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Need to find a condom? There’s an app for that

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Reader comments

  1. You need an app to tell you how to get to a chemists? Utterly pointless crap.
    It gives people yet one more excuse:
    “I got HIV because I left my phone at home.”

  2. Agreed. This is the nanny state gone mad. As if gay men didn’t do a good enough job of making themselves look thick and selfish already. Are you people really this needy and useless that you can’t actually manage to buy a pack of rubbers by yourselves?

    How about this for an alternative: either pop to the chemist, supermarket or petrol station on the way to the nightclub/venue of choice and buy some. Sorry, I know that whole responsibility lark is a bit alien, but be daring and give it a whirl.

    Or – being really radical – you could just actually abstain for a night while you get to know the guy you just met and then buy some before your second date? Like I said, radical. Only losers wait until the second date obviously!

    Well, ‘losers’ without STIs anyway…..there’s nothing less sexy than a man who gives out for a bag of peanuts.

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