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Texas gay Skype marriage annulled

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Reader comments

  1. One doesn’t normally invite the entire wedding party to the courthouse to get the marriage license, so why is there a problem with flying to DC to correct the legal niceties? That would simplify their lawsuits against Texas, too. They would only have to sue Texas to obey the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution.

  2. Marriage recognition is a matter of comity, not Full Faith and Credit.

    Doesn’t make the legal status in Texass right, just not going to be overturned.

  3. Marriage is a bond between loved ones, not specifically between man and woman.
    Im striaght, but i believe the gay comunitee should have their rights to marry.

  4. Suing Texas? What about DOMA?

  5. This was a stunt to gain attention, plain and simple. Had it really been about their desire to get married by a DC pastor they would have flown to DC.

    Their 15 seconds of fame is now up.

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