rather than admit they failed to provide better prevention themselves.

    The fact that Mr Cameron is collaborating with THT (which were Very helpful to me when I needed the help) shows he is trying hard to put himself out there and do his best. It is certainly more than anyone else has been prepared to do let alone listen.

    Well Done Mr. Cameron.

  3. everyone knows cameron is fake this speech is for publicity on the world stage the nhs is notoriously homophobic and that is a possible reason why many people aviod the test. who wants to have to deal with that crap and these trolls are tedious

  4. theotherone 2 Dec 2010, 10:51am

    No stigma? Are you serious? My HIV+ friends would disagree with you strongly there.

  5. Another pathetic PR appearance and useless “message of support”. Health services are being forced to slash specialist HIV support services. Only self-deprecating individuals can admire a damage that is being done to them. Masochists for master Cameron, a virtual reality.
    Gay tories —-> Duhhhh!

  6. john(derbyshire) 2 Dec 2010, 11:41am

    Thats rich coming from a conservative.I`m old enough to remember all the prujudice stirred up by Thatcher and Fowler at the start of HIV and aids. Indeed-many of the were arguing that aids had nothing to do with HIV infection and that it was just gay sex that infected gay men. Hypocrites them all.

  7. Great I’m glad that not all the commentators are trolls. Gay tories have stockholm syndrome

  8. theotherone 2 Dec 2010, 11:54am

    Funny how none of these people screaming about callmedave are commenting on ed ‘the squeezed middle’ millipede’s world AIDS day message.

  9. The problem is Dave you support religious homophobes like Lord Carey who got himself into hot water when he said; “You should also read nothing into the fact that I’m launching this campaign on World Gay Plague Day – sorry, World AIDS Day.”
    This is Lord Carey’s local Village Website:

  10. This won’t change anything. You can introduce all the anti-racist laws you like, but if I don’t like black people, it won’t change my way of thinking. Equally apply that to gender, age, religion, disability or any other minority.
    You cannot force people’s mindset with legislation; it is something that may simply change with education and understanding.

  11. de Villiers 3 Dec 2010, 3:53pm

    I cannot see how this can be anything other than a good thing.

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