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Reported hate crime rises by 12.5 per cent

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Reader comments

  1. So what as long as we can have cp’s in parliment I’ happy

  2. I’m sure a large percentage of people committing these hate crimes are opportunists. They’re violent people wanting to fight anyone who in their opinion won’t fight back. They’re bullies.

  3. Sister Mary Clarance 30 Nov 2010, 3:34pm

    I blame the West Indian community’s attitude to the LGBTs, there is a huge current of animosity directed towards us from that sector of society

  4. theotherone 30 Nov 2010, 3:43pm

    ‘I’m sure a large percentage of people committing these hate crimes are opportunists.’

    Or they could just hate us.

    People do and hate us so much they hurt us or even kill us.

  5. @theotherone

    My point was the large percentage would hate anyone. The small percentage I’m sure do hate specific types of people. Either way they’re all nasty pieces of work

  6. Sister Mary, I agree. In fact, many of those ethnic groups of African descent view us the same way, especially the Jamaicans and those from the Grenadines, among others.

    Until we get full equality, I don’t see the statistics diminishing. When we’re segregated with similar rights, its doing nothing more than targeting us for discrimination and gives licence to some to go out and commit violent crimes against us because of it. There is a direct link between bullying and gay bashing in regard to equality. StonewallUK hasn’t yet figured it out.

  7. Hate crimes are a lot higher than that. I know people who are regularly having to call the police out, and that’s not including the ones they don’t bother calling them out for because it happens so often. These figures are misleading.

  8. theotherone 30 Nov 2010, 6:08pm

    But jim it’s not ‘everyone’ they’re picking on, it’s us, us Queers who are so despised they feel they can act this way.

  9. I agree with RedDevil. These figures arn’t including people reluctant to report things (I can think of many such incidences).

    It also doesn’t take into account how many there might be if more people came fully out of the closet (but currently don’t because they’re scared of how they’ll be percieved and treated..I know quite a few there too).

    It’s very sad. Equal rights, especially in terms of marriage vs CP’s, have to occur. For as long as the government feels it’s acceptable to continue giving us second class citizen rights, that view will be reflected by at least some areas of society, how ever much we think we’ve moved forwards. This is the message they are sending out. And if they don’t want to send out that message, and they want to make a genuine impact on the way LGBT people are percieved then the first step is to level the playing field. We must have equal rights the same as everyone else.

  10. “The vast majority concerned racism ”

    Stonewall says we don’t need anti-harassment laws.

  11. Shame about the racism in these comments. Most of the hate crime I’ve been at the receiving end of has come from white people. There are bigots in all sections of the community.

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